Laird satisfied with Seagulls’ pre-season

WESTON Football Club manager Craig Laird has declared himself satisfied with his charges’ pre-season form.

The Seagulls’ new boss says he has achieved what he wanted to so far and have proved they were up to the challenge.

But he conceded that he will only discover whether his side can compete under a new and attractive style of play after ten games.

Speaking before the friendly with Bristol Rovers, Laird told the Mercury: “The games have gone well really and I’m pleased with where we are with the team.

“But the proof will be in the pudding on August 14 and then we will know what state we are in and if we need to improve the squad.

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“We have deliberately taken easier friendlies because we want to get the players to play a certain way and we wanted the pressure to be off while we do that.”

His side impressed in victory against league one Exeter City and were unlucky to go down 3-0 against league two Torquay.

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But they were thumped 4-0 away Cinderford Town and managed only a scoreless draw with Paulton Rovers, both of the Zamaretto South and West division.

Despite the lack of goals against lower ranked opposition, Laird, who arrived from Bridgwater in July, says the passing game he favours will create more chances.

However, he admits it may give opposition sides a few goals over the course of the season.

He said: “It’s going to take a lot of courage to keep doing what we want to do and the players will have to show a lot of bravery.

“We will create more chances because every time I’ve put it into play, whether it was with Bridgwater or with Plymouth’s academy creating has never been a problem, but we will end up giving goals away.

“But that could be the same with any way of playing.”

But for seven of the squad there will be no change in outlook, as they have arrived with the manager from his former club, six on a non-contract basis.

Contracts have been awarded to Matt Villis, the seventh Bridgwater old boy, former Bristol Rovers frontman Sahr Kabba, as well as Dayle Grubb and Jake Mawford, who were already at the club.

Captain Craig Rand is on contract from last season, but Laird says the rest of his squad is likely to be mainly comprised of non-contract players.

He said: “We aren’t really in a position to be offering contracts and we are having to work hard with the players we have brought in.”

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