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CLEVEDON 113, Clarence Golds 101 (Weston Over-60s Triples League):

CLEVEDON 113, Clarence Golds101 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): M Hussey, R Boak, C Folland 15-17; A Crow, N Cape, M Langley 21-14; G Drewitt, D Priddle, P Stevens 22-16; R Williams, D Harding, N Neath 14-20; J Manning, J Weeks, C Seward 21- 14; P Cornish, V Perry, A Miller 20-20.

Clevedon 116, Clarence Blues 83 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): R Capern, D Pratten, C Seward 19-9; G Drewitt, M Say, A Morgan 20-13; M Hussey, D Priddle, N Neath 16-18; M Durbin, V Perry, A Miller 18-19; A Crow, R Boak, M Langley 27-7; R Williams, J Freeman, R Sweet 16-17.

Clevedon 85, Congresbury 110 (Clevedon and District Over-60s Triples League): A Crow, M Hussey, A Miller 15-19; G Drewitt, J Freeman, N Cape 20-13; R Capern, J Manning, C Folland 23-11; J Morgan, M Say, C Seward 18-19; K Summerell, R Boak, B Wrightson 4-23; M Archer, K Parkins, D Pratten 7-25.

Clevedon 102, Chew Stoke 87 (Clevedon and District Over-60s Triples League): .M Durbin, B Wrightson, C Folland 14-11; P Cornish, A Bisp, M Langley 17-12; R Williams, D Priddle, V Perry 22-14; M Archer, N Cape, R Sweet 14-15; M Hussey, J Weeks, M Payne 22-11; R Capern, J Manning, A Morgan 13-24.

Clevedon Ladies 42, Victoria 43 (friendly): S Savage, J Brown, P Hussey 17-10; E Dawson, J Jenkyn, V Fletcher 19-13; J Drewitt, A Scott, M Gadd 6-20.

Clevedon Ladies 53, Wessex 55: S Savage, E Dawson, P Hussey 19-23; M Foster, A Ford, J Priddle 16-15; A Scott, J Drewitt, M Kew 18-17.

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Clevedon 90, Northavon Nomads64 (friendly): A Scott, E Dawson, G Drewitt, G Fletcher 31-14; J Morgan, T Cuff, D Taylor, D Pratten 22-17; J Gover, M Foster, M Hussey, P Cast 12-23; P Hussey, J Brown, M Gadd, K Bristow 25-10.

Clevedon 102, Royal Tunbridge Wells 123 (friendly): M Archer, A Ford, J Gover, H Fry 16-21; J Drewitt, S Savage, M Hussey, B Wrightson 18-23; D Taylor, E Dawson, M Say, J Helliker 11-22; J Morgan, M Gadd, J Freeman, N Neath 17-13; P Hussey, D Watts, S Bird, P Stevens 12- 33; G Drewitt, M Foster, D Priddle, V Perry 28-11.

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