Latest District League results and fixtures

Latest results and fixtures from the Weston & District League.

Weston & District League results - Hospital Cup semi-final: Winscombe Res 3, Portishead Town A 2.

Vardon Cup semi-final: AFC Nailsea Res 0, St George (E-in-G) A 1.

Division 1: Cleeve West Town Res 2, Draycott 3; Locking Park 1, Hutton 1; St George (E-in-G) Res 4, Nailsea Utd A 5; Weston Super Seagulls 6, Clevedon Utd A 1.

Division 2: Berrow Res 4, Wrington Redhill Res 2; KVFC 2, Congresbury Res 1; Sporting Weston 1, Westend 2; Wedmore 3, AFC Nailsea 2.

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Division 3: Burnham Utd A 1, Worle Res 5; Clapton-in-Gordano 5, Banwell Res 1; Kewstoke Lions Res 1, Winscombe A 2; Portishead Cal Thistle 10, Cleeve West Town A 1; South Park Rangers 1, Nailsea Utd B 0.

Division 4: Hutton Res 2, Portishead Town B 2; Worle Rangers Res 3, Dynamo Locking 0; Uphill Castle A 4, Clapton-in-Gordano Res 2.

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Division 5: Congresbury A 4, Wedmore Res 0; Selkirk Utd 4, Wrington Redhill A 1.


Division 1: Locking Park v Draycott (J Locker); Portishead Town A v Hutton (M Sprague); St George (E-in-G) Res v Weston Super Seagulls (A Gibbons); Winscombe Res v Cleeve West Town Res (K Gould).

Division 2: AFC Nailsea v Uphill Castle Res (W Jones); Axbridge Town v Sporting Weston (C Connor): Congresbury Res v Wrington Redhill Res (A Locker); Westend v Yatton Ath Res (I Smith).

Division 3: Banwell Res v Nailsea Utd B (R Dyer); Burnham Utd A v Clapton-in-Gordano (S Kay); Cheddar A v Portishead Caledonian Thistle (J Rout); Worle Res v Churchill Club 70 Res (T Barlow).

Division 4: Hutton Res v Uphill Castle A (K Fox): Westend Res v St George (E-in-G) A (D Poole); Worle Rangers Res v AFC Nailsea Res.

Division 5: Clapton-in-Gordano A v Banwell A (I Campbell); St Pauls Church v Congresbury A (T Boylan).

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