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IT HAS been a good week in general weather-wise, but conditions are still quite changeable.

IT HAS been a good week in general weather-wise, but conditions are still quite changeable. At times the wind has been cold, much cooler than the water, and often the breeze has increased in the evenings.

Water levels continue to fall steadily. Both Chew and Blagdon are experiencing some of the heaviest weed growth for many years. This could be due, in part, to the clear water both lakes have had. However, there is now some algae showing in Blagdon and also at Barrow 2. The colour in Lower Litton is now clearing. The surface water temperature is still around 16 degrees.

Last week it was reported that another large brown had been taken from the boats at Chew Lake. This fish was just under the magic 10lbs mark, tipping the scales at 9.04, still a fabulous fish. It fell to a Diawl Bach fished from a boat near to the Roman Shallows.

This week has seen quite difficult fishing. At times the fish have fed well, often right on the surface. At others they have been fussy, feeding at odd times and in various areas.

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Villice Bay and Woodford Bank have been the most consistent areas but Spring Bay, Nunnery and Walley have also done well. Bank anglers have found fish close in to the shore especially early in the morning and, although the weed beds appear to limit places to fish, these have often been the most successful places as the trout browse the weed, which is full of insect life.

Try fishing around the patches of weed, or in the holes with small dark dries, or small buzzers and nymphs fished under a bung. Evenings have seen fantastic hatches of sedges and caenis and the fish have begun to feed well on these.

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Blagdon has a similar story to Chew. Bank anglers have done well, fishing from the north bank when the wind has allowed. Butcombe has also fished better than for some time. Boats are still taking fish at the Top End but Home Bay and the Island are well worth a look. Fishing methods as at Chew.

Barrow 2 is a little coloured at present though still seems to be fishing as well as 1 and 3. Good catches all round this week after a good stocking. There have been good evening rises, though often very late on.

The lower lake at Litton is now clearing and has fished well after a small stocking last week. Fish seem to be well spread though it is weedy by the net. Top lake, fish close to the margins with nymphs or dries or use a sinking line in the middle where the water is much deeper. No need to get to the bottom, just try up to 10ft down with a bright mini lure or nymphs.

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