Lee wins hat-trick of titles at Victoria finals day

Lee Stocker.

Lee Stocker. - Credit: Archant

Victoria Bowls Club held their finals day, with Lee Stocker winning a hat-trick of titles.

VICTORIA held their finals day on one of the hottest weekends of the summer, with bowling to match the weather.

Lee Stocker completed a hat-trick of singles titles, winning the championship, handicap and non-winners. He played Paul Leadbeater in the championship and scored consistently throughout the game, with Leadbeater unable to overcome a slow start in the first five ends.

It was much the same story in the handicap with his opponent John Newman constantly under pressure. His hat-trick was lifting the non-winners title against Brian Pocock.

Colin Gazzard won the two-wood singles against Mike Cooper, the scores were evenly matched at 17 ends, but after a close game, Gazzard powered away over the last five ends to snatch victory.

Dave Williams lifted the senior singles trophy, beating Alan Shattock in a high-scoring game. The two-wood pairs final was a game of two halves, with Pete Wyatt and Malcolm Campbell leading by eight shots at 10 ends, only for their opponents Harrison Whyte and Nathan Stocker, to come back strongly in the last 10 ends, but they were unable to overcome the deficit enabling Wyatt and Campbell to claim the trophy.

The four-wood handicap pairs final produced a close and exciting game with just a two-shot advantage to the experienced pair of Ken Harvey and Will Harrison at 15 ends.

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However, Pete Wyatt and John Newman scored 10 shots on the final six ends, including a five on end 16 to lift the trophy.

The triples final saw a flying start by Bill Nicholls, Ray Fenwick and Mike Stocker, who went on to a convincing win against Sam Stocker, John Mingoe-West and Dave Fairhurst.

The fours final was another close game with scores level at 15 ends, but eight shots in the last five ends secured victory for John Turton, Hugh Gibbs, Dave Sealey and Tony Bray, over the four of Tony Webb, Pete Wyatt, Dave Fairhurst and Derek Hurst.

Victoria played four friendlies, with the most competitive being the annual club fixture between the Over and Under-70s. The weather held for the match between the juniors and seniors of the club and the result was victory for the juniors.

After the game, a full ploughman’s meal was laid on by the ladies section for which all the players were extremely grateful.

Gwynfi tourists were first-time visitors to Victoria and in a four triples friendly, won one rink, but Victoria won the game, with the tourists now looking to return next year to exact revenge.

On one of the warmest afternoons of the summer, a win was attained against Cheltenham to make up for the loss in the away fixture in July. The rink win of 22 shots by Carmine, Sue Sokol, Chris Sage and Derek Jones paved the way for the overall win of 20 shots.

Victoria hosted perennial visitors Notts Tourists, who won a competitive game in a friendly spirit. Victoria won just two rinks skipped by Tony Bray and Dave Fairhurst.

Over 70s 86, Under 70s 98: L Kelly, T Gatehouse, D Sealey 14, M Milliner, J Newman, M Cooper 21; A Waygood, R Fenwick, D Williams 10, W Nicholls, J Howell, M Stocker 17, A Guest, G Stocker, A Yates, D Hurst 21; P Wyatt, M Manning, C Heal, A Bray 21, R Hollier, A Barnes, A Shattock 25; P Coumis, G Richards, D Jones 15, J Mingo-West, J Langridge, B Pocock 16, E Sage, H Gibbs, M Campbell 24.

Victoria 79, Gwynfi Tourists 66: D Roberts, P Wyatt, D Jones 19-25; R Bromet, T Broughton, J Newman 25-15; Carmine, J Mingo-West, D Hurst 18-15; G Robbins, A Bray, M Campbell 17-11.

Victoria 138, Cheltenham 118: Carmine, S Sokol, C Sage, D Jones 31-9; N Whyte, R Bailey, T Broughton, M Stocker 18-16; S Pocock, T Gatehouse, E Newport, J Newman 17-20; C Stevens, E Sage, M Milliner, D Hurst 20-19; L Kelly, G Richards, M Campbell, K Harvey 16-18; W Nicholls, H Whyte, R Rockett, S Newman 23-12; S Milliner, R Bromet, B Pocock, G Rain 13-24.

Victoria 112, Notts Tourists 123: J Fenn, G Richards, C Heal, M Stocker 16-24; D Roberts, M Manning, J Newman, D Hurst 17-24; L Kelly, R Fenwick, R Rockett, A Bray 24-17; J Griffiths, R Bromet, D Jones, P Leadbeater 15-24; W Nicholls, M Milliner, K Harvey, D Fairhurst 23-15; T Gilbert, A Barnes, D Williams, K Holland 17-20.

Lee Stocker with his trophies.

Pete Wyatt and John Newman with the four-wood pairs trophy, accompanied by club captain Cliff Chudley.

FINALS day took place at Banwell Bowling Club and saw Mike Amos win the men’s singles championship for the first time and become the youngest ever winner of the AE Lock Cup.

Mike played vice-captain Phil Villis and although he was 15-6 down at one point, Mike gradually clawed back the deficit and only took the lead on what turned out to be the last end to take the title 21-20.

Martina Garfield became the first-ever ladies champion of the Barbara Paige Memorial Plate after defeating Vivienne Thompson 21-6. The game was nip and tuck in the early stages, but Martina built up a lead and despite Vivienne’s best efforts, she couldn’t stop Martina’s momentum.

Beginner Graham Chick Coffin won all three of his finals, the hat- trick comprised the beginners, in which he beat Alan Cockayne 24-18. Then with partner John Davies, (skip), he won the two-wood pairs against Tony Hyde and Hilary Guckian 22-9. Finally came the novices against Jan Davies and Chick took the title with a 22-4 victory.

In the other finals, Phil Villis beat John Davies in the two-wood singles. It was an extremely close fought game and the epic battle ended on the 37th end, with Phil taking the AW Taylor Cup by 21 shots to 19.

Harry Woodards took the veterans title for the first time by beating John Rickerty 21-15. In the handicap competition after a close first half in which Mike Davies led 7-6, he eventually pulled away with some precise bowling and beat Lee Pheasant 26-7.

In the pairs competition, Trevor Garfield and Darrell Johnston beat Mike Amos and Chris Wilson 23-16. In the open pairs, Phil Villis and Mike Davies won on the extra end to beat Dean Robinson and Chris Wilson.

Earlier in the week, Banwell played host to a touring side from Rotherfield. The weather was kind to the bowlers and the Banwell side came out on top in a close game.

Banwell 89, Rotherfield 84: M Millard, J Laurent, P Aldus 23-10; D Baker, G Millard, H Guckian 15-16; T Thompson, J Rickerty, D Johnston 16-24; J Davies, M Amos, J Davies 19-20; M Garfield, T Hyde, P Villis 16-14.

Banwell played host to another touring side, this time it was Bedwellty Park. This was the club’s last fixture of the season before the annual captain’s day that closes the season.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable game, the weather held and the atmosphere was boisterous to say the least. The rink of Tony Hyde, Alan Cockayne, Lee Pheasant and Darrell Johnston won by a margin of 27 shots to help Banwell to victory.

Banwell 112, Bedwellty Park 75:

G Millard, S White, L Smith, J Davies 18-24; T Thompson, M Laycock, J Laurent, M Davies 26-12; V McArdell, J Amos, C Coffin, P Villis 9-20; T Hyde, A Cockayne, L Pheasant, D Johnston 38-11; T Garfield, T Couch, J Rickerty, H Guckian 21-8.

WINSCOMBE won the Weston & District Over-60s League with a decisive win against Clarence Blues.

This more than avenged their defeat at Clarence two weeks ago. This is the second successive year Winscombe have been champions of this league.

Winscombe 135 (16), Clarence Blues 85 (4): J Sprouting, R Lowman, M Adams 32-6; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 29-8; C Westlake, G Neville, T Ellis 27-13; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 18-21; B Paul, G Coombe, R Birmingham 21-16; B Kibble, T Dudley, T Watts 8-19.

Winscombe played five friendly games during the week, winning four and losing one-to their old friends and rivals Notts County. The County Tourists have been coming to Weston for 83 years and have always played at Winscombe. To mark his 50th game against Notts, Colin Westlake was made captain of the day.

Winscombe won by 52 shots against Datchworth Tourists, by six shots versus Port of Bristol, by 15 shots against North Petherton and by 10 shots versus Yate & District. They lost by 15 shots to the Notts County tourists.

Winscombe 114, Datchworth 62: P Hopes, D Johnson, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 28-12; D Brown, P Burns, E Watts, M Adams 27-10; L Coombe, K Headford, S Lowman, R Lowman 22-10; D Sapsford, B Paul, G Coombe, S Caddy 19-14; M Newing, L Fredersdorff, M Adams, R Lacy 18-16.

Winscombe 72, Port of Bristol 66: D Seaman, D Brown, L Fredersdorff, S Caddy 22-11; A Trapnell, J Rush, E Watts, G Coombe 16-18; L Coombe, J Davies, D Johnson, P Fredersdorff 14-17; P Cast, S Ovenden, C Hopes, A Watts 20-20.

Winscombe 64, North Petherton 49: D Brown, B Paul, M Nash, A Watts 19-12; D Johnson, R Knight, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 24-17; P Cast, T Moody, A Dudley, R Lacy 21-20.

Winscombe 98, Notts County Tourists 113: P John, D Johnson, R Lowman, A Watts, 14-27; B Paul, R Feltham, G Coombe, R Birmingham 16-21; D Brown, T Moody, M Dorrington, P Fredersdorff 20-21; R Knight, D Peakall, K Whatling, T Ellis 19-9; S Easterby, K Headford, M Nash, R Lacy 16-16; N Hansford, L Collier, C Westlake, M Adams 13-19.

Winscombe 134, Yate & District 124: L Coombe, M Howell, G Neville, R Lowman 20-12; T Miles, R Knight, S Lowman, R Lacy 15-20; C Hopes, D Peakall, K Whatling, P Frederdorff 22-14; P John, J Rush, G Coombe, M Dorrington 22-14; D Brown, L Parfitt, L Fredersdorff, S Caddy 15-22; S Easterby, A Bougourd, E Watts, M Adams 21-20; D Johnson, S Ovenden, M Nash, A Watts 19-22.

ASHCOMBE played a mixed touring team from Biggleswade, near Luton, in a 12-rink triples game.

It was a friendly game enjoyed by all participants, with Ashcombe winners by 23 shots.

Ashcombe 210, Biggleswade 187: B Alden, B Cullen, J Whitlow 14-14; S Noyes, M Southwood, J Creasey 25-12; F Bertram, J Main, S Hopkins 11-16; B Duncan, K Wheeler, S Weaden 17-18; M Tripp, J Wilkinson, A Little 23-20; M Main, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 13-15; P Wynne, J Hornett, E Hopkins 23-15; A Bryant, L Cox, J Taylor 21-10; B Bishop, A Cracknell, T Bass 17-13; M West, J Hughes, R Powell 19-12; M Paterson, M Tucker, B Webber 8-29; J Mathews, S Hedges, J Marlow 19-13.

Once again Ashcombe were hosts to a mixed touring team, this time from Barnstaple.

The weather was good and so was the company, with Ashcombe being the victors by just three shots.

Ashcombe 109, Barnstaple106: J Piper, A Bass, M Paterson, D Wynne 17-16; J McKenzie, S Baynton, M Tasker, J Whitlow 28-14; M Butt, C Hedges, N Counsell, J Marlow 20-15; L Paterson, N Shufflebothan, L Day, A Goacher 10-30; S Appleby, R Counsell, R Tasker, E Hopkins 13-16; S Hedges, M Shufflebothan, M Bass, J Creasey 21-15.

A men’s Welsh touring team from Blaengwinfi played Ashcombe, with each side winning on two rinks, but the Welsh were the victors by nine shots.

Ashcombe 68, Blaengwinfi 77: N Shufflebothan, S Hedges, J Creasey 20-15; B Miles, K Davies, J Whitlow 20-7; B Benstead, R Tasker, M West 13-29; D Underhay, F Bertram, J Main 15-26.

CLARENCE’S two teams had contrasting fortunes last week in their final Weston & District Over-60s League matches of the season.

The Blues, their first team, needed to win away to rivals Winscombe to become Division 1 champions. Instead, they lost heavily, enabling the home team to retain their title.

Only two Clarence rinks finished up, those skipped by Chris Read and Brian Ballinger, as they had to settle for runners-up spot.

Winscombe 135 (16), Clarence Blues 83 (4): R Smith, T Mannion, B Ballinger 19-8; A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 16-21; T Ward, J Rogers, P Tubb 6-32; A Bishop, K Marshall, C Read 21-18; B Benn, B Duffy, M Edlin 8-29; D Towie, J Keay, G Barlow 13-27.

Clarence’s second team, the Golds, finished with a brilliant victory, visiting and beating second-placed Clevedon Prom, who will be promoted from, Division 2.

Chris Tippett, John Atkins and John Hayes won by 17, while Phil Lewis, team captain Alan Bishop and Ron Higgins had 14 shots to spare. Mike Skyrme skipped his triple to victory by five and John Edwards drew.

Clevedon Prom 97 (5), Clarence Golds 119 (15): C Tippett, J Atkins, John Hayes 32-15; P Lewis, A Bishop, R Higgins 27-13; M Thompson, D Jackman, B Hanks 12-19; L Lewis, N Martin, B Sweet 12-19; J Kelloway, M Scoins, J Edwards 16-16; B Cheffers, J Hicks, M Skyrme 20-15.

Gloucester club Barnwood brought 11 mixed rinks to Clarence on the way home from their North Devon tour and thumped their hosts by a large margin.

Adrian Gardiner, Bob Sweet and Brendan Duffy were the only winning home skips, while Ken Marshall picked up three shots on the last three ends to draw.

Clarence 128, Barnwood 174 – triples: B Benn, C Tippett, Carol Edlin 13-16; Shirley Scoins, John Hayes, A Gardiner 19-14. Fours: M Thompson, Lucy Oldham, A Bishop, K Marshall 15-15; R Smith, June Allard, J Keay, M Scoins 17-19; Brenda Hayes, A Newland, J Hicks, J Edwards 13-28; Beryl Deacon, J Kelloway, J Atkins, Audrey Harris 14-20; Norma Peters, Jan Anning, I Phipps, B Duffy 21-18; D Symes, Lynn Hedderman, Jo Mannion, T Mannion 14-28; Lesley Phipps, Pam Turner, D Jackman, M Edlin 16-26; Irene Hicks, Val Gardiner, N Martin, B Sweet 18-17; Eileen Wade, Rita Hinde, M Peters, C Read 13-18.

The second of three tour mixed matches on successive days saw Clarence entertain the interestingly-named Bowlers On Tour. This time, Clarence prevailed by 36 shots over eight triples.

A six on the second end helped Veronica Jones, Chris Tippett and Chris Read win by 15. Other victorious home skips were Mick Edlin, who also had a six, Brendan Duffy and Ken Marshall.

Clarence 144, Bowlers On Tour 108: A Newland, Barbara Jones, M Edlin 27-7; M Peters, Sarie Pritchard, Audrey Harris 10-17; B Benn, Elaine Stott, Joan Duffy 14-17; Marysia Angove, Pam Turner, D Stott 13-19; Eileen Wade, Ann Ballinger, B Duffy 22-9; Ros Francombe, T Pritchard, B Ballinger 14-15; Veronica Jones, C Tippett, C Read 25-10; Norma Peters, A Bishop, K Marshall 19-14.

Barnstaple completed the hat-trick of tour matches. Clarence’s mixed team were depleted by ladies’ cup matches and they did well to lose by only eight shots.

Once again, Brendan Duffy skipped a winning rink, while David Stott and his team piled up 34 shots to finish 23 clear and Brian Ballinger was also victorious.

Clarence 113, Barnstaple 121: Ros Francombe, D Jackman, T Ward, Pam Hawkins 17-26; Beryl Deacon, Jennie Weston, D Weston, G Andrews 12-23; Jan Anning, J Hicks, I Phipps, B Duffy 20-14; Lucy Oldham, N Martin, J Atkins, R Burrough 9-32; A Bishop, K Marshall, M Edlin, D Stott 34-11; Lesley Phipps, M Skyrme, M Peters, B Ballinger 21-15.

ST ANDREWS played three teams of tourists, winning two and losing one.

In a mixed match against Stourport they won by eight shots overall, sharing the rinks at three each. Notts County men proved too strong a side for the Saints winning five of the six rinks and by 60 shots.

The mixed match against Barnstaple was again an even contest with each side winning three rinks, but St Andrews took the match by 14 shots to give them their second win of the week.

St Andrews 95, Stourport 87: R Brereton, A Greenwood, D Bailey 24-10; H Chesters, M Goddard, G Guest 14-17; C Venn, G Cooper, G Wride 16-10; T Allen, A Yeeles, M Bailey 14-15; W Allen, J Ling, G Webber 17-18; R Potter, M Wride, S Priory 10-17.

St Andrews 84, Notts County 144: J Bolton, M Simpson, B Green, R Gill 14-26; R Brereton, D Price, G Cooper, G Webber 14-23; P Smart, I Edwards, M Goddard, A Ware 21-20; K Rodgers, R McLeod, J Ling, J Warren 14-32; K Uglow, T Allen, A Yeeles, D Favis 7-21; R Wooton, E Hooper, R Venn, B Reeves 14-22.

St Andrews 116, Barnstaple 102: R Brereton, A Greenwood, A Yeeles, M Pattenden 18-19; R Wooton, S Glenville, K Curtis, D Bailey 23-17; P Smart, S Sinclair, M McMillan, B Reeves 19-17; H Chesters, I Tofte, B Green, S Davies 16-17; S Priory, J Warren, I Lamb, G Webber 16-21; J Ling, P Adams, M Goddard, M Bailey 24-11.

IN A Clevedon & District Over-60s triples match, Nailsea visited Wedmore and this resulted in the biggest win of the season for Wedmore.

In this high-scoring match, Stuart Fisher and his team had the best win scoring 35 shots to eight

Wedmore 154, Nailsea 53: A Birch, J Runciman, S Fisher 35-8,; C Wheller, D Barnett, R Hughes 29-11; T Hamblin, I Faulkner, R Newell, 24-9; B Aston, T Brown, K Pettit 27-8; V Matthews, C Panchaud, C Moss 26-8; D Davey, R Barron, D Nicholls 13-9.

The other match, played at Nailsea was a Weston & District Over-60s triples match which Wedmore won. Dennis Stansfield and his team had the best result of the day winning by 24-5.

Wedmore 98, Nailsea 71: D Barnett, I Faulkner, K Burt 21-10; B Aston, C Panchaud, K Pettit 11-14; T Collingwood, J Harris, R Barron 18-11; V Matthews, R Dearden, M Green 13-20; T Hamblin, S Newdick, D Stansfield 24-5; C Wheller, J Runciman, T Thurkettle 11-11.

The ladies played at Wessex in a Wessex League match, drawing one rink and losing two.

Wedmore Ladies 51, Wessex 67: B Disbrey, C Pettit, C Mercer, J Masters 17-17; T Newell, M Fisher, M Perry, G Harvey 19-23; J Collingwood, L Hamblin, M Trow, M Hordle 15-27.

In a friendly at home against Prattens, Wedmore ladies lost by 50 shots to 70. Julie Masters and her team were the only winning rink 26-20.

Wedmore men played a friendly at Bridgwater Durleigh and won by 100 shots to 72.

A GREAT fightback from a defeat in the singles at Wells enabled Clarence Ladies to reach the final of the Somerset BA Southey Trophy.

After they had lost the singles by 13 shots to Taunton Deane in their semi-final, Clarence knew that they would have to win more disciplines than their opponents if they were to go through.

Eventually, the result of a tense match hinged on the fours, in which Clarence trailed by two playing the last end. Lead Mary Davison, their newly-crowned club champion, put one on the jack, but Deane were holding the crucial second wood when Clarence skip Val Collicott went to deliver her final bowl. Urged on by the Clarence supporters and team, it did the trick, making the final score 22-22 to earn half a point.

With the triple having won already, that levelled the scores at one-and-a-half points each. Pam Barnbrook and Carol Edlin had a good lead playing the last end of the pairs and were never in danger of dropping a handful, so Clarence were through. Had the teams tied at 2-2, Deane would have won on shot-difference.

Their opponents in the final at Ashcombe this Sunday (10am) will be Portishead RBL Poppies, who squeezed through by one shot against Long Ashton in their semi-final. Clarence’s triples skip Audrey Harris will be making sure that she takes three woods to Ashcombe – she found that she had only two when she arrived at Wells and had to borrow reserve Marysia Angove’s bowls. Harris, Pam Fowler and club captain Jo Mannion still managed to win by four.

Clarence Ladies 2.5, Taunton Deane 2.5 – singles: Margaret Noddings 8-21; pairs: Pam Barnbrook, Carol Edlin 19-14; triples: Pam Fowler, Jo Mannion, Audrey Harris 16-12; fours: Mary Davison, Veronica Jones, Pauline Burrough, Val Collicott 22-22.

Clarence Ladies warmed up for their big match with victories in two friendly games. Firstly, they won by 11 shots away to the strong West Backwell. The visitors finished up on two rinks, skipped by Pam Barnbrook and Carol Edlin, while Mary Davison’s four, who included newcomer Tracey Robertson, drew their game.

West Backwell 41, Clarence Ladies 52: S Scoins, P Hawkins, V Collicott, P Barnbrook 20-12; R Francombe, A Harris, V Jones, C Edlin 15-12; S Searle, T Robertson, J Mannion, M Davison 17-17.

Away to Fear Cup semi-finalists St Andrews, Clarence Ladies were largely indebted to Sheila Ellis, Beryl Deacon, Veronica Jones and Audrey Harris for their 20-shot victory.

Harris’s rink finished 24 shots ahead and Mary Davison’s quarter also finished up, by three, having been 11-14 down with five ends to go.

St Andrews 43, Clarence Ladies 63: R Francombe, L Phipps, C Cromey, V Collicott 13-20; S Ellis, B Deacon, V Jones, A Harris 31-7; J Colman, J Anning, S Searle, M Davison 19-16.

Mark Moor 69, Clarence Ladies 36 (friendly): S Ellis, S Searle, A Harris 20-14; R Francombe, C Marshall, P Barnbrook 7-25; G Hookway, V Jones, P Dunn 9-30

VICTORIA Ladies held their competition finals on the same weekend as the men and were able to acknowledge their own triple singles finals winner in Tiffany Ellis to match Lee Stocker.

The championship match was close throughout with Ellis and her opponent Sue Cooper trading shots and it was only after 18th end that Ellis pulled away to lead 19-15, two shots from victory.

The experienced Cooper drew four shots on the 19th end to draw level, but Ellis regained her composure to score two shots on next end to claim the trophy.

Both Ellis and Cooper competed for the handicap title, which at the 12th end was a two-shot advantage to Ellis, who finished strongly to achieve an excellent win.

Sue Harrison was Ellis’s opponent in the two-wood singles and although Ellis was always in the lead, Harrison came back strongly over the last six ends, but Ellis held a one-shot advantage after the penultimate end to hold her nerve to take victory on the last end.

Fiona Waters played Joan Mills in the non-winners and Waters adapted to the conditions quickly and went on to record her maiden singles title. Rose Cleeves, fresh from her success in the Weston Ladies Open, was partnered with Chris Stevens in the two-wood pairs against Sue Sokol and Sue Harrison.

Stevens and Cleeves played consistent woods and were comfortably in the lead until Sokol and Harrison picked up five shots on the 16th and 17th ends to take the lead.

The scores were level with the last end to play, but Stevens and Cleeves scored the shot necessary to win an exciting game.

The four-wood pairs saw a remarkable game between Hannah Frye/Sue Newman and Brenda Williams/Chris Sage.

The scores were close most of the game and with Williams and Sage seemingly on the way to victory, Frye and Newman scored single shots on last two ends to tie the game and necessitate an extra end, which went to the last wood and a single shot win for the pair of Hannah Frye and Sue Newman.

The triples was also decided by a close score of a three-shot win by Annie Palmer, Kay Wilson and Rose Cleeves over the triple of Sue Sokol, Rita Bailey and Sue Newman.

The mixed pairs maintained the record of close games with husband and wife team Mike and Sue Cooper winning against Tiffany Ellis and Nathan Stocker by picking up three shots on last two ends to win by a single shot.

Fiona Waters with the non-winners trophy presented by ladies’ captain Sue Newman.

Tiffany Ellis with her trophies.

ST ANDREWS Ladies are through to the final of the Somerset County Fear Cup.

Playing at the City of Wells in the semi-final, they defeated Watchet by 14 shots. The Saints play Clevedon Promenade in the final on Sunday at Ashcombe Park (2.30pm).

St Andrews Ladies 58, Watchet 44: C Venn, M McMillan, M Bailey, M Favis 14-11; I Cracknell, W Allen, B Goddard, M Pattenden 25-13; P Uglow, J Forse, S Sinclair, J Ware 19-20.

Despite winning two of the three rinks, St Andrews lost their friendly against Clarence by 14 shots.

St Andrews Ladies 46, Clarence 60: M Wride, A Greenwood, S Sinclair, M Bailey 20-13; J Forse, H Chesters, I Tofte, M Favis 19-16; P Uglow, S Gleville, S Priory, A Campbell 7-31.

A DRAMATIC comeback by Sue Caddy’s rink could not quite gain the win for Winscombe in their last match of this season’s Wessex League campaign.

In the match at Clevedon, Sue’s rink was 4-20 down which included a hot shot eight for the home team. Carol Hopes, Margaret Howell, Sarah Lowman and Sue battled back to win 26-24. Despite this fantastic effort and winning on two rinks, Winscombe lost by two shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 65, Clevedon 67: C Hopes, M Howell, S Lowman, S Caddy 26-24; M Sprouting, I Miles, J Rush, A Ainsworth 13-24; D Seaman, L Dyer, C Bryant, L Fredersdorff 26 -19.

In a friendly at Avonmouth, the ladies enjoyed their afternoon despite losing again.

Winscombe Ladies 39, Avonmouth 55: D Seaman, I Miles, C Bryant, S Lowman 13-20; L Coombe, S Nash, P Burns, L Fredersdorff 9-20; T Darkin, J Wiles, C Hopes, J Rush 17-15.

WESSEX Ladies are through to the finals of the Fear Cup Plate after defeating Taunton on all three rinks.

Wessex will now meet Clevedon on Sunday at Ashcombe Park (2.30pm).

Wessex Ladies 66, Taunton 33: P Turner, B Jones, A Fewings, J Davis 19-12; C Peart, A Ward, E Williams, P Taylor 24-9; N Peters, M Hawkins, M Davis, J Duffy 23-12.

Wessex Ladies 67 (9), Isle of Wedmore 51 (1) (Wessex League): M Hawkins, E Stott, E Deane, A Fewings 17-17; N Peters, P Turner, A Ward, E Williams 23-19; C Peart, M Milford, B Jones, P Taylor 27-15.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 64, Yatton 44 (friendly): M Shufflebotham, M Williams, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 21-14; P Wynne, A Cox, L Paterson, J McInally 27-11; L Owens, C Hedges, S Hopkins, N Counsell 16-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 53, Nailsea 63 (friendly): A Bass, S Noyes, A Cox, L Paterson 14-26; S Appleby, P Wynne, J Hughes, N Counsell 21-19; J Matthews, L Owens, J. Field, S Hopkins 18-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 77, Portishead 51 (friendly): P Wynne, C Hedges, N Counsell, L Paterson 23-12; J Matthews, A Bass, D Norville, M Williams 33-17; S Appleby, S Noyes, J Field, S Hopkins 21-22.

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