Local club open the new season

Ashcombe Capt. Alan Freke, Chairman Roy Powell and President Jim Creasey.

Ashcombe Capt. Alan Freke, Chairman Roy Powell and President Jim Creasey. - Credit: Archant

Bowls clubs in the area opened the outdoor season, with rain being a feature in most games.

THE chairman of North Somerset District Council Cllr Terry Porter helped hoist the 2012 Bowls England Club of the Year flag when Clarence began their season with captain’s day.

Cllr Porter congratulated the club on their achievement in winning the award and also on being the North Division champions of the Somerset County Bowls League.

After Cllr Porter had bowled the first wood of the season, around 60 Clarence members and guests from the Clarence and Wessex ladies’ clubs took to the greens for a friendly triples, which was cut short by persistent rain. The spider was won by Martyn Adams.

After they had dried out, the players and non-playing past officers enjoyed a meal prepared by the ladies of the Clarence and Wessex clubs.

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New club captain Mike Clay expressed his optimism about the coming season, during which the Clarence A team will be playing in Premier Division Two of the County League. His vice-captain is Brendan Duffy.

Clarence start their season today (Thurs), when the Golds, their second team in the Weston & District Over-60s League, are at home to Victoria Vikings. On Saturday, there is a three clubs drive, in which members of Clarence men and ladies and Wessex ladies will compete together.

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New members are always welcome at England’s Club of the Year, who will be holding open days for new bowlers next month. Anyone interested, please contact either of the club coaches, David Stott on 01934 625404) or Roger Burrough 01934 627407.

VICTORIA Bowling Club opened their outdoor season with the traditional fixture of the president’s team playing against the captain’s team.

The game was played in mixed weather conditions with the rain being a frequent visitor. However, the members of Victoria braved the conditions to start the outdoor season.

Beric Saward, the recently elected president faced a baptism of fire, losing the match and winning on just one rink skipped by Mike Taylor and supported by Darren Beard and Paul Leadbeater.

There were several high scoring rinks by the captain’s team with the top rink skipped by Will Harrison and supported by Pete Lunn and Hugh Gibbs.

The members and their guests retired to the club for warming refreshments and an excellent meal provided and served by the ladies.

In the after dinner speeches, Saward paid tribute to the members who had worked tirelessly during the winter to ensure the club was well prepared for the season. He also thanked the members present and noted that 60 members played in the fixture requiring eight rinks to be used, the first time in many years.

Club captain Mike Manning announced he was looking forward with much optimism to the season ahead, with hopes for the A team to regain their place in the Somerset County Premier 1 Division, and to the C team, who have been close to promotion in past few years being successful this year. Another objective is for the Saxons Over-60s team regaining the championship.

Open days have been arranged at the club on April 20, 27 and May 4 and also on April 28 and May 5. The sessions are between 10am-noon and is open to ladies and gentlemen of any ability. Fully qualified coaches will be in attendance and a warm welcome awaits.

Presidents team 70, Captains team 127: J Griffiths, R Jacobs, N Sell, G Hodge 10-17, N Stocker, I Linham, K Curtis, M Stocker; J Codrington, W Hamlet, T Uccellinni, D Williams 10-12, T Gilbert, K Leahy, T Bray, M Cooper; T Webb, G Richards, J Kerr, R Rockett 9-13, A Waygood, R Sparkes, J Newman, M Campbell; S Thynne, J Mingoe-West, B Saward, S Evans 3-21, P Wyatt, C Chudley, T Gatehouse, M Manning; G Jones, M Milliner, K Holland 8-21, L Kelly, J Smart, B Stock; D Beard, P Leadbeater, M Taylor 17-7, H Whyte, J Howell, C Gazzard; E Longworth, B Nicholls, R Fenwick, G Frost 10-14, B Johnson, R Hollier, P Fisher, D Hurst; J Turton, D Fairhurst, D Jones 3-22, P Lunn, H Gibbs, W Harrison.

ST ANDREWS Bowling Club has opened their outdoor season for 2013.

The afternoon was affected by rain, so president Graham Burgess selected a team to play indoors against a team selected by men’s captain, Jim Warren.

In his welcoming speech, Burgess made mention of the benefits the club now enjoys, the result of all the efforts of past and present club members. He thanked the ladies for providing a lovely meal and concluded by wishing a happy and successful season to both club captains and club members.

Vice-president Jackie Ware was proud to make mention of the co-operation between the men’s and ladies’ sections who have worked well together since officially becoming a mixed club last year.

President’s team (first named) 18, captain’s team 33: R Brereton, P O’Connor, A Ware, P Aldus 7-8, R Lee, Mrs I Tofte, R McLeod, D Bailey; A Lay, A McNab, Mrs J Ware, S Davies 6-4; F Mudge, G Cooper, J Warren, G Guest; E Day, G Tofte, B May, G Wride 2-10, K Uglow, A Cooper, G Webber, A Horsburgh; K Parker, G Sims, A McMillan, A Steer 3-11, R Smith, B Rogers, B Reeves, D Favis.

The ladies of St Andrews opened their outdoor season when vice-president Jackie Ware hosted the afternoon and welcomed members and guests from other local clubs. A fun game of yardstick bowls was won by Judy Forse and the spider was won by Meg Favis. An excellent hot meal, organised by Brian Reeves and served by gentlemen members of the club, concluded a successful afternoon.

Raising the men’s flag is president Graham Burgess with vice-captain A Horsburgh, captain J Warren, vice-president J Ware, life member A Macnab and ladies’ captain I Tofte.

ASHCOMBE Park Bowls Club opened its season with president’s day.

Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to them but they managed to play a game, albeit, in their wet gear. Morley Badman won the spider and the rink of George Fews, Derek Cooper and George Finnegan had a comfortable win to take the top spot. Everyone enjoyed the meal after the game and thanks go to all involved. Also thanks go to those who worked hard to make the day a success.

Free coaching is available at the club on Wednesdays and Saturdays (10am). Just call in or phone 01934 514855 for more information.

ST ANDREWS held their finals weekend and finalists put on a fine display of excellent bowling.

The men’s championship between Andy Owens and Barrie Forse would have graced the professional circuit. The ladies’ championship was also of high quality, Judy Forse overcame the experience of Carolina Venn.

Needless to say Barrie and Andrew dominated in most competitions, Andy in the mixed pairs with Pat Uglow and both in the mixed fours, mixed triples and men’s pairs.

Jackie Ware and Meg Favis won the ladies’ pairs and the drawn triples was won by E Blight, M Simpson and R Venn.

Results – men’s singles: A Owens 21, B Forse 16. Ladies’ singles: J Forse 21, C Venn 16. Drawn triples: R Smith, E Hooper, B Reeves 15, E Blight, M Simpson, R Venn. 16.

Mixed pairs: P Uglow, A .Owens 24, D Favis, M Favis 14. Ladies’ pairs: J Ware, M Favis 26, S Sinclair, E Blight 20. Men’s pairs: A Owens, B Forse 23, G Millard, B Reeves 5. Mixed triples: M Millard, G Millard, B Reeves 16, J Forse, A Owens, B Forse 18. Mixed fours: J Forse, J Pitman, A Owens, B Forse 28, C Venn, P Gill, R Gill, R Venn 12.

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