Malcolm causes a shock in county singles event

Malcolm Simpson bowling for St Andrew's.

Malcolm Simpson bowling for St Andrew's. - Credit: Archant

St Andrews bowler Malcolm Simpson reached the last 16 of the Somerset County singles with a shock victory over Middleton Cup player Ryan Hooper.

Malcolm Simpson of St Andrews, reached the last 16 of the Somerset County singles with a shock home victory over Middleton Cup player Ryan Hooper.

Simpson’s uncanny ability to draw with his minimal-bias woods enabled him to build a big lead, but young Hooper, from Watchet, fought back well and at 20-18 to Simpson, both players were within touching distance of victory.

However, it was the veteran who held his nerve to go through. He will be away to Banwell’s international umpire Mike Davies in the next round.

A heavy defeat on one rink again proved costly for St Andrews A, as they lost by 20 shots at home to Williton A in Premier One of the Somerset County League.

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Barrie Forse and his rink kept things going well throughout the 21 ends to win by two, while Don Bailey scored 10 shots in the second half of the game to his opponents’ five, losing by three.

However, Tony Steer’s men crashed by 19 shots. The result left Saints bottom of the division after defeats in their first four games, three of them away.

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St Andrews A 41 (2), Williton A 61 (10): J Keay, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 16-14; L Yeates, D Favis, B May, D Bailey 14-17; T Yeeles, R Wootten, G Webber, T Steer 11-30.

It was a similar story for Saints in the North Somerset 4 Dimension competition at home to Portishead RBL.

Barrie Forse won well in the singles, while Ken Uglow and captain Andy McMillan withstood a late RBL comeback to take the pairs.

But with the triples going the way of the visitors and the St Andrews rink well down, RBL were always on course for victory on shot-difference, ultimately by 15 shots.

St Andrews 63 (2), Portishead RBL 78 (2) – singles: B Forse 21-14; pairs: K Uglow/A McMillan 22-17; triples: R Wootten, K Curtis, D Favis 8-15; fours: L Yeates, G Cooper, G Webber, D Bailey 12-32.

With many of Banwell’s players indoor members at St Andrews, the annual outdoor friendly between the teams at Thirlmere Road produced plenty of banter as well as some competitive bowling.

Visiting captain Phil Villis’s 29-shot rink victory made the final score misleadingly one-sided as Banwell won by 40 shots Brian Reeves, back in action after illness, skipped the only winning home four, but the other two rinks were close.

St Andrews 52, Banwell 92: R Potter, A Frost, D Price, N Sell 9-38; A Cooper, K Uglow, J Keay, K Curtis 15-21; K Rodgers, D Reynolds, R Wootten, B Reeves 15-13; M Simpson, D Bailey, G Cooper, G Webber 13-20.

It was a good day for Clarence against Burnham in the county league, winning on two rinks and drawing on the third.

Clarence A 58, Burnham B 40: M Edlin, R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 25-10; S Browning, D Grier, B Sweet, R Crawford 17-14; A Gardener, B Ballinger, M Phillips, R Burrough 16-16.

Clarence B 35, Willmott Park 86: P Pileggi, J Kelloway, M Peters, A Newland 10-31; B Rossiter, J Atkins, C Tippett, M Scoins 14-28; T Ward, A Bishop, M Turnball, J Edwards 11-27.

Clarence recorded a superb victory in the Five Dimensions Cup against Alexander, with the rink the day going to Mick Edlin in the four-wood singles, with a winning margin of 18.

Clarence 97, Alexander 62: A Gardiner 16-12; B Rossiter, M Phillips, R Burrough 17-18; S Browning, R Smith, D Grier, R Crawford 24-11; M Edlin 22-4; T Mannion, B Ballinger 18-17.

In the Four Dimensions Cup, Clarence won on all four rinks, with Don Towie powering to victory after being 13-0 down after nine ends.

Clarence 79, Chew Stoke 62: D Towie 21-15; M Edlin, D Stott 19-18; T Mannion, B Ballinger, B Sweet, R Crayford 17-16; A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 22-13.

Golds 83, Winscombe 129: J Kelloway, M Thompson, J Atkins 10-29; A Bishop, K Marshall, J Edwards 12-21; A Cord, M Skyrme, M Turnball 14-17; C Tippett, M Peters, M Scoins 11-25; P Pileggi, G Andrews, A Newland 14-22; D Symes, J Hicks, M Davies 22-15.

Clarence 115, Leam Lane 96 (mixed friendly): S Scoins, K Marshall, J Atkins, M Edlin 20-26; I Hicks, A Gardiner, M Scoins, J Edwards 25-9; V Gardiner, T Derrick, B Sweet, D Stott 33-11; P Fowler, B Rossiter, M Phillips, C Edlin 14-19; R Francombe, R Smith, G Andrews, T Ward 14-12; E Wade, A Newland, I Phipps, C Read 9-19.

Victoria continue to progress in the National Top Club competition, defeating Congresbury 3-2.

There were winning margins of just one shot in the triples and fours skipped by Will Harrison and Mike Stocker, with Colin Gazzard emphatically winning the two-wood singles.

In the Somerset County League, the A team suffered defeat at the hands of Ilminster, with just the consolation of two points from the rink win by Dave Fairhurst, Alan Yates, Colin Heal and skip Steve Davies.

The B team took maximum points from their win against Bristol B, but lost against West Backwell with just a sole rink win by Sam Stocker, Harrison Whyte, John Newman and Tony Bray.

The C team had an excellent win against Mark Moor with two rink wins and 10 points. The top rink was led by Dave Williams with Mike Milliner, George Frost and Dave Sealey.

Victoria Saxons continue to impress in the Weston & District Over-60s League winning at Wedmore by just shots shots, but crucially earning 16 points for the four rink win.

The rink of Roy Bromet, John Newman and skip Malcolm Campbell provided a match-winning margin of 14 shots to carry the team to victory.

The Vikings however suffered a heavy defeat against Portishead with the sole rink win by Bill Nicholls, Cliff Chudley and captain Derek Jones.

Victoria 3, Congresbury 2 – two-wood singles: C Gazzard 19-2; four-wood singles: L Stocker 14-21; pairs: D Fairhurst, M Cooper 14-18; triples: M Campbell, J Newman, W Harrison 24-23; fours: K Holland, A Yates, C Heal, M Stocker 21-19.

Victoria A 51 (2), Ilminster 66 (10): H, Gibbs, K Harvey, C Gazzard M Cooper 11-21; P Wyatt, L Stocker, P Leadbeater, W Harrison 16-25; D Fairhurst, A Yates, C Heal, S Davies 24-20.

Victoria B 66 (12), Bristol B 45 (0): M Campbell, P Leadbeater, A Bray, W Harrison 18-15; R Bromet, P Fisher, K Harvey, C Heal 23-14; R Hollier, M Manning, D Hurst, K Holland 25-16.

Victoria B 53 (2), West Backwell 66 (10): P Coumis, R Bromet, P Fisher, M Stocker 13-22; S Stocker, H Whyte, J Newman, A Bray 24-19; Carmine, M Taylor, M Campbell, D Hurst 16-25.

Victoria C 66 (10), Mark Moor 56 (2): W Nicholls, J Mingo-West, A Shattock, D Jones 23-19; J Griffiths, M Willetts, A Barnes, M Manning 17-27; D Williams, M Milliner, G Frost, D Sealey 26-10.

Victoria Saxons 101 (16), Wedmore 97 (4): J Mingo-West, A Bray, M Stocker 21-11; D Williams, K Holland, C Heal 16-23; B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 18-14; H Whyte, M Manning, D Hurst 7-29; R Rocket, A Shattock, M Cooper 16-11; R Bromet, J Newman M Campbell 23-9.

Victoria Vikings 87 (2), Portishead 118 (18): W Nicholls, C Chudley, D Jones 23-17; J Turton, T Gilbert, G Frost 11-19; Carmine, T Gatehouse, G Hodge 17-20; R Jacobs, B Johnson, E Sage 15-22; A Waygood, J Langridge, J Smart 9-24; J Griffith, B Saward, T Broughton 12-16.

Ashcombe Park Bowling Club has just returned from a four-day tour, playing mixed matches at Sidmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Ottery St Mary and Madeira in Exmouth.

All games were played in delightful settings and sunny weather. Ashcombe lost at Sidmouth 179-149, won 183-149 at Budleigh Salterton, lost at Ottery St Mary by 119-139 and won 260-201 at Exmouth.

Before returning home, Madeira Club provided an excellent hot meal, prepared and served by club members. The tour was arranged by Gordon and Jane Samson through Isle of Wight Tours Ltd and the group stayed at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe’s A and B teams both scored wins and collected some useful league points.

Ashcombe A 68, Bristol 49: D Cooper, D Bleasdale, M West, J Whitlow 36-12; A Tucker, G Fews, S Hedges, J Taylor 20-17; A Freke, E Roberts, L Day, R Powell 12-20.

Ashcombe B 64, Chew Stoke A 52: M Butt, D Wynne, R Taylor, DA Williams 21-18; F Bertram, K Hallett, M Paterson, J Creasey 27-15; G Pople G Sansam, T Cotterell, B Webber 16-19.

This week, all three of Ashcombe teams played in the Weston and District Over-60s League.

Ashcombe Crusaders 102, Burnham 99: L Cox, J Hornett, L Day 12-17; D Bleasdale, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 16-19; G Kinsey, G Tottle, B Webber 19-8; D Cooper, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 15-25; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 17-17; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 23-13.

Ashcombe Knights 89, Yatton 99: M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 14-21; B Jones, R Counsell, J Main 15-14; M Field, G Finnegan, D Wynne 6-22; F Bertram, M Bass, K Wheeler 28-13; D Freestone, K Hallett, R Tasker 12-17; G Pople, G Sansam, A Cracknell 14-12.

Ashcombe Templars 98, Portishead 115: C Vardon, B Duncan, B Miles 19-16; P March, M Unwin, T Pople 17-19; G Tucker, G Mills, K Davies 14-13; R Cole, D Wynne, N Shufflebotham 21-17; R Smith, B Bishop, G Fews 11-28; G Field, M Butt, M Badman 16-22.

Wedmore men’s A team played away at Clevedon Prom A in the County League Premier 2 Division and lost to the home side after a tough battle, with Eddie Payne and his team having the only win of the day.

Wedmore 48, Clevedon Prom 54: D Collins, K Burt, R Barron, D Nicholls 18-22; T Brown, K Phillimore, R Newell, R Hughes 15-18; A Birch, G Annuick, K Pettit, E Payne 15-14.

The B team had a tough challenge when they played away against Congresbury A, losing all three rinks. Congresbury won the match with a sizeable 88-40 differential.

In the Weston Over-60s Triples League, Wedmore hosted Victoria Saxons with the home team losing the match by just three points. In a game with large differentials on several rinks, the outstanding Wedmore team was led by Eddie Payne, who scored a 29-6 victory.

Wedmore 97, Victoria Saxons 100: J White, M Green, R Barron 14-18; B Aston, I Faulkner, K Burt 23-16; R Bull, R Hunt, R Hughes 11-21; A Birch, G Dodd, E Payne 29-6; P Bean, M Grosvenor, K Pettit 11-16; T Collingwood, S Newdick, D Stansfield 9-23.

Wedmore ladies played at home against Clevedon in a Wessex League match and won by 22 shots. Gill Harvey and her team had a good 29-14 win on their rink.

Wedmore Ladies 77, Clevedon 55: B Clark, B Disbrey, M Perry, G Harvey 29-14; P Jenkins, J Collins, P Beard, M Hordle 20-26; J Collingwood, A Wilkinson, A Hughes, M Trow 28-15.

Banwell A have won both away league games, one of which was against local rivals Victoria A. However, defeats have occurred in both home games against Watchet and Bath.

After four games, Banwell are mid-table with 26 points. Banwell B had a great result at the weekend beating Yatton to secure their second win of the season. Again both victories have come away from home.

Banwell A 48 (2), Bath A 55 (10): T Hyde, P Aldus, C Wilson, P Villis 10-29; H Woodards, R Smith, B Taylor, J Davies 14-19; G Millard, L Pheasant, H Guckian, D Johnston 24-7.

Banwell B 79 (12), Yatton B 52 (0): J Evans, J Amos, J Rickerty, A Vickery 23-22; T Garfield, T Brice, M Laycock, K Burgess 35-11; T Burnett, C Coffin, J Laurent, M Amos 21-19.

Banwell are through to the next round of the North Somerset 4 Dimensions competition after wining all four disciplines at Burnham.

Club captain Phil Villis easily won the singles 21-4, Mike Davies and Chris Wilson edged the pairs by one shot, and the triple of Harry Woodards, Barry Taylor and John Davies had a see-saw of a game but came out on top after a trademark JD shot to win the last end.

Finally, the rink of Graham Millard, Paul Aldus, Hilary Guckian and Darrell Johnston comfortably won after leading throughout the game. Next up is a home tie against Clevedon (tomorrow) Friday.

Banwell are also through to the next stage of the North Somerset Knockout Cup after a victory over Nailsea. Banwell travelled on a wet evening, and despite playing the majority of the game in the rain, won three of the five rinks and by a margin of 11 shots.

Banwell 90, Nailsea 79: C Coffin, M Laycock, K Burgess, P Villis 9-19; G Millard, J Amos, H Guckian, D Johnston 16-13; H Woodards, J Laurent, C Wilson, J Davies 26-14; T Hyde, A Vickery, P Aldus, M Davies 25-11; P Wilfan, J Rickerty, L Pheasant, B Taylor 14-22.

So far Banwell have played 13 friendlies, wining 10 losing two and drawing one. The latest matches were home to Wrington and away to St Andrews.

It was another fine warm evening and the St Andrews green played well, especially for Banwell, winning on three of the four rinks as they out bowled the opposition. Captain Phil Villis and his rink picked up a seven along the way to finish as the highest winning rink.

Banwell 92, St Andrews 51: H Woodards, T Brice, L Pheasant, P Villis 38-9; M Amos, J Laurent, P Aldus, B Taylor 21-15; T Hyde, A Cockayne, J Rickerty, K Burgess 13-15; G Millard, P Wilfan, A Vickery, D Johnston 20-13.

The next day back at Banwell, Wrington popped in for a friendly. This is always an interesting fixture as Wrington play on an artificial green.

Banwell played well throughout the game and a resounding victory was had by 69 shots. Hilary Guckian and his rink won by a marvellous 30 shots to gain the highest rink accolade.

Banwell 111, Wrington 42: M Millard, S White, M Laycock, B Taylor 32-10; K Smith, J Amos, M Amos, H Guckian 36-6; T Garfield, C Heal, L Pheasant, J Laurent 17-15; C Coffin, J Evans, L Smith, J Davies 26-11.

Winscombe A team lost for the second consecutive week by one shot in the county league, this time against Portishead RBL.

The week started well for Winscombe’s men with a win over Street in the National Two Fours competition. This was a close match with one rink winning and one losing, but with sufficient shots scored over the two rinks to take the match.

Winscombe now play their next round match against Sydney Gardens from Bath at home on Sunday.

The mixed game against South Petherton was reduced by the hosts from six to four rinks. Winscombe won on two of those rinks, but the high winning margin by South Petherton on the other two rinks ensured a home victory by 10 shots.

In the Weston and District Over-60s Cup at Clarence, Winscombe had a decisive win by 46 shots, losing on only one rink.

Special mention for president Rob Lacy who, having recently passed this landmark birthday, was making his debut for the team. Rob’s rink, with Peter John at lead and Lew Collier at two, romped away to a 29-10 win.

In the North Somerset League matches, the B team were away at Congresbury and the A team at Portishead RBL.

The A team managed once again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The team were winning on two rinks and up by six shots going into the last end.

All three rinks lost the last end by seven shots in total to lose the match by just one shot overall for the second week running. They took just two points for the win on a single rink.

The result aside, this was an incredibly close match against a tough team with the lead changing hands multiple times and could easily have given the full 12 points to either side.

At Congresbury, the B team got their second win of the season by a decisive 22 shots and picked up another 10 points.

Winscombe v Street: W Ainsworth, G Coombe, K Whatling, M Adams won; R Lowman, S Easterby, P Fredersdorff, A Dudley lost.

Winscombe 129, Clarence Gold 83: C Westlake, J Sprouting, T Ellis 15-22; B Andrews, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 22-14; B Paul ,R Weller, G Neville 25-11; J Smith, M Fletcher, T Dudley 17-14; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 21-12; P John, L Collier, R Lacy 29-10.

Winscombe 64, South Petherton 74: D Brown, J Rush, L Fredersdorff, P Fredersdorff 15-17; C Hopes, R Lowis, W Weller, G Coombe 23-17; L Coombe, T Darkin, E Watts, L Collier 11-26; P Hopes, M Newing, S Nash, M Nash 15-14.

Winscombe A 56 (2), Portishead RBL B 57: W Ainsworth, G Coombe, K Whatling, M Adams 18-21; M Fletcher, P Fredersdorff, A Dudley, R Lacy 16-19; G Neville, E Kindred, S Easterby, M Dorrington 22-17.

Winscombe B 69 (10), Congresbury B 47 (2).

Ashcombe Ladies 66, Victoria 44: (friendly): M Shufflebothan, S Appleby, J Matthews, J Sansam 22-16; A Bass, S Noyes, S Bayntun, S Hopkins 24-12; L Owens, A Cox, C Hedges, M Williams 20-16.

Ashcombe Ladies 45, Congresbury 80 (friendly): P Wynne, A Bryant, A Cox, C Hedges 17-30; M Shufflebothan, S Appleby, B MacGregor, S Weaden 13-25;

L Owens, S Noyes, B Cullen, M Williams 15-25.

Ashcombe Ladies 55 (1), Clevedon 59 (9) (Wessex League): P Wynne, J Field, J Hughes, M Williams 17-17; M Main, C Hedges, P Carr, N Counsell 18-19; L Paterson, D Norville, A Goacher, M Tucker 20-23.

Ashcombe Ladies 39 (0), Isle of Wedmore 75 (10) (Wessex League): J Sansam, S Noyes, B Cullen, M Williams 18-24; S Bayntun, D Norville, J Wilkinson, S Hopkins 15-26; A Cox, C Hedges, J Matthews, M Tucker 6-25.

Victoria Ladies have had a busy week being involved in eight matches with captain Margaret Hillman being grateful for the 10 new members who joined this season who are now being able to strengthen the playing squads.

The ladies played an experienced Clevedon team in the Top Club Trophy and overall lost by a narrow margin of seven shots with Sue Cooper the only winner in the singles dimension.

Three games were played in the Weston & District Triples League with a good win against Wedmore and the reward of eight points from the two rink wins skipped by Sue Cooper and Mildred Chudley.

In the game against West Backwell, the ladies won two rinks skipped by Annie Holland and Margaret Hillman, but defeat on the other rink gave the game to the opponents by nine shots, but Victoria still had the benefit of four points.

Clarence proved to be tougher competition winning all three rinks, albeit very marginally on the rink of Hannah Frye, Sue Sokal and Annie Holland.

The Mendip League game against Fosseway saw a defeat by 26 shots, although the rink of Sue Milliner, Rose Cleeves and Sue Cooper suffered defeat by the narrowest of margins.

There were three mixed friendly games in the week with good wins against Winsor Penarth and Clevedon Prom and a loss at home to Worcester.

Victoria Ladies 65 (1), Clevedon 72 (3) – singles: S Cooper 21-11; pairs S Newman M Chudley 14-24; triples K Wilson F Waters S Harrison 15-20; four: S Milliner H Frye C Stevens M Hillman 15-17.

Victoria Ladies 57 (8), Wedmore 33 (2): C Stevens A Holland S Cooper 19-6; S Milliner B Mangan M Hillman 13-15; K Wilson S Newman M Chudley 25-12.

Victoria 50 Ladies (4), West Backwell 59 (6): G Poolman E Newport A Holland 24-11; C Stevens S Pocock M Hillman 22-12; C Sage C Reeves M Chudley 4-36.

Victoria Ladies 36 (0), Clarence 50 (10): H Frye S Sokol A Holland 12-13; R Bailey R Cleeves S Newman 10-19; S Milliner S Pocock E Newport 14-18.

Victoria Ladies 43, Fosseway 69: S Milliner R Cleeves S Cooper 16-17; N Whyte S Newman M Hillman 13-26; G Poolman C Sage M Chudley 14-26.

Victoria 154, Windsor Penarth 76: P Coumis, S Stocker, D Beard, J Newman 30-16;

H Chesters,W Nicholls, B Johnson, C Gazzard 19-26; L Kelly, Carmine, P Fisher, S Davies 29-10; M Milliner, C Stevens, P Wyatt, D Hurst 22-2; J Johnson, E Sage, M Taylor, M Stocker 22-7; R Bailey, F Waters, R Bromet, M Cooper 32-7.

Victoria 138, Clevedon Prom 67 (mixed friendly): J Johnson, C Stevens, R Bromet, R Rockett 38-4; G Poolman, N Whyte, B Johnson, J Newman 17-22; R Bailey, H Frye, H Whyte, D Hurst 34-9; P Coumis, J Mingo-West, C Sage, S Newman 30-16; K Wilson, S Sokol, M Milliner, E Sage 19-16.

Victoria 104, Worcester 131 (mixed friendly): C Stevens, C Chudley, J Newman, M Cooper 19-15; B Williams, C Sage, S Stocker, M Stocker 23-25; H Chesters, J Langridge, M Taylor, A Bray 12-21; R Bailey, W Nicholls, R Bromet, L Stocker 10-31; B Johnson, C Santosuosso, F Waters, E Sage 11-25; J Johnson, P Coumis, P Wyatt, S Newman 29-14.

Winscombe Ladies won two of their three matches. At Wrington, it was a close affair with Winscombe winning by just one shot on the last end. The two league games resulted in one win and one loss.

A good win at home to Clevedon Prom in the North Somerset Triples League secured another eight points, but the home game against Clarence Wessex in the Wessex League saw the home team lose by 15 shots and only pick up two points by the only winning rink skipped by Rowena Keane.

Winscombe Ladies 51, Wrington 50 (friendly): M Adams, M Howell, S Lowis 10-23; L Coombe, J Rush, L Fredersdorff 24-13; S Vincent, A Ainsworth,S Lowman 17-14.

Winscombe Ladies 57 (8), Clevedon Prom 39 (2): M Sprouting, J Rush, L Fredersdorff 27-8; A Ainsworth, S Lowman, I Miles 12-20; C Hopes, M Adams, E Watts 18-11.

Winscombe Ladies 45, Wessex 60: C Hopes, S Nash, M Adams, R Keane 19-12; M Sprouting, M Howell, L Whatling, W Weller 13-24; L Coombe, L Parfitt, E Watts, L Fredersdorff 13-24.

Wessex Ladies had a convincing win in the only match played this week and gained eight points.

Wessex Ladies 60 (8), Winscombe 45 (2): V Gardiner, L Hedderman, A Crawford, J Duffy 24-13; I Hicks, P Dunn, N Peters, A Ward 12-19; V Edwards, E Stott, P Turner, J Davis 24-13.

A seven-shot victory on Ann Campbell’s rink was the decisive factor as St Andrews Ladies won by four shots away to their Chew Stoke counterparts in the DRT League.

Campbell, Judy Forse, Ann Greenwood and Maureen Frost were 7-0 up after two ends, then dropped a six but maintained the lead throughout The other two rinks played their parts, losing by a total of only three, with Meg Favis picking up five shotsin the last three ends.

Chew Stoke Ladies 46, St Andrews 50: F Allen, B Goddard, M Bailey, M Favis 14-15; C Venn, M Wride, S Priory, J Smith 12-14; J Forse, A Greenwood, M Frost, A Campbell 24-17.

Judy Forse, Jackie Pitman and Ann Campbell had a good win in the Somerset County triples, beating a Wedmore trio 20-11 away from home.

Clarence Ladies gained a deserved victory over Portishead, with rink of the day led by Margaret Noddings, winning the last five ends.

Clarence Ladies 82, Portishead 65: M Angrove, V Jones, M Noddings 23-8; S Scoins, J Mannion, P Burrough 16-18; P Fowler, A Balinger, V Collicott 28-14; R Francombe, P Phillips, C Edlin 15-25.

Clarence recorded a good win by 13 shots over Victoria. Rink of the day was skipped by V Collicott, winning by nine.

Clarence Ladies 50, Victoria 37: P Fowler, P Burrough, C Edlin 18-14; S Scoins, V Jones, M Davison 13-12; P Phillips, J Mannnion, V Collicott 19-10.

Clarence Ladies 65, Wedmore 35: P Fowler, S Pritchard, V Collicott 17-13; J Colman, M Davison, M Noddings 24-11; M Angove, P Burrough, C Edlin 24-11.

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