Marilyn reaches national finals

PORTISHEAD Legion Ladies member Marilyn Gozna has reached the finals of the National Ladies' Singles at Leamington, beating last year s national champion, Edna Bessell (Yeovil), 21-17.

PORTISHEAD Legion Ladies' Marilyn Gozna has reached the finals of the National Ladies' Singles at Leamington, beating last year's national champion, Edna Bessell (Yeovil), 21-17.

Legion Ladies are now representing Somerset in the National Top Club competetion when they won against Ashcombe Ladies by 11 shots. Portishead Legion Ladies 83 (2), Ashcombe Ladies 72 (2).

Portishead Legion 73, Nailsea 74 (North Somerset Four-Dimensional Cup): S Secker 19 , J Chivers 21; K Martin, D Yeates 21-18; P Davies, J Bridle, R Yeoman 19-14; D Groves, D Crawshaw, P Hussey, D Gregory 14-21.

Portishead Legion C 52, Yatton 67 (Somerset League North Division 1): B Norman, B Evans, K Excell, A Strong 22, M Withyman 18; R Lee, D Iles, R Wilkinson, N Rogers 16, W Cole 27; B Footman, B Fisher, D Haigh, K Lane 14, G Smith 22.

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Portishead Legion B 57, St Andrew's A 68 (Somerset League North Division 1): I Gough, J Ashwin, L Slatter, G Chidzey 11-31; M Hook, R Withey, N Castleton, J Nichols 25-14; T Birth, K Hoyles, A Hoyles, B Daly 21-23.

Portishead Legion 108, Congresbury 96 (Deverill Black League): M Hook, K Lane, A Gray, D Gregory 29, R Kirkham 17; A Spencer, J Nichols, D Crawshaw, P Hussey 20, R Becker 21; T Birth, A Hoyles, K Martin, D Yeates 22, J Stone 20; I Gough, A Wright, B Daly, J Bridle 22, B Herbison 19; M Woollatt, D Groves, P Davies, SSecker 15, R Stewart 19.

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Portishead Legion 93, Nailsea 92: I Gough, K Martin, B Daly, J Bridle 29, J Davis 13; M Woollatt, A Hoyles, C Saunders, R Yeoman 13, R Griffiths 30; D Groves, N Rogers, P Davies, S Secker 11, J Chivers 23; M Hook, K Lane, A Gray, D Gregory 25, K Whitear 11; A Spencer, T Birth, J Nichols, D Crawshaw 15, I Blatchford 15.

Portishead Legion 125, Congresbury 57 (Deverill Black Over 60s Triples League): I Gough, N Castleton, P Hussey 24, K Hector 11; T Smith, J Nichols, D Crawshaw 29, D Gosling 12; N Rogers, K Lane, R Yeoman 21, G Stenner 8; D Vowles, D Groves, D Gregory 21, L Beck 14; G Howell, P Davies, J Bridle 20, T Yearsley 12.

Portishead Legion 107, Ashcombe Crusaders 81 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): P Bradshaw, J Goater, K Lane 13-14; R Wells, L Slatter, A Gwynn 29-9; N Rogers, D Iles, G Chidzey 22-14; R Palphramand, D Groves, R Yeoman 22-12; B Footman, D Stuckes, N Castleton 7-18; T Smith, A Spencer, J Bridle 14-14.

Portishead Legion 94, Bristol St George 96 (friendly): T Birth, A Hoyles, B Norman, N Castleton 21-18; B Footman, B Evans, J Goater, D Groves 14-20; I Gough, R Yeomans, J Ashwin, D Stuckes 19-23; K Hoyles, D Iles, A Wright, G Chidzey 17-23; M Hook, K Lane, J Nichols, A Strong 23-12.

Portishead Legion Ladies 60, Yatton 67 (DRT League): P Groves, S Castleton, J Gardner, I Hussey 20. M Spalding 22; J Birth, A Gray, P Spencer, R Hellens 13, P Allen 25: S Fox, V Brett, S Davies, P Crawshaw 27, I Sykes 20.

Portishead Legion Ladies 71, Fosseway 32 (Fear Cup): D Gwynn, P Gregory, S Davies, M Gozna 23-10; J Birth, A Gray, P Spencer, D Yeoman, R Hellens 23-10; P Groves,S Castleton, P Crawshaw, I Hussey 25-12.

Portishead Legion Ladies 83 (2), Ashcombe Ladies 72 (2): S Davies 21-17; P Groves, A Gray 24-11; L Bridle, D Gwynn, M Gozna 12-15; S Castleton, P Gregory, P Crawshaw, I Hussey 16-19.

Portishead Legion B 35, Henbury 31 (Bristol Ladies' League Division 3): J Saunders, B Vowles, P Gregory, J Gardner 18-15; S Dando, V Brett, D Yeoman, N Wellls 17-16.

Portishead Legion B 21, Greenbank 51: S Dando, S Rogers, D Yeoman, N Wells 13-20; J Saunders, T Gentle, J Gardner, P Gregory 8-31.

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