Mitchell wins his first handicap final

SNOOKER - MITCHELL Stockham (Dundry) won his first handicap final of the Clevedon District Snooker League in a good win over Mark Adams (Clevedon) at the Mizzymead Snooker Club.

MITCHELL Stockham (Dundry) won his first handicap final of the Clevedon District Snooker League in a good win over Mark Adams (Clevedon) at the Mizzymead Snooker Club.

In an attack-minded first frame, Adams had a slender lead when it came down to the colours, but Stockham took his chance well, potting green and brown and got perfect position on the pink after taking the blue to steal the frame 65-57.

Much the same in the second frame, but Stockham potted an excellent long shot on the brown, then taking blue and pink to go two ahead 72-48.

Adams got off to a good start with a break of 22 in the third, but Stockham replied with a 24, then took the last four colours to steal the frame on the Black 77-70.

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Adams tried his best in the fourth frame to keep Stockham quiet with some good safety play, but Stockham bided his time well and took his chances with a couple of visits of 25 and 28 to win frame and match 78-49.

Kurtis Weaver and Mitchell Stockham retained the Pairs Cup with convincing win of first-time finalist Mark Adams and Mark Litson held at the Triangle Club.

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After a good safety exchange, Litson who left a chance for Stockham, a cut on the red in the corner pocket. Stockham made 24 from this visit. Weaver took his chances well with a 20 and 26 to win the frame 95-35.

Much tighter affair in the second, Adams-Litson had a slender lead of eight points on the blue, but Weaver again took his chance, well potting blue, pink and eventually the black after a good safety exchange to go two up, 66-56.

In the third frame, Weaver took full advantage of an easy opening on a red with a fine break of 41. Litson potted red and black, but the two lads from Dundry continued to build their lead, Stockham clinching frame and match with a visit of 19, 90-47.

Congratulations to Ted Stockham's Dundry B, British Royal Legion Club, winning the title for the first time. Players are Steve Weaver, Carl Weaver, Kurtis Weaver and Mitchell Stockham.

Stockham also holds the highest league break of 69 and is also involved in another final this coming Wednesday, April 28, at the Portishead Workman's Club, the Monty Cooper Individual Trophy, when he will be trying to defend his title against Mizzymead's Mark Walsh who has won this trophy on a couple of occasions.

The league runners-up spot goes to Glyn Ager's Triangle C.

League results: Mizzymead 2, Conservatives B 3; Portishead Workmans 2, Dundry B 3; Triangle C 3, Portishead Workmans 2; Dundry A 3, Portishead Workmans A 2.

Highest Breaks: Andy Sweet 28; Des Gilbert 28; Kurtis Weaver 25, 24.

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