Mixed succes for St Andrews

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Bowls - Indoor generic picture - Credit: Archant

St Andrews njoyed mixed success with two victories and a loss in the past week.

ST ANDREWS enjoyed mixed success with two victories and a loss in the past week.

The county game against Taunton Vivary was a loss on all four rinks going down by 17 shots overall. A better result against the Isle of Wedmore, saw wins on three of the four rinks as Saints won by 18 shots.

In the Weston Mixed League against Woodspring, the rinks were shared. Bob Roberts’ rink lost by three shots and Ernie Hooper by nine. However, wins by Ron Gill (one shot) and a game winning performance by Phil Villis’s rink by 14 shots gave Saints a slender three shot victory.

There was an exciting start to the play-offs of the top six in the Pro Wash Open Triples. The Jackpots won through the first round, while on the second rink, ladies’ team the Fillies took on the Goodwoods and forced them to play an extra end which the Goodwoods won.

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The second round saw the entrance of the top two teams. The Jackpots faced the highly-rated Yankees and took them out with ease. In the other game, the Goodwoods faced the number one team and managed to win by nine shots to reach the final, which is tomorrow evening (Fri) at 6.30pm.

St Andrews 66, Taunton Vivary 83 (County League): D Stanton, J Steer, J Laurent, G Wride 18-22; M Berry, G Cooper, W Ainsworth, B Roberts 17-18; R Smith, G Toft, B Reeves, D Favis 13-22; T Hyde, G Coffin, G Millard, P Villis 18-21.

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St Andrews 53, Woodspring 50 (Weston Mixed League): M Wride, M Bright, M Millard, R Gill 15-14; J Forse, S Sinclair, G Millard, P Villis 22-8; R Smith, F Allen,A Greenwood, B Roberts 8.11; D Cooper, A Cooper, I Hicks, E Hooper 8-17.

St Andrews 96, Isle of Wedmore 78 (County League): W Harrison 26-10; P Villis 20-25; G Guest 27-25; A Steer 23-18.

CLUB coaches David Stott and Roger Burrough will contest the singles championship during Clarence’s indoor finals weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Stott, the defending champion, and Burrough are both in two other finals, respectively the new unified pairs and the mixed pairs. Stott partners Mick Edlin in the unified, while Burrough teams up with his wife Pauline in the mixed.

Stott missed out on a third final when he and Mick and Carol Edlin were beaten 13-10 in the semi-final of the triples by Barbara Jones, Mary Hawkins and Joan Davis. Stott’s team led 8-2 after five ends, but a series of brilliant final woods by skip Davis helped her team to a surprise victory.

Their final opponents will be indoor committee member Veronica Jones, Marlene Woods and Tony Hooper.

Another indoor committee member, Jim Keay, has two finals on Saturday. He partners Alan Bishop in the unified pairs in the morning and Joan Davis after lunch in the mixed pairs.

On Sunday afternoon, Jo Mannion and Pam Hawkins will meet in the final of the club’s short-mat singles championship.

Full schedule: Saturday - 10am: unified pairs; 2pm: mixed pairs. Sunday - 10am: triples; 1pm (approx): lunch; 2.30pm: singles; 4.30pm (approx): presentation of trophies and prizes.

ISLE of Wedmore men played a closely fought match home and away against Somerset County Indoor League Division 2 leaders Donyatt.

At home, it was one rink each with Donyatt having the edge. C Moss’ side went into an early lead and were able to withstand a Donyatt score of six on the 13th end. By the final 21st end, the Wedmore lead was down to two shots but five shots were added to clinch the game.

R Thurkettle’s team took the lead briefly at the beginning, but Donyatt took over and ran up a big score.

Wedmore 36, Donyatt 39: C Moss, J Arthurs, A Birch, R Barron 25-18; R Thurkettle, B Back, J Runciman, M Green 11-21.

Meanwhile in Donyatt, Wedmore were winning both rinks. S Heeley’s team took the lead on the fourth end and stayed there, winning by seven shots. E Payne’s side had a tighter game where the lead changed four times. Wedmore were behind from end 11 to end 18, but then took a timely lead and kept it.

Wedmore 44, Donyatt 34: S Heeley, R Bull, C Panchaud, K Pettit 21-14; E Payne, D Collins, T Brown, K Philimore 23-20.

This gave Wedmore the match by 80-73 including three rink victories and 14 valuable league points. They moved into second place only one point behind Donyatt, who remain top, with only one more match to go in the season.

IN the last of the Somerset League games, Woodspring lost on two rinks, won one and drew one.

The winning rink skipped by G Russell, ably supported by J Watson, M Reeves and G Finnegan won comfortably by 14 shots.

Woodspring 70 (3), North Petherton 96 (13) - home: R Nock, P Gaulton, D Cooper, M Brummell 21-21; J Watson, M Reeves, G Finnegan, G Russell 28-14. Away: S Ash, B Jones, N Sell, A Williams 9-36; G Tucker, R Tasker, S Hedges, D Fairhurst 12-25.

Woodspring 51 (0), Clevedon 114 (16) – home: G Sansam, R Nock, R Tasker, M Brummell 14-28; J Watson, C Edwards, G Finnegan, G Russell 13-34.

Away: G Tucker, S Hedges, B Hadley 9-35; S Ash, B Jones, N Sell, A Williams 15-17.

ASHCOMBE Bowling Club is looking for new members.

The friendly club is offering free coaching on Wednesdays and Saturday between 10am-noon.

For more information, contact Averill on 01934 514855.

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