Narrow cup victory for Rebels

THE top two teams in Group A of the Archdale Cup, Vets A and Winsc Rebels enjoyed a competitive match, no player emerging unscathed and decided only in the final set.

Rebels had it their way for three matches, Rob Hansen (4), Dave Hunt (2) and Mike Baker (3) getting the better of Colin Lewis (2) Roger Crump (2) and Ann Sandford (6).

The three Vets duly took the next three. With one victory each in the next two games, the final match was fought out between Hansen and Crump. Hansen won in three to give Rebels a close 5-4 win.

Rebels had a 6-3 win over Winsc Wayfarers, despite the more favourable Wayfarers’ handicaps. Simon Kneeshaw (9) won against Hansen (2) in two straight and Mike Baker (3) in three. Rich and Parker (8) enjoyed success over Dave Hunt (2) to give Wayfarers their third point.

Totterdown C had a close match against Rebels, also not decided until the last set. Garry Chell (7) did well to win all three against the Division 1 players, including the final set against Rob Hansen. Rick Cross (8) beat Hansen, Mark Price (7) giving Totterdown a 5-4 win over Rebels.

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Totterdown Flamingos scored 6-3 against Winsc Warriors, Nigel Andrews (7), and Lyudmilla Cronin (17) both won all three. Warriors’ Cath Smith (14) and Dave Parker (11) defeated Trevor Williams (13) in two, Margaret Parker (15) won 21-20 against him in the third game.

In Group B, C & C Cobras had a good 6-3 win against Walton Wanderers who, with their much lower handicaps, had a tough job needing every point played.

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Wanderers’ three points came from Bill Bruton (-2) beating Rick Hutchinson (10), Keith Ambrose (2) against both Simon Thomas (11) and John Barker (11). Dave Grounsell (1) was out of luck, losing to all three Cobras.

Vets C are not having much success in Group B and lost their third match 7-2 to Totterdown Daemons. Gary Evry (10) won Vets’ two points by defeating Mike Summers (9) in two and Bert Hiscock (8) in three. Mark Treasure (10) and John Barcham (9), were both unlucky to come away without a point after some close games.

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