North Somerset Cup triumph for Victoria

Victorious Victoria.

Victorious Victoria. - Credit: Archant

Victoria defeated local rivals St Andrews to capture the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

VICTORY for Victoria in the North Somerset Knockout Cup was achieved at the neutral venue of Clarence Park against local rivals St Andrews.

Victoria were always in control of the game winning three of the five rinks. There was some excellent bowling for the supporters of both camps to enjoy, none more than Colin Gazzard’s rink of Phil Fisher, Ray Fenwick and Dave Fairhurst, who won by 16 shots.

Both clubs appreciated the facilities and hospitality of the members of Clarence Park.

Victoria 99, St Andrews 81: P Wyatt, H Gibbs, K Harvey, W Harrison 19-16; S Stocker, M Milliner, J Newman, M Stocker 16-20; P Fisher, R Fenwick, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 26-10; H Whyte, M Manning, L Stocker, P Leadbeater 16-22; D Beard, M Campbell, A Bray, D Hurst 22-13.

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Victoria finished their Somerset County League programme with the final matches of the B and D teams at home.

Winscombe A were the visitors and although they only won the match by three shots, they left the B team with just two points for the rink win of Pete Lunn, Geoff Stocker, Hugh Gibbs and John Howell.

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The D team finished the season in style with an emphatic victory over the C team of Bristol, winning all three rinks and collecting the maximum 12 points.

Victoria B 55 (2), Winscombe A (10) 58: P Lunn, G Stocker H Gibbs, J Howell 23-15; J Mingo-West, B Pocock, M Milliner, M Campbell 16-21; H Whyte, R Fenwick, M Manning, D Sealey 16-22.

Victoria D 64 (12), Bristol C (0) 40: L Kelly, A Waygood, J Langridge T Gatehouse 19-16; J Turton, S Stocker, T Gilbert J Griffiths 22-10; A Webb, B Saward, R Bromet W Nicholls 23-14.

This Over-60s Cup semi-final was suspended from the middle of the month due to heavy rain and started in similar conditions which did not suit the visiting Victoria side, who only managed to win the two rinks skipped by Malcolm Campbell and Keith Holland.

Victoria Saxons 89, Burnham 112: R Fenwick D Sealey D Williams 14-21; B Pocock, R Rockett K Harvey 12-19; P Lunn, J |Newman M Campbell 23-11; J Mingo-West, G Rain K Holland 18-14; H Whyte, G Richards A Bray 9-23; T Gatehouse, D Hurst. M Stocker 11-24.

Victoria played a new mixed friendly fixture against Banwell and despite losing on all 4 rinks the game was played in good spirit and both captains welcomed the initative and hoped the game will become a regular feature in forthcoming years. Victoria hosted Minehead in a 5 rink friendly and even with winning on just 1 rink took the game by 13 shots. The margin of victory on the rink of Les Kelly, Paul Counis, Mike Milliner and skip Brian Pocock swung the game in favour of Victoria.

Victoria 46, Banwell 93 (mixed friendly): P Coumis, W Nicholls, R Bailey D Hurst 11-23; L Kelly, T Broughton, E Newport E Sage 14-19; C Stevens, S Sokol, B Pocock R Rockett 9-22; S Pocock, G Richards, C Sage G Richards 12-29.

Victoria 98, Minehead 85 (friendly): A Waygood, D Roberts, G Frost, M Stocker 16-18; G Robbins, E Sage, J Griffiths, D Jones 18-22; Carmine, W Nicholls, R Rocket, K Holland 14-18; L Kelly, P Coumis, M Milliner, B Pocock 30-6; R Bromett, D Williams, G Richards, A Bray 20-21.

ASHCOMBE entertained a mixed touring team from Abington and each team won on three rinks, but Ashcombe were the winners by just six shots.

Ashcombe 116, Abington 110: W Spring, S Hopkins, F Bertram, A Little 25-17; S Noyes, D Underhay, N Shufflebothan, M West 29-14; M Butt, B Miles, B Macgregor, J Hornett 14-19; L Owens, C Vardon, L Paterson, J Whitlow 17-27; J Sansam, M Shufflebothan, S Hedges, L Cox 17-16; C Gerlach, C Hedges, D Cooper, K Wheeler 14-17.

Knights played away in their Over-60s game to Nailsea and the rink score of D Freestone, G Sansam and D Carr was 32-9, unfortunately this was not enough to save them from a defeat.

Ashcombe Knights 98, Nailsea 122: D Freestone, G Sansam, D Carr 32-9; J Bryant, G Mills, I Shannon 13-21; W Spring, M Paterson, E Hopkins 13-19; F Bertram, G Finnegan, DA Williams 12-16; N Coombes, A Cracknell E Roberts 15-26; A Freke, R Counsell, J Main 13-31.

In their NSL semi-final, the Crusaders were beaten by Wedmore by 17 shots.

Ashcombe Crusaders 95, Wedmore 112: A Wilmot, J Marlow, R Powell 10-25; A Wright, M Southwood, J Creasey 17-13; G Tottle, G Kinsey, B Webber 9-19; D Cooper, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 21-14; B Benstead, J Hornett, G Wilkinson 14-25; M Bass, A Little, J Taylor 24-16.

Playing at Bristol in a friendly match, Ashcombe were victorious taking the game by 18 shots.

Ashcombe 82, Bristol 64: W Spring, J McKenzie, B Benstead, T Cottrell 12-18; A Tucker, M Paterson, G Sansam, J Taylor 23-15; B Duncan, D Wynne, S Hedges, A Freke 26-18; M Tripp, K Davies, M Southwood, J Main 21-13.

The Templars took on Mark Moor in the Over-60s league and despite winning on only two rinks, won the match by a mere five shots.

Ashcombe Templars 101, Mark Moor 96: K Davies, G Pople, T Pople 18-11; M Butt, B Alden, B Miles 16-18; J McKenzie, G Fews, L Cox 27-10; D Underhay, B Underhay, M Badman 13-25; G Tucker, B Bishop, D Wynne 13-17; A Tucker, B Duncan, C Varnon 14-15.

Crusaders played home in their Over-60s match to Clevedon and won by an impressive 44 shots, with the rink of A Wright, M Southwood and J Creasey beating their opponents 35-7.

Ashcombe Crusaders 131, Clevedon 87: G Sansam, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 27-12; J Main, K Kinsey, B Webber 17-23; A Wright, M Southwood, J Creasey 35-7; D Cooper, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 15-10; M Bass, A Little, J Taylor 18-13; A Wilmot, S Hedges, R Powell 19-14.

Once again Ashcombe were hosts to a mixed touring team, this time from Kensey Vale.

Ashcombe 108, Kensey Vale 98: J Piper, B Miles, G Pople, L Cox 22-15; B Duncan, B Alden, D Wynne, S Weaden 18-19; M Shufflebothan, R Counsell, N Shufflebothan, A Goacher 18-15; P Wynne, D Underhay, M Tasker, A Freke 10-18; M Palmer, W Spring, M Williams, DA Williams 20-19; J Mathews, J McKenzie, M Paterson, N Counsell 20-12.

ST ANDREWS lost the final of the North Somerset KO Cup by 18 shots to Victoria and had to settle for runners-up.

The Saints were trailing Victoria after the first five ends and did not manage to get back on even terms throughout the match. Saints had two winning rinks skipped by Don Bailey and Barrie Forse, but could not counter the difference on the three Victoria winning rinks.

St Andrews 81, Victoria 99: M Goddard, R McLeod, A McMillan, B Forse 22-16; R Potter, J Warren, N Sell, D Bailey 20-16; L Yeates, R Venn, G Webber, S Davies 13-22; K Uglow, A Ware, B Reeves, D Favis 10-26; A Yeeles, R Gill, K Curtis, G Wride 16-19.

St Andrews lost their Over-60s Triple League match at home to Burnham by six shots, taking only four points to the visitors 16.

St Andrews 95, Burnham 101: R Brereton, M Goddard, K Curtis 25-11; B Slade, C Coffin, D Bailey 17-13; A Lay, J Ling, G Webber 11-21; J Bolton, D Price, R Venn 14-16; A Cooper, A Yeeles, D Favis 11-17; R Potter, R McLeod, G Wride 17-23.

In a triples friendly against Bridgwater, the Saints won on five rinks and overall by 32 shots.

St Andrews 108, Bridgwater 76: R Brereton, D Price, J Warren 19-9; K Rodgers, B Green, N Sell 16-9; L Yeates, G Webber, B Forse 22-10; A Cooper, A Ware, D Favis 23-12; M Goddard, J Ling, G Wride 21-18; P Smart, R Gill, D Bailey 17-18.

BANWELL regained the Parrot Shield after dominating the second leg to win by 48 shots and recording possibly the highest-ever margin of victory over both legs after winning the first leg at Winscombe by 41 shots.

Since the shield was first contested back in 1967, Winscombe have won 22 times but Banwell have now won it for the 27th time.

Winning on all five rinks, Banwell were in control from the early stages of the match and never looked back, president Barry Taylor was delighted to have the shield back at Banwell after Winscombe had won it for the last five years.

Banwell 125, Winscombe 77: T Hyde, A Vickery, A Steer, M Davies 21-19; T Garfield, L Smith, H Woodards, J Davies 30-9; G Millard, J Rickerty, H Guckian, P Villis 28-20; M Amos, P Aldus, C Wilson, B Taylor 26-13; V McArdell, D Robinson, K Burgess, D Johnston 20-16.

There were mixed results in the final games for the league sides. Although the rink skipped by Darrell Johnston saw themselves quickly in front 8-0 after four ends, Bristol edged in front across all three rinks.

As the match developed in tricky conditions, the visiting side took all 12 points. This was the A team’s first defeat at home’ but despite the loss they will still finish in their best-ever league position.

Banwell A 38 (0), Bristol 52 (12): G Millard, P Aldus, A Steer, M Davies 10-13; T Hyde, H Guckian, D Towie, J Davies 15-18; B Taylor, L Smith, P Villis, D Johnston 13-21.

The B side however, fared much better, putting the setback of last week’s narrow defeat to Mark Moor behind them, they gained the maximum 12 points against Victoria C.

The rink skipped by Alan Vickery did extremely well and won by a 17-shot margin, solid performances from the other two rinks ensured victory by 30 shots.

Banwell B 64 (12), Victoria C (0): T Garfield, J Evans, J. Rickerty, H Woodards 19-11; T. Burnett, J Laurent, C Coffin, A Vickery 29-9; V McArdell, D Robinson, M Laycock, K Burgess 19-14.

The week had started off with a narrow defeat in a friendly match at Congresbury. Hilary Guckian and his rink were the only winning rink on the evening finishing eight shots up.

Banwell 60, Congresbury 60: T Hyde, T Couch, M Laycock, A Steer 16-22; M Garfield, G Hollier, T Garfield, P Villis 16-18; T Thompson, B Dredge, J Amos, K Burgess 10-16; A Dale, C Coffin, C Coffin, H Guckian 18-10.

Banwell president Barry Taylor accepts the Parrot Shield from Winscombe president Rob Lacy.

WINSCOMBE A went to Victoria for the last match in the Somerset County League Division 1 North League, needing 10 points to finish second in this league.

It was a close game with Tommy Ellis’s rink down 14-0 after nine ends, but they battled back to get a valuable 15 shots, which added to the winning rink scores made Winscombe winners by just three shots.

Winscombe A 58 (10), Victoria B 55 (2): S Easterby, M Hunter, R Lacy, T Ellis 15-23; M Dorrington, K Whatling, W Ainsworth, M Adams 22-16; G Lloyd, P Cast, A Dudley, R Birmingham 21-16.

Winscombe played the second leg of the annual Parrot Shield away at Banwell and came up against stiff opposition, losing on all five rinks.

With the home leg also having been lost, the shield, which had been held by Winscombe for the past five years, was presented by Winscombe president Rob Lacy to Banwell president Barry Taylor for Banwell to hold for the next 12 months.

Winscombe 77, Banwell 125: B Paul, M Nash, G Neville, A Watts 16-20; N Hansford, M Hunter, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 9-30; P Cast, D Johnson, A Dudley, R Birmingham 13-26; K Whatling, R Feltham, W Ainsworth, M Adams 19-21; R Sapsford, J Smith, M Dorrington, R Lacy 20-28.

WEDMORE A enjoyed a successful season, gaining promotion to the Premier Division 2 in the Somerset County League.

Team captain, Dave Nicholls, said: “What an exciting ending for my first year as captain. It was a great team performance throughout the season and I am proud of them all. We are now looking forward to the challenges that this promotion will bring next year.”

Wedmore men had another success this week beating Ashcombe in the semi-final of the Weston and District Cup. Roger Hughes and his team having the best win of the day 25-10.

Wedmore 112, Ashcombe 95: V Matthews, K Pettit, E Payne 13-17; B Aston, D Stansfield, D Nicholls 19-9; D Trow, I Gallop, R Barron 14-21; T Hamblin, R Newell, C Moss 25-14; A Birch, J Runciman, K Burt 16-24; D Collins, I Faulkner, R Hughes 25-10.

Clevedon Prom hosted Wedmore for a Clevedon & District Over-60s match and high scores on both sides gave a close final result with Wedmore winning by seven shots. Roger Hughes and Tony Brown both had strong wins with differentials of 18 and 17.

Wedmore 106, Clevedon Prom 99: T Collingwood, J Harris, T Brown 24-7; T Hamblin, I Gallop, R Hughes 30-12; M Green, D Trow, R Newell 16-20; B Aston, C Panchaud, K Pettit 16-16; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 11-19; A Birch, J Runciman, K Burt 9-25.

In friendly matches, Wedmore hosted St Andrews ladies with the visitors winning by 52-38, and Somerton came to Wedmore for a mixed team match which Wedmore won by 80-75.

WINSCOMBE Ladies played Portishead RBL in a NSTL match in the rain.

Winscombe Ladies 39, Portishead RBL 61: M Sprouting, R Keane, A Ainsworth 13-21; C Hopes, W Weller (c), E Watts 21-10; J Kimmins, J Rush, M Adams 5-30.

The ladies played a friendly match against Yatton, both teams played well, with Yatton emerging winners by 15 shots.

Winscombe Ladies 44, Yatton 59: J Wiles, A Bougourd, C Bryant, L Fredersdorff 13-16; S Vincent, S Ovendon, S Nash, L Parfitt 17-20; A Griffin, T Darkin, D Sapsford, M Adams (c) 14-23.

ASHCOMBE Ladies played a friendly and enjoyable 10-rink game on Bank Holiday Sunday against Pembrokeshire Ladies, the visitors winning 148-138.

Before returning home from their mini tour, a meal, prepared by Martin and Lesley Paterson and served by club members was enjoyed and the visitors entertained Ashcombe with fine rendering of Welsh songs. Thanks to all concerned was given by both captains.

Ashcombe Ladies 49 (8), Long Ashton 48 (2) (North Somerset League): L Owens, J Field, J Hughes 8-22; P Wynne, S Bayntun, S Hopkins 18-14; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 23-12.

Ashcombe Ladies 53 (3), Clevedon Prom 63 (7) (Wessex League): L Paterson, S Bayntun, M Tasker, S Weaden 22-17; J Matthews, J Field, M Tucker, S Ford 20-20; L Owens, C Hedges, N Counsell, A Goacher 11-26.

ST ANDREWS Ladies had success in two friendlies, away to Wedmore they won by 14 shots and at home in a game against tourists West Wales Ladies, they had a 19-shot win.

St Andrews Ladies 52, Wedmore 38 (friendly): B Goddard, I Tofte, M Bailey 8-19; S Sinclair, S Priory, M Pattenden 20-9; H Chesters, J Ware, M Favis 24-10.

St Andrews Ladies 101, West Wales Ladies 82: C Venn, H Chesters, I Tofte, M Pattenden 17-14; M Barnes, A Greenwood, B Goddard, J Ware 28-23; W Allen, M Wride, S Priory, M Bailey 17-24; P Uglow, E Reeves, S Sinclair, J Smith 21-9; S Glenville, J Pitman, M Favis 18-12.

VICTORIA Ladies did not have any fixtures in the week, but were busy competing in the Weston Ladies Open Tournament at Clarence Park.

Sue Newman, Victoria’s lady captain, was proud that 20 members of the club had competed in the tournament over the week and for many it was their first experience of tournament play.

Fiona Waters and Paul Leadbeater, along with Barbara Mumford of Bidford, Warwickshire, reached the third/fourth place play-off in the mixed triples, but pride of place goes to Rose Cleeves, who was a member of the winning triples team and reached the semi-final of the singles.

In recognition of her achievment over the week, she was awarded the Ron Swain Trophy for best performance by a North Somerset lady non-winner. Congratulations are also due to Mildred Chudley on her election to the position of president of the Somerset Women’s County Indoor Bowling Association.

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