Open week at Clevedon

THIS week sees the Clevedon Open Bowls Tournament played at Clevedon Promenade, Clevedon Chapel Hill and Portishead Bowls Clubs.

THIS week sees the Clevedon Open Bowls Tournament played at Clevedon Promenade, Clevedon Chapel Hill and Portishead Bowls Clubs.

It was feared that this would be the final year of the tournament that has attracted players from as far as Worcestershire and Oxfordshire. However, the Clevedon Open will survive past its 65th year due to the generosity of an anonymous donor who has funded its existence for a further three years. The format will change slightly and the tournament will be hosted by the two Clevedon Clubs from next year.

This year's games commence on Monday and play continues throughout the week. Spectators are welcome at any of the clubs. The semi-finals, on Friday, will be played at Clevedon Promenade and the finals, on Saturday, at Clevedon, Chapel Hill.

CLEVEDON and District Visually Handicapped Bowling Club, (CVHBC), held their annual Berrett Triples competition at the Promenade Bowling Club in Clevedon.

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Clubs attended from Bath, Bristol, Cinderford, Cardiff, Taunton, Bridgwater, and Weston. Each team played three matches, with the top four teams taking part in closely contested semi-finals. Although the random draw placed two teams from the Cinderford club against one another, a tie after the usual number of ends, meant an extra end had to be played to decide the winner of that semi-final.

The final was between Bath and Cinderford, with Cinderford the eventual winners by nine ends to three.

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After the final, all the teams socialised over tea, where the winners and runners-up were presented with trophies and mementoes by the club patron, Cllr Carole Wring.

CLEVEDON Prom Vikings 83 (2 points), Ashcombe Park Knights 116 (18) (Weston Over-60s Knockout Cup): T Foster, D Hampton, D Demery 18-22; M Whitehead, R Jackson, D Tovey 14-25; G Ward, B Baldwin, B Jones 14-18; A Elsy, T Derrick, T Deakin 4-23; T Trace, R Jenkins, P Bissett 15-16; B Quantrill, G Robinson, R Wood 18-12.

Clevedon Prom 82, Congresbury 70 (Deverill Black Over-60s Triples): R Cranshaw, G Robinson, D Knowles 12, K Hector 12; T Deakin, J Parish, R Soper 15, J Stone 15; P Packer, P Bissett, F Perry 13, B Herbison 11; A Symes, J Grubb, J Bartlett 20, M Vear 8; E Nash-Clark, R Cant, R Wood 12, D Gosling 12; N Arney, B Rogers, S Harvey 10, R Kirkham 12.

Clevedon Prom Vikings 100 (16), Ashcombe Park Templars 99 (4) (Weston Over-60s Triples League): E Nash-Clark, D Hampton, R Cant 14-22; M Whitehead, J Grubb, K Low 18-9; K Faithfull, R Jackson, T Deakin 15-14; D Higley, P Brown, P Bissett 23-14; A Elsy, R Jenkins, D Demery 22-16; G Ward, B Baldwin, B Jones 8-24.

Clevedon Prom 117 (7), Yatton 83 (2) (Deverill Black League): E Nash-Clark, P Bissett, D Knowles, C Crees 21, N Casey 19; J Grubb, G Robinson, R Soper, C Pearce 39, M Withyman 7; J Powell, R Wood, M Chivers, E Furze 21, P Tretreaut 13; R Cranshaw, T Deakin, A Pine, F Perry 15, C Parsons 19; A Symes, A Young, M Rowsell, D Demery 21, A Churchill 25.

Clevedon Prom 88, Glasgow Vice-Presidents 98 (mixed friendly): S Jones, D Warry, B Baldwin, B Jones 19-9; M Whitehead, J Jeffrey, G Sheppard, R Soper 15-12; M Loveridge, J Alvis, E Rowleey, C Pratten 15-24; D Hazell, J Barber, D Symes, V Say 15-12; B Carpenter, P Davis, N Arney, J Grubb 7-22; Be Quantrill, M Thorne, D Loveridge, P Brown 17-19.

Clevedon Prom 78, Wrington 50 (Somerset County League Division 2 North): N Arney, C Bethune, R Cant, R Wood 21-22; P Brown, P Bissett, J Grubb, F Perry 25-13; A Symes, K Chandler, T Deakin, M Rowsell 32-15.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 48, Taunton Deane 60 (Southey Cup): Ch Pearce 15-20; M Wood, A Crees 22-22; R Ward, J Jeffrey, M Dyer 11-18.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 57, Long Ashton 66 (Doreen Ralph League): S Jones, B Young, M Sheppard, A Crees 23, E Taylor 14; M Wood, F Rawlings, V Say, C Pratten 19, D Marthini 24; J Fry, J Alvis, E Rowley, J Jeffrey 15-28.

PORTISHEAD RBL 115, Portishead 84 (Deverill Black Over-60s Knockout Cup): T Birth, P Davies, J Bridle 31, F Allen 7; J Nichols, N Castleton D Crawshaw 14, D Robertson 14; I Gough, A Gray, D Gregory 12, G Morgan 21; J Payne, K Excell, P Hussey 16, R Fox 17; M Woollatt, K Lane, R Yeoman 17, P Howard 14; R Lee, A Spencer, K Martin 25, C Watkins 11.

Portishead RBL 99, Portishead 86 (Deverill Black League): M Hook, J Nichols, A Gray, D Gregory 23, R Fox 12; M Wright, T Birth, K Martin, D Yeates 17, P Bridgen 22; I Gough, A Wright, B Daly, J Bridle 24, M Gardner 16; D Groves, J Ashwin, S Secker, D Crawshaw 16, P Howard 22; A Spencer, A Hoyles, PDavies, P Hussey 19, F Allen 14.

Portishead RBL 51 Taunton 65 (Somerset Premier Division): D Groves, P Hussey, A Gray, D Gregory 21-17; C Saunders, K Martin, R Yeoman, D Yeates 17-21; P Davies, D Crawshaw, S Secker, J Bridle 13-27.

Portishead RBL B 64, Yatton 70 (Somerset Division 1): T Birth, K Hoyles, A Hoyles, N Castleton 22, M Withyman 23; M Hook, J Dumble, R Withey, J Nichols 17, G Smith 22; I Gough, J Ashwin, L Slatter, G Chidzey 25, W Cole 25.

Portishead RBl C 51, Ashcombe B 55: M Woollatt, B Fisher, K Excell, K Lane 20-9; R Lee, J Yorke, R Wilkinson, N Rogers 18-16; J Payne, B Evans, B Norman, A Strong 13-30.

Portishead RBL 126, Clarence Golds 84 (Weston Over 60s Knockout Cup): T Birth, P Davies, J Bridle 17-14; R Lee, A Spencer, K Martin 6-23; I Gough, N Castleton, G Chidzey 33-7; D Groves, J Nichols, D Crawshaw 30-8; J Payne, K Excell, P Hussey 18-16; D Vowles, K Lane, R Yeoman 22-16.

Portishead RBL Ladies B 41, Redland 25 (Bristol Ladies' League Division 3):

S Dando, M Nairne,G Thomas, J Gardner 21-8; J Saunders, P Wilkinson, V Brett, P Gregory 20-17.

CLEVEDON suffered disappointment in the Turnbull Cup, for after a handsome victory on Tuesday in the quarter-finals against Yeovil, they lost a tight semi-final against Bath.

Unfortunately four of their top players were unable to play in the semi-final owing to another commitment, but the team performed valiantly and at no stage was either team more than a few shots ahead and the result was uncertain until the last end.

Clevedon 98,Yeovil69 (Turnbull Cupquarter-final): S Withers, N Neath, N Westlake, D Mason 18-18; D Bessant, A Morgan, N Pearce, PJ Branfield 32-13; K Bristow, M Bryant, JP Branfield, J Hick 34-7; D Harding, M Short, G Jay, M Payne 14-31.

Clevedon 55,Bath 58 (Turnbull Cup semi-final): R Withers, N Neath, R Pitts, N Westlake 20-18; K Bristow, M Bryant, D Bessant, M Payne 16-22; E Kitchen, D Brightman, S Withers, G Jay 19-18; D Harding, A Morgan, M Short, N Pearce 11-15.

Clevedon A 65, Weston Bath A 45 (Somerset League: Premier Division): G Drewitt, N Neath, M Bryant, R Pitts 27-10; K Bristow, D Harding, A Morgan, M Short 15-22; E Kitchen, D Brightman, S Withers, N Pearce 23-13.

Clevedon B 57, Burnham A 52 (Somerset League: Division 1 North): J Gover, M Hussey, D Priddle, D Pratten 11-23; R Williams, J Manning, J Freeman, B Wrightson 27-7; A Bisp, J Weeks, J Johnstone, J Brommage 19-22.

Clevedon 99,West Backwell 89 (Deverill Black League): J Gover, J Freeman, S Withers, C Walker 19, B Gammon 24; B Squire, M Bryant, R Sweet, M Payne 13, R Hicks 28; E Kitchen, J Brommage, A Morgan, PJ Branfield 27, J Wherlock 14; C Folland, N Neath, D Bessant, JP Branfield 22, I Chapman 9; D Harding, PA Branfield, R Pitts, M Short 18, B Deverill 14.

Clevedon 102, Long Ashton 102 (Clevedon and District Over-60s Knockout Cup semi-final): G Drewitt, D Priddle, D Pratten 28, G Arnold 13; B Wrightson, P Stevens, A Miller 11, P Connock 15; P Cornish, J Manning, M Langley 19, E Russell 11; J Morgan, M Say, C Seward 14, B Brice 22; C Folland, R Boak, R Sweet 17, J Ganor 20; B Squire, J Freeman, J Brommage 13, I Taylor 21.

This game was a tie, but Long Ashton moved to the final by winning the extra end by one shot.

Clevedon 128, Weston St Andrew's Trojans 69 (Weston Over-60s Triples): M Hussey, J Freeman, C Seward 13-12; G Drewitt, M Say, D Pratten 18- 10; K Bird, J Weeks, J Brommage 19-13; B Squire, D Priddle, A Morgan 23, A Main 15; D Harding, R Boak, C Folland 31, R Dunstone 11; P Cornish, J Johnstone, A Miller 24, B Green 8.

Clevedon Ladies 58, Portishead Ladies 50 (North Somerset League): P Hussey, J Priddle, S Branfield 25, A Savory 18; J Monaghan, V Fletcher, L Palmer 24, I Slater 12; J Drewitt, M Kew, S Short 9, S Pearce 20. Friendly rink: M Foster, A Ford, M Rothwell 9, J Brown 21.

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