Owner ‘proud’ of plucky pony

Octavia Porter and Artemis the pony.

Octavia Porter and Artemis the pony. - Credit: Archant

A pony from North Somerset has beaten the odds and fought back from illness to win competitions, delighting her owners.

Catherine Porter’s 15-year-old pony Artemis has jumped over multiple obstacles to win competitions and qualify for national championships

Mrs Porter, aged 33, of Weston bought the Exmoor pony as a two-year-old from a farm in Wales 13 years ago, but multiple illnesses have impacted on the animal’s quality of life.

The pony has fought off bouts of sweet itch, a painful condition caused by an allergic reaction, and laminitis – an often fatal illness which inhibits blood flow to the hoof, causing significant pain and lameness.

But against the odds, Artemis managed to defeat the illnesses and began competing with Mrs Porter’s 8-year-old daughter Octavia holding the reins.

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Mrs Porter said: “The thought of losing her was too much to contemplate, but as she was continuing to fight we didn’t want to give up on her, so we persevered and after four months she turned a corner.

“At this point I didn’t care if she could never be ridden again, I was just so grateful to still have her.”

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Artemis completed a remarkable comeback this year, winning in the lead ring class show in Wales with Octavia on board before being crowned the best pony bred in Wales.

The pony, which is kept in stables in Hutton, also qualified for the open-ridden national championship.

“We are so proud of her and she is so much more than just a pony, she is part of the family,” said Mrs Porter.

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