Portishead RBL results

PORTISHEAD RBL 115, Long Ashton 85 (Deverill Black Over 60s Cup final):

PORTISHEAD RBL 115, Long Ashton 85 (Deverill Black Over 60s Cup final): D Vowles, N Rogers, R Yeoman 15, G Arnold 24; R Lee, A Spencer, K Martin 25, R Thomas 12; J Payne, K Excell, P Hussey 13, A Lewis 20; T Smith, K Lane, D Gregory 28, J Couch 5; G Howell, P Davies, J Bridle 16, P Connock 11; I Gough, A Gray, G Chidzey 18, M Harding 13.

With a win over West Backwell, the Legion secured the Deverill Black Over 60s League title again.

Legion 122, West Backwell 58: T Smith, D Groves, D Gregory 24, A Hewings 7; I Gough, N Castleton, G Chidzey 18, M Topley 9; N Rogers, K Lane, R Yeoman 22, M Thorne 12; R Lee, A Spencer, K Martin 11, P Covell 15; D Iles, K Excell, D Crawshaw 22, G Horler 8; G Howell, P Davies, J Bridle 30, B Deverill 9.

Legion 105, Banwell 94 (North Somerset Cup semi-final): M Hook, K Lane, S Secker, D Gregory 20-21; A Wright, T Birth, A Gray, D Yeates 20-19; A Spencer, A Hoyles, C Saunders, R Yeoman 19-16; I Gough, K Martin, B Daly, J Bridle 26-13; D Groves, R Withey, P Davies, P Hussey 20-25.

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Legion Ladies 41, West Backwell Ladies 74 (DRT League): P Groves, M Nairne, K Strong, P Spencer 15, P Kingston 26; J Birth, B Vowles, V Brett, P Gregory 12, J Light 26; J Saunders, D Yeoman, A Gray, S Castleton 14, E Lamb 22.

Legion Ladies 61, Clevedon Prom 32: J Saunders, N Wells, P Gregory, M Southey 30, C Rowley 2; D Gwynn, B Vowles, S Castleton, M Gozna 10, F Rawlings 20; P Groves, V Brett, S Davies, P Crawshaw 21, C Pratten 10.

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