President’s day starts the outdoor season

Club President Jackie Ware, Ladies Vice Captain Pat Uglow, Ladies Captain Jackie Pitman and Somerset

Club President Jackie Ware, Ladies Vice Captain Pat Uglow, Ladies Captain Jackie Pitman and Somerset President Dawn Barnaby picture with guests on the green. - Credit: Archant

The new bowling season has been started by several local clubs.

VICTORIA started their outdoor season with the traditional president’s day match.

The president’s team took on the captain’s team, which involved 56 members keen to return to the outdoors.

The president’s team won on three rinks with their top scoring rink skipped by Mike Taylor, supported by John Codrington, Dave Roberts and Phil Fisher, but the captain’s team won four rinks and the game by 22 shots with the top scoring rink of Richard Hollier, Les Kelly, John Howell and skip Graham Rain winning by 25 shots to seal victory for captain Cliff Chudley.

Following the game, a superb three-course meal prepared by the ladies was enjoyed by members, partners and guests. Club president Beric Saward gave an after dinner speech and praised the many members who had worked hard preparing the club for the new season.

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President’s scores (128): J Codrington, D Roberts, P Fisher, M Taylor 28-15; J Griffiths, A Waygood, G Stocker, G Hodge 12-27; P Wyatt, B Saward, A Barnes, D Williams 21-10; L Stocker, W Nicholls, T Gatehouse, R Rockett 4-29; K Leahy, M Milliner, A Corbett, M Stocker 19-22; T Gilbert, R Austin, G Richards, P Leadbeater 20-26; S Thynne, A Webb, M Fletcher, D Jones 24-21.

Captain’s scores (150): H Whyte, J Smart, N Sell, G Frost 15-28; B Johnson, J Turton, R Fenwick, D Sealey 27-12; N Stocker, S Buckler, C Chudley, D Fairhurst, M Manning 10-21; R Hollier, L Kelly, J Howell, G Rain 29-4; D Beard, P Newport, J Newman, M Cooper 22-19; I Linham, R Jacobs, J Kerr, A Bray 26-20; G Jones, T Broughton, A Shattock, K Holland 21-24.

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ASHCOMBE president Graham Wilkinson opened the men’s season by hosting a fun game of bowls.

This was followed by an excellent meal in the clubhouse, enjoyed by all guests and members.

Lady president Sylvia Ford also opened the ladies’ season, hosting a yard stick fun game played by guests from local clubs and club members. This was also followed by an excellent meal in the clubhouse for guests, life, non-playing and social members.

Both the meals were prepared by Martin and Lesley Paterson and served by lady and men members.

Ashcombe men’s opening day (front row, left to right): Treasurer: David Bleasdale, chairperson: Roy Powell, president: Graham Wilkinson, captain: Ian Baker, vice-captain: Ben Benstead.

ASHCOMBE will welcome anyone of any age to try or come back to the sport of bowls, free of charge on May 3 (10.30am).

Flat soled shoes the only requirement. Come along or contact secretary Sue Bayntun on 01934 522779.

CLARENCE Golds made an excellent start to the season in the Weston & District Over-60s League, beating local rivals Victoria Vikings by six shots at home.

In this Division 2 fixture between the two clubs’ second teams, Ron Higgins, Maurice Phillips, John Edwards and Dick Jackman skipped the winning Clarence triples. Jackman, Chris Tippett and Alan Newland trailed 12-5 halfway through, but fought back well to edge ahead with a five on the penultimate end, winning eventually by two.

Although Clarence club captain Brendan Duffy’s rink lost, he was delighted that the Golds had avenged a defeat by the same 16-4 margin by Vikings at the same stage of last season.

Clarence Golds 100 (16), Victoria Vikings 94 (4): L Lewis, V Ball, B Hanks 11-19; B Cheffers, R Dodson, R Higgins 18-13; M Davies, M Scoins, B Duffy 13-23; J Norris, J Atkins, M Phillips 20-8; J Kellaway, M Skyrme, J Edwards 19-14; C Tippett, A Newland, D Jackman 19-17.

Clarence will be holding an open day for people to try their hand at bowls on Sunday, May 18 (10am-4pm).

Further details of this and other opportunities to become a member of the club can be obtained from coaches David Stott (625404) and Roger Burrough (627407).

ST ANDREWS retained the Tim Lintel-Smith Cup, in their annual match against Winscombe, played at home on St Andrew’s indoor rink and away outdoors at Winscombe.

The Saints carried forward a 29-shot advantage and although losing on four of the six rinks, a strong performance by the rink skipped by Steve Davies and a narrow win by Alec Horsburgh on his rink, Saints managed to keep the deficit down to 22 shots, winning the fixture overall by seven.

There was mixed fortune for the Saints in their other two fixtures, in the friendly away game to Portishead RBL they were overwhelmed by a strong Portishead side, losing on all four rinks (52-90).

In the mixed friendly match against West Backwell at home, good wins by the rinks skipped by Meg Favis and Gordon Wride gave the Saints a 81-54 victory.

The club held a bowls drive-in aid of Barton Camp Children’s Charity. With the teams and playing positions drawn, the match finished all square between the captain and vice-captain’s teams. After very enjoyable afternoon, an Easter draw was held, and the profit of £100 was donated to the charity.

St Andrews 52, Portishead RBL 90: R Smith, J Warren, R McLeod, D Favis 18-19; A Cooper, D Price, A Ware, A Horsburgh 15-22; G Sims, G Burgess, T Allen, D Bailey 14-24; G Cooper, D Wills, R Venn, R Gill 5-25.

St Andrews 106, Winscombe 128: G Sims, D Price, A McMillian, D Bailey 15-17; M Goddard, G Cooper, B Reeves, G Wride 13-25; G Tofte, J Steer, R Venn, R Gill 17-24; R Smith, R McLeod, J Warren, A Horsburgh 17-14; K Uglow, A Cooper, I Lamb, A Owens 17-32; T Allen, P Smart, K Curtis S Davies 27-16.

St Andrews 81, West Backwell 54: K Uglow, D Johnston, K Curtis, A Cambell 14-17; S Sinclair A Greenwood, J Warren, G Wride, 21-11; J McMillan G Goffin, M Pattenden D Favis 20-17; C Venn, G Cooper, I Tofte, M Favis 26-9.

WINSCOMBE played their first match of the season at home to St Andrews for the Tim Lintel-Smith Cup.

Winscombe hadgood wins on three rinks skipped by Robin Lowman, Wilf Ainsworth and Mike Nash, with Tony Watts rink also securing a narrow win.

Winscombe 128, St Andrews 106: R Lowman, T Uccellini, G Hill, R Sapsford 32-17: G Lloyd, T Moody, J Lukins, A Dudley 14-17: W Ainsworth, P Fredersdorff, R Kibble, S Easterby, 25-13: M Nash, M Dorrington, J Sprouting, D Peakall, 24-17: G Neville, M Hunter, J Smith, D Beaverstock 16-27: A Watts, G Coombe,B Prince, R Knight, 17-15.

YATTON 57, Avonmouth 81 (mixed friendly): F McCormack, J Parker, B Parker, B Hardwick 13-25; B Hull, S Carr, S Pascoe, P Goddard 16-22; A Storm, M Millard, D Goddard, T Storm 13-19; E Reynolds, C Cheesewright, B Topham, B Topham 15-15.

THE sun shone for most of the matches as Wedmore opened their new season.

All the matches played this week were friendlies and provided much-needed practice on the outdoor rinks.

The men played away at Eastover Park with the home team winning all three rinks and a final score of 39-59.

A better result was achieved when Victoria Park men visited Wedmore with Wedmore men winning three out of four rinks and with a final score of 82-69. The best performance was from the team led by Clive Panchaud who managed a 29-20 victory.

Wedmore ladies played at home against City of Wells in a close match where each team won a rink and the third rink was drawn. Ladies’ captain Elaine Deverill led her team to a good 17-13 win having been down on the 13th end and then scoring 10 points in the remainder .

A mixed team travelled to Street and were pleased to win four out of five rinks in a friendly triples match. Don Trow and his team had the best result of the afternoon with a 14-point victory.

CONGRESBURY 95, Yatton 86 (friendly): D Manning, D Gosling, M Huggett, R Kirkham 18-18; M Kimmings, R Jones, F Horton, D Byett 23-14; B Baker, K Cole, A Fisher, R Becker 18-16; J Freemantle, A Edwards, R Stewart, T Yearsley 19-23; S Ash, C Blagden, D Rivers, L Beck 17-17.

Congresbury 112, Bristol Arrow 83 (friendly): R Baker, C Blagden, P Reay, J Stone 18-17; S Ash, C Edwards, M Huggett, T Yearsley 24-14; R King, R Jones, S Pook, R Becker 26-18; B Baker, A Harding, A Fisher, R Stewart 25-13; C Everett, M Kimmings, G Stenner, R Kirkham 19-21.

Congresbury 61, Eastover 56 (friendly): R Jones, R Archer, F Horton, R Kirkham 27-18; A Edwards, G Stenner, D Rivers, R Becker 14-20; P Reay, D Gosling, A Fisher, C Shipway 20-18.

WESSEX ladies opened the season in brilliant sunshine.

President June Allard welcomed Somerset County president Dawn Barnaby and guests from local clubs. The flag was raised by June, who was assisted by the county president and Wessex captain Joan Duffy and other officers.

Following the bowls drive, a delicious meal was served. The winner of the spider was Barbara McGregor from Ashcombe.

Bob Rossiter, president of Clarence Bowling Club won the yard stick bowls drive and Jenny Weston of Wessex won the consolation prize.

Wessex Ladies 25, Chew Stoke 46: B Hayes, L Hedderman, C Peart, A Fewings 10-19; N Peters, E Wade, M Davis, P Taylor 7-10; J Allard, J Duffy, P Dunn, A Ward 8-17.

Clarence ladies’ captain Shirley Scoins raises the flag to start the new season.

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