Prom fight back to level the scores

CLEVEDON Promenade Bowling Club welcomed Clarence Blues to a six-rink Over-60s Triples match.

CLEVEDON Promenade Bowling Club welcomed Clarence Blues to a six-rink Over-60s Triples match.

The match was played in good spirit under bright sunshine and most rinks were nip and tuck all morning, a shot or two here and then a couple to the other side.

However, by the 16th end of the 18-end match, all looked lost for the Prom, as two of the Vikings rinks were down by a total of 45 shots, although the others were faring slightly better and the total shot difference was 15.

Determination won through and the Prom fought back, bringing the final score to 119 shots each and the Vikings won the match on a rinks difference of four rinks to two.

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Clevedon Prom 122 (9 pts), Chew Stoke 84 (1 pt) Deverill Black Over-60s Triples League: R Cranshaw, N Brooks, D Knowles 19-16; K White, P Bissett, T Deakin 16-20; A Elsy, G Robinson, R Soper 19-13; E Nash-Clark, K Faithfull, K Low 21-9; A Symes, M Wise, A Pine 26-16; T Trace, B Rogers, J Bartlett 21-10.

Clevedon Prom B 44, Congresbury A 18 (National Two-Rink): K White, R Cranshaw, D Demery, A Pine 21-11; J Powell, G Robinson, R Soper, M Chivers 23-7.

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Clevedon Prom Ladies 70, Winscombe 35 (North Somerset Triples League): J Fry, M Sheppard, V Say 21-15; R Ward, J Hill, J Jeffrey 25-8; B Young, P Knowles, A Crees 24-12.

Clevedon Prom 87 (6 pts), Portishead 86 (3 pts) Deverill Black League: J Powell, P Bissett, R Soper, E Furze 24-12; A Elsy, A Young, G Robinson, D Demery 23-17; E Nash-Clark, N Brooks, D Knowles, C Crees 13-21; R Cranshaw, R Jenkins, M Chivers, A Pine 11-19; A Symes, K Low, R Wood, C Pearce 16-17.

Clevedon Prom 84, North Petherton 102 (mixed friendly): D Cranshaw, C Powney, J Hill, A Coombs 15-20; T Foster, S Walker, J Jeffery, P Rowley 11-21; G Ward, K Foster, N Arney, V Say 17-30; J Fry, D Higley, M Whitehead, M Wood 22-19; R Ward, J Barber, A Elsy, Br Quantrill 19-12.

Clevedon Prom Vikings 119, Clarence Blues 119 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): M Whitehead, N Brooks, G Robinson 30-10; K White, D Higley, D Demery 19-18; T Foster, D Hampton, B Baldwin 11-33; G Ward, P Bissett, J Grubb 20-12; A Elsy, T Derrick, D Tovey 10-33; E Nash-Clark, M Wise, R Jenkins 29-13.

Clevedon Prom 93 (2 pts), Portishead RBL (7 pts) Deverill Black League: N Arney, R Cranshaw, K Low, M Chivers 17-33; P Bissett, N Brooks, D Knowles, C Crees 26-11; K White, A Young, G Robinson, D Demery 10-30; J Powell, J Grub, R Soper, E Furze 23-13; A Symes, R Wood, H Williams, C Pearce 17-18.

CLEVEDON B 49, Portishead RBL B 57 (Somerset League): A Bisp, J Manning, A Miller, C Folland 16-20; R Williams, R Boak, B Wrightson, R Sweet 13-22; M Hussey, J Weeks, P Stevens, M Langley 20-15.

Clevedon 1 pt, Portishead RBL 3 pts (Ladies' Top Club): Singles: L Holden 12-21; pairs: P Hussey, L Palmer 18-19; triples: J Priddle, M Kew, S Branfield 32- 6; fours S Short, J Monaghan, V Fletcher, JM Branfield 13-29.

Clevedon 128, Long Ashton 69 (Deverill Black League): D Harding, B Squire, A Morgan, M Short 23-18; R Williams, N Neath, M Bryant, G Jay 25-11; R Capern, PA Branfield, M Langley, M Payne 22-17; E Kitchen, G Woods, D Bessant, R Pitts 34-10; K Parkins, J Mannning, PJ Branfield, D Mason 24-13.

Clevedon 145, Chew Stoke 56 (Clevedon & District Over-60s Triples KO Cup): B Squire, D Priddle, A Morgan 19-10; G Drewitt, A Miller, N Neath 16-19; P Cornish, P Stevens, R Sweet 27-6; K Bristow, D Pratten, C Seward 27-6;

R Capern, E Kitchen, M Bryant 26-9; C Folland, J Freeman, M Langley 30-6.

Clevedon 101, Mark Moor 103 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): A Crow, J Manning, V Perry 18-14; M Hussey, K Parkins, A Morgan 20-8; D Watts, C Cooper, R Day 14-28; R Williams, J Weeks, M Say 14-20; M Archer, A Bisp, M Langley 23-7; J Morgan, B Wrightson, R Boak 12-26.

Clevedon Ladies 52, Long Ashton 48 (Ladies North Somerset Triples League): P Hussey, M Gadd, J Monaghan 29-6; A Ford, M Kew, L Palmer 12-19; J Drewitt, S Short, J Priddle 11-23.

Clevedon 97, Blandford 148 (tour match): A Ford, J Gover, S Bird, M Payne 17-23; M Hussey, S Savage, H Fry, R Capern 16-21; J Drewitt, A Scott, J Monaghan, R Palmer 10-33; K Parkins, D Richards, M Kew, V Fletcher 7-25; G Drewitt, T Riding, K Bird, L Palmer 24-19; J Witley, J Brown, J Freeman, D Brightman 23-27.

Clevedon 120, Broadstone 101 (tour match): R Capern, M Hussey, M Kew, L Palmer 18-19; J Gover, S Savage, J Brown, D Brightman 24-22; J Drewitt, A Ford, V Fletcher, H Fry 13-19; P Hussey, J Jenkyn, K Parkins, K Bird 26-8; G Drewitt, T Riding, J Freeman, S Bird 25-4; F Leonard, D Richards, R Palmer, M Payne 14-29.

FOR the second year running, a team from West Backwell will be representing Somerset in the County Fours at the National Championships at Leamington

Congratulations to Shirley Logan, Julie Ratcliffe, Christine Bradley-Wright and Pat Kingston, and special thanks to Cynthia Burgess, who substituted in one round.

The other finalists who will be at Leamington in the County Fours are a team from Wessex Bowling Club.

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