Promenade open day a success

THE weather was glorious when over 60 people turned up at Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club to try their hand at lawn bowls.

THE weather was glorious when over 60 people turned up at Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club to try their hand at lawn bowls.

This event was held to encourage those who had never played bowls before to experience what is sometimes perceived as an old person's game.

Participants, right across the age spectrum, had a fun day in the sunshine. Basic tuition in the morning was followed by a lunchtime barbeque that provided sustenance before the afternoon match, which allowed the skills learned in the morning to be put into practise. Much laughter was mixed with concentration and the odd competitive streak came to the surface.

Overheard was the comment "This is ideal for me, I could never aim in a straight line and in this game I don't have to."

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The general consensus was that it had been a successful day, thoroughly enjoyed by those who took part, and that bowls is definitely a game for all ages. The winning team, The Scrummy Grechos, were presented with certificates to mark their success and bottles of wine to toast it. Members of the club were thanked for their hospitality, hot dogs and excellent cakes.

Although free coaching is available on most Saturday mornings at the Promenade club for anyone interested in joining, it was agreed that a similar event will be held in the future to allow a large number of people to come together and have a go at an informal and fun event.

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