Promenade triumph in local derby

CLEVEDON Promenade entertained Clevedon in the Deverill Black Over-60s Triples match.

CLEVEDON Promenade entertained Clevedon in the Deverill Black Over-60s Triples match.

The long standing rivalry between the clubs is light hearted, good natured and very verbal. This match was no exception, especially as the Williams brothers, Harry and Ray, were playing, one for each club. It is a shame they were not drawn to play directly against each other on the same rink but, fortunately for sibling rivalry, each of their rinks won.

The game was fairly evenly matched in the early stages with Clevedon Prom taking the lead on three rinks, Clevedon on two and the sixth rink being neck and neck.

Clevedon Prom fought hard and managed to pull ahead and hold on to win four rinks out of six, the final score being a Nelson to the Prom (111) and 80 to Clevedon.

The re-match will take place on August 20 at Chapel Hill when the rivalry and banter will continue.

Clevedon Prom 111, (4 points), Clevedon 80 (2) K Faithfull, G Robinson, R Soper 11-15; E Nash-Clark, J Parish, R Wood 17-12; K White, P Bissett, T Deakin 9-15; P Packer, R Cranshaw, D Knowles 28-13; A Symes, K Low, H Williams 25-9; T Passey, B Rogers, J Bartlett 21-16.

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Clevedon Prom 67, Wotton-under-Edge 77 (mixed friendly):: M Cordwelll, D Warry, A Gibbins, D Symes 11-19; N Arney, J Alvis, P Powney, D Rhys-Jones 10-12; C Powney, M Loveridge, D Hollier, C Tovey 16-17; S Walker, G Ward, A Banks, D Loveridge 15-16; R Ward, B Carpenter, M Burden, D Tovey 15-13.

Clevedon Prom Saxons 108 (15), Ashcombe Templars 96 (5) (Weston Over-60s Triples League): P Packer, C Bethune, K Low 16-16; C Powney, P Brown, P Rowley 16-12; A Passey, D Loveridge, K Chandler 14-24; M Cordwell, J Warr, M Wise 11-22; G Sheppard, S Harvey, R Soper 29-11; N Arney, G Giles, R Cranshaw 22-11.

Clelvedon Prom 130 (9), Long Ashton 60 (0) (Deverill Black League): A Symes, A Young, H Walliams, C Pearce 31-12; J Powell, B Rogers, M Chivers, E Furze 34-13; T Passey, R Wood, D Knowles, C Crees 26-11; N Arney, M Rowsell, F Perry, D Demery 23-10; R Cranshaw, T Deakin, G Robinson, A Pine 16-14.

Clevedon Prom C 46 (0), Chew Stoke 65 (12) (Somerset County League Division 3 North): D Hollier, P Brown, C Bethune, T Deakin 15-21; N Arney, C Poweney, D Loveridge, R Jenkins 17-29; M Cordwell, M Thorne, S Harvey, G Gilels 14-25.

Clevedon Prom 78, Richmond and Barnes 81 (mixed friendly): D Hazell, P Rowley, P Powney, D Rhys-Jones 13-16; R Cranshaw, M Ward, A Coombes, E Rowley 19-28; C Powney, J Barber, K Chandler, J Williams 30-14; D Cranshaw, R Jackson, J Durbin, H Williams 16-23.

Clevedon Prom 115, Wrington 54 (friendly): M Whitehead, D Warry, J Powell, C Crees 29-10; K Chandler, A Coombes, J Parish, D Knowles 32-10; TTrace, B Quantrill, J Grubb, M Rowsell 23-22; R Cranshaw, G Neath, A Young, F Perry 31-12.

Clevedon Prom 130, Henleaze 98 (mixed friendly): B Hollier, M Whitehead, A Coombes, E Rowley 36-5; B Young, M Loveridge, D Hollier, R Cranshaw 19-29; A Johnstone, K Foster, N Arney, P Rowley 13-24; T Foster, S Walker, M Griffiths, A Young 16-9; J Fry, J Barber, D Loveridge, B Jones 25-14; D Hazell, J Alvis, P Bissett, R Soper 21-17.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 43, Bristol South 62 (ladies' friendly): B Quantrill, D Cranshaw, F Rawlings, C Pearce 18-22; A Johnstone, M Loveridge, A Jackson, M Sheppard 10-24; B Young, S Walker, J Hill, V Say 15-16.

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