Pythons in a good position

C & C PYTHONS are still in a good position in Group A of the Archdale Cup with games in hand and having lost only one match.

C & C PYTHONS are still in a good position in Group A of the Archdale Cup with games in hand and having lost only one match.

Kiem Mu (4) played well against C & C Banwell B to win all his matches for Pythons, despite their higher handicaps. Hannah Cope (12) was unlucky to lose all hers by narrow margins, 21-19, 18 and 17.

Rick Hutchinson (11) in his first game against Pythons’ Andy Greed (-1) was 20-10 up, but only won it 21-20. Max Bretherton’s attacking shots off a handicap of 16 was too much ultimately for Vipers’ Bill Bruton’s two handicap and Greed’s -1. Pythons took the match 5-4.

Winsc Rebels had to fight for every point against Banwell B’s Rob Hansen (4) was pushed hard to take all his matches, losing opening games against Mike Skidmore (14) and Max Bretherton (16). Bretherton beat Dave Hunt (1) and Rick Hutchinson (11) beat Mike Baker (6). Rebels won 7-2.

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Rebels made good use of the net in their match against group leaders’ Vets A. Mark Treasure (11) had some tight games with excellent returns, but suffered some unfortunate nets.

Colin Lewis (3) was back on form for Vets, Rob Hansen (4) in particular struggled with Lewis’s lobs. Ann Sandford (7) had a change of fortune beating Hansen who had previously beaten her at Winscombe, but lost to Rich Parker after a winning league match. Rebels came through 6-3.

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In group B, Vets C remain at the top of the group, despite losing a couple of matches. Totterdown Demons’ Jason King (4) played well to defeat Gary Evry and John Barcham, both on 10 handicaps and Len Noble 11. Evry took Vets’ only two points with wins over Nigel Andrews (6) and Mike Summers (8) as Demons won 7-2.

C & C Vipers won a close match against Vets 5-4, decided by Mike Withyman (0) in the penultimate match against Vets’ Mark Treasure (11). Vipers’ young players Max Jeremiah (3) and Beth Atkinson (7) played well, with Jeremiah beating John Barcham (10) and Beth taking the third 21-20 against Treasure.

C & C Banwell A used their higher handicaps to good effect against the experienced Winsc Renegades. Alex Chandler (13) and Jack Brent (11) beat all their opponents, though Renegades’ Phil Yates (9) took a game from each. Katy Groom (15) after some close games, was unlucky not to take a point. She won a game against Paul Hayward (-3) and Trevor Jones (4). Banwell A won 6-3.

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