Rangers knocked out of the cup


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Worle Rangers lost to Clevedon Dons in the Atwell Shield.

Worle Rangers 0

Clevedon Dons 2

RANGERS welcomed back Brinson and Quick to the starting 11 for the visit of Division 2 Clevedon Dons in the Atwell Shield.

The first-half was a tense affair with both team cancelling each other out in the centre of the park, but it was Rangers who were on top while never really carving out any clear cut opportunities.

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With Stephens the lone striker, the home team were struggling to get Dugmore and Liddiard close enough to make an impression on the opposition goal. There was plenty of endeavour in the midfield with Sleeman, Bush and Brinson all trying to play football in tricky conditions.

However, it was the away team who opened the scoring following a lofted free kick which nestled in the top corner which left Jakeman with no chance.

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After the break, Rangers carved out numerous half chances, but could not put the ball in the net. At one point the home team went with two at the back and went all out attack as Randall was also introduced.

With time running out, the Dons went two up when Martin Williams unfortunately conceded a penalty which was converted.

Brinson had a good game, Liddiard was lively and Hannam worked hard, but it was skipper Matt Wilson who was awarded the Curry Gardens man of the match award.


Atwell Shield round 1: AFC Nailsea 0, Cleeve West Town Res 1; Axbridge Town 4, Kewstoke Lions Res 2; Clapton-in-Gordano 5, Uphill Castle Res 6.

Hutton 8, Portishead Town A 2; Banwell Res 3, Berrow Res 0; Locking Park 2, Langford Rovers Res 5 (aet); Pill Utd 0, Congresbury Res 4; Priory Rangers 1, Tickenham Utd 0; Shipham 3, Portishead Caledonian Thistle 7; Worle Rangers 0, Clevedon Dons 2; Wedmore 0, Burnham Utd A (Wedmore won 4-3 on pens); Westend 4, Dolphin Ath 3; Yatton Ath Res 8, Cheddar A 3.

Division 1: Clevedon Utd Res 6, Churchill Club 70 Res 1; Winscombe Res 2, Nailsea Utd A 4.

Division 2: Draycott 7, Clevedon Utd A 1; Nailsea Utd B 2, St George (E-i-G) Res 5.

Division 3: Portishead Town B 3, Winscombe A 4.

Division 4: Cleeve West Town A 4, Hutton Res 0; Nailsea Utd Colts 5, King Alfred SC 0; KVFC 7, St George (E-i-G) A 0.

Division 5: Portishead Town Colts 2, Congresbury A 0; South Park Rangers 2, Worle Res 2.

Division 6: Berrow A 2, AFC Nailsea Res 1; Burnham Utd B 1, Wedmore Res 1; Clevedon Utd B 0, Banwell A 0; Westend Res 1, Worle Rangers Res 3.


Davis Shield preliminary round: Portishead Town B v Nailsea Utd B (J Major).

Davis Shield quarter-final: St George (E-i-G) A v Banwell A (I Smith).

Atwell Shield round 1: Worle Res v Clevedon Utd Res (K Fox).

Knockout Cup round 1: Berrow Res v King Alfred SC (A Gibbons); Cheddar A v Wedmore (D Pinnock); Clevedon Dons v Banwell Res (I Campbell); Dolphin Ath v Clapton-in-Gordano (D Poole); Draycott v Axbridge Town (J Cooper); Congresbury Res v Burnham Utd A (D Carstensen); Selkirk Utd v Uphill Castle Res v (S Clarke); Weston Super Seagulls v Nailsea Utd A (M Sprague); Winscombe Res v St George (E-i-G) Res (B Carter); Worle Rangers v Locking Park (L Gillam).

Division 1: Churchill Club 70 Res v Yatton Ath Res (K Gould); Portishead Town A v Tickenham Utd (A Locker).

Division 3: Westend v AFC Nailsea (J Collard); Winscombe A v Shipham (F Ferrari).

Division 4: Cleeve West Town A v Kewstoke Lions Res (tba); KVFC v Wrington Redhill Res (S Venn); Nailsea Utd Colts v Pill Utd (tba).

Division 5: Priory Rangers v South Park Rangers (T Boylan); Shipham Res v Portishead Caledonian Thistle (B Dancer).

Division 6: AFC Nailsea Res v Clevedon Utd B (tba); Axbridge Town Res v Worle Rangers Res (tba); Burnham Utd B v Westend Res (tba).

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