Rebels romp to easy victory

Somerset Rebels 58Glasgow Tigers 35 - WHEN the Somerset Sharp Rebels last entertained the Glasgow A-Plant Tigers, the visitors ran the Rebels to just two points in the Knockout Cup.

Somerset Rebels 58

Glasgow Tigers 35

WHEN the Somerset Sharp Rebels last entertained the Glasgow A-Plant Tigers, the visitors ran the Rebels to just two points in the Knockout Cup, but that was then, and this is now.

With league points at stake the Tigers would have liked a repeat performance, but with some of their big hitters on the sidelines, they would have to rely on guests to fill the void.

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They could not have chosen better with the replacements with one-time Rebel, and crowd favourite Paul Fry and Jason Bunyan, who has had a long time liking for the Somerset circuit, always being among the top scorers on his visits. In the last encounter the Rebels were without Simon Walker, but with the Bristol racer back to full fitness the Rebels fielded a full strength side.

The Rebels started in the best possible way as Steve Johnston and Simon Walker burst from the gate to take a maximum.

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In Heat 2, Mitchell Davey trapped out of the gate with Tom Brown pressing him all the way. Justin Sedgmen recovered from a slow start to pass Lee Dicken to share the points.

The Rebels piled on pressure in Heat 3 as they hammered home another 5-1, Emil Kramer and Nick Simmons taking the honours.

Heat 4 brought together two all-out racers, and former team mates, Cory Gathercole and Jason Bunyan. Bunyan just edged the win with Gathercole in second and Justin Sedgmen third.

In heat 5 the Kramer-Simmons partnership finished in line astern, but this time they had no answer to Mitchell Davey and had to make do with a share of the points.

The Rebels other maximum men were back out in Heat 6, and for them it was another 5-1. The pair broke quickly to lead before the bend; however before they could build a lead Jason Bunyan was on them. With Walker out wide, Johno and Bunyan locked horns on the inside, with Johnston just coming out on top and Walker in third.

Cory Gathercole posted his first win of the night in Heat 7 when he made the best of a level break to lead at the opening bend, with Tom Brown in third for a share of the points.

With the Tigers down by 12 points, Stewart Dickson unsurprisingly replaced Lee Dicken with Mitchell Davey, and sent Paul Fry out in the Black and White as rider replacement, as he went in quest of a 1-8 maximum win.

Over the past few weeks Simon Walker has steadily worked his way back to top form, and took the win with Justin Sedgmen in third for a 4-4 share of the points.

Heat 9 Emil Kramer take the honours with Nick Simmons in third for another 4-4 which left the Tigers with the same 12-point deficit, and no more tactical rides in the tank.

In Heat 10 Steve Johnston showed why he was always going to be a firm favourite at the Highbridge circuit, but he made his worst start of the night to be last away from the tapes, when the race was called back for an unsatisfactory start.

This time Simon Walker made the best start, with Johnstone in second for another maximum.

In Heat 11, Cory Gathercole won with Tom Brown an easy third to give the Rebels a 4-2 advantage.

The Tigers mathematical chances of still winning the tie ended with the Rebels banging in their fifth maximum advantage of the night in Heat 12, thanks to Nick Simmons and Justin Sedgmen.

In Heat 13, Cory Gathercole was excluded, with Johnstone in fourth as the Tigers took a totally unexpected 5-1. The Rebels hit back immediately with a maximum in Heat 14, Tom Brown and Emil Kramer dominating.

The nominated heat saw James Grieves shock the home fans for a second time as he bolted from the gate to win., with Cory Gathercole in second and and Johno in third place to share the points.

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