Cheddar Reds end 2020 with win over Oranges

Cheddar Walking Football Club

Cheddar Walking Football Club pose for the camera early last year. - Credit: Cheddar WFC

Despite being outnumbered, Cheddar Reds secured victory over the Yellows to end the year on a high.

With a number of younger members in action, the game was very energetic and a well contested, hard fought battle between two teams of equal commitment and very close in terms of abilities.

With neither of the regular goalkeepers, Bob Bunn or Chris King, available the two players who took the number one jerseys initially were Tim Richens and Dave Pople.

Both teams looked effective defensively, whilst still being a threat on the counter attack.

Eventually the game settled to some form of pattern with players on both sides doing a great job and working hard, to get off some of that Christmas excess. 

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And when the goalkeepers changed, where Paul Rodgers went in goal for the Yellows, he almost immediately conceded two goals, scored by Russell Young and Jerry King.

Rodgers also made a couple of crucial saves, but the most impressive statistic of the evening was Young going in goal for the Red team and adding a clean sheet to his goal at the other end, which equalled the record set by Richens of scoring and keeping a clean sheet in the same game.

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The second half saw a similar pattern but a crucial point in the game saw young Scott go in goal, but the lively youngster was beaten by a shot from some distance by Ben Attwood after an assist by Rodgers.

Despite much huffing and puffing by the energetic Yellows, the Red defence held strong for the rest of the game.

And when they were occasionally breached the Yellows came up against a very good goalkeeper performance by the newest goalkeeper on show, Timmy Youngberg, who was determined not to be beaten on the night as the game ended 2-1 in favour of the Reds in the last game of 2020.

Red: Tim Richens, Toby Attwood, Tim Youngberg, Scott, Jerry King, Chris Underhill, Russell Young, Kev Attwood.

Yellow: Dave Pople, Paul Rodgers, Brian Getley, Sophie, Steve Henderson, Ben Attwood, Julie Fisher, Shaun Palfrey, Andy Burgess, Ben Chick.

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