Saints enjoy victory in national event

St Andrew defeat Yeovil in the national Top Club competition.

ST ANDREWS have enjoyed a marvellous couple of weeks, the highlight of which was a 3-2 victory in the Top Club competition away to Yeovil.

Terry Thomas gave a good start winning the two-wood. After falling behind, the pairs finished strongly to just clinch their game and the triples had a close tussle losing on the extra end by the smallest of margins.

The fours had a really tough time losing by 14 shots, leaving Steve Davies to battle it out for the deciding discipline in the gloom. An exciting and close game saw Steve win and St Andrews now look forward to playing in the second round.

Two other cup competitions provided good victories for the Saints, in the National Two-Fours and, for the Spartans, in the Weston Over-60s Knockout Cup.

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St Andrews tour of Torbay resulted in three resounding victories, losing the remaining game by just three shots. Many thanks to Jackie and Tony Ware and their helpers for a marvellous weekend.

St Andrews 47, Ashcombe Park Templars 85 (Over-60s): C Reeves, B Slade, B Green 11-28; G Matthews, A MacNab, J Ling 14-22; G Berry, F Mudge, D Nutt 10-17; J Chance, R Reed, R Dunstone 12-18.

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St Andrews B 74, Chew Stoke B 46 (County League North Division 2): A Cooper, G Berry, R McLeod, A Horsburgh 19-13; D Price, C Reeves, D Whitehouse, J Warren 28-15; M Blight, A MacNab, R Dunstone, B May 27-18.

St Andrews Spartans 102, Clevedon Promenade 90 (Weston Over-60s Knockout Cup): R Smith, A MacNab, M Berry 19-19; D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 14-14; B Reeves, R Davey, T Thomas 21-15; J Chance, J Warren, D Bailey 20-11; K Parker, R McLeod, G Wride 11-17; M Goddard, A Ware, D. Favis 17-14.

St Andrews 3, Yeovil 2 (Top Club): S Davies 21-19; T Thomas (two-wood) 15-11; M Goddard, D Favis 19-17 after extra end; R Smith, R Venn, D Bailey 17-18; A Yeeles, J Warren, A Horsburgh, G Wride 8-22.

St Andrews A 33, Chew Stoke A 73 (County League North Division 1): M Goddard, A Yeeles, S Davies, D Favis 9-22; R Smith, T Bell, R Venn, D Bailey 9-24; MG Berry, D Nutt, R McLeod, G Wride 15-27.

St Andrews B 42, Clevedon Promenade B 65 (County League North Division 2): M Blight, A MacNab, R Dunstone, B May 18-19; D Price, C Robinson, C Reeves, J Warren 12-19; F Mudge, G. Berry, D Whitehouse, A Horsburgh 12-27.

St Andrews 48, Street 40 (National Two-Fours): A Yeeles, B Reeves, A Horsburgh, G Wride 26-15; S Davies, T Thomas, D Favis, D Bailey 22-25.

BOTH Banwell league sides had good results at the weekend, following on from two midweek friendly games.

First up was a visit from the Isle of Wight tourists. The game was played in a fine spirit and the tourists came out on top by one shot. Banwell president Barry Taylor and his merry men was the top performing home rink.

The following day Chew Stoke were the visitors and despite it being close early on, Banwell ran out winners by a huge 62 shots. Chris Wilson skipped his players to a memorable 40-11 victory.

Banwell A had the daunting task of going to Ilminster, last year’s Premier champions, but with fine performances they won on two rinks and tied the match thus ending up with seven points to Ilminster’s five.

The B side had an away match with rivals Winscombe. Again two rinks were successful and by winning the match overall, Banwell came away with a well earned 10 points.

Banwell 92, Isle of Wight 93: T Garfield, B Lewis, H Woodards, B Taylor 26-10; M Garfield, K Paige, P Villis, P Aldus, 16-17; T Hyde, J Davies, J Keith, D Johnston 23-13; B Paige, E Derham, G Millard, J Davies 17-28; T Winstone, K Smith, J Laurent, A Vickery 10-25.

Banwell 114, Chew Stoke 52: T Garfield, P Cunningham, M Millard, A Vickery 24-15; B Paige, K Paige, J Amos, D Johnston 28-9; D Walker, J Davies, M House, J Davies 22-17; T Hyde, K Smith, T Byrnes, C Wilson 40-11.

Banwell 71 (10 points), Winscombe 53 (2 points): M Laycock, R Smith, J Keith, K Burgess 22-14; E Derham, J Amos, K Ruby, H Guckian 30-17; T Winstone, P Cunningham, M House, A Vickery 19-22.

Banwell 57 (7), Ilminster 57 (5): T Hyde, P Villis, C Wilson, D Johnston 19-14; T Garfield, G Millard, J Laurent, B Taylor 22-18; T Burnett, P Aldus, A Steer, J Davies 16-25.

ASHCOMBE entertained the RTB Ebbw Vale tourists in a seven-rink competition, with the tourists successful in five.

Ashcombe 101, RTB Ebbw Vale 137: R Cole, S Bayntun, C Hedges, J Creasey 7-21; M Palmer, M Unwin, N Counsell, J Taylor 22-13; B Noyes, M Brummell, J Hughes, R Ford 13-25; S Noyes, R Powell, T Bass, J Whitlow 13-28; A Fews, R Counsell, D Norville, E Hopkins 15-17; B Adams, B Edmunds, R Bryant, L Cox 18-12; M Tucker, G Russell, S Hopkins, R Simmons 13-21.

Ashcombe 84, Winscombe 100 (friendly): N Coombes, F Ham, Clive Winser, A Yates 26-8; A Wilmot, D Stanton, D Bleasdale, E Roberts 17-11; A Morgan, M Bass, B Alden, R Kibble 12-21; M Adams, D Norville, W Spring, G Wilkinson 9-19; G Tucker, M Parry, M Southwood, I Shannon 12-16; S Ash, G Kinsey, S Hedges, J Hornett 8-25.

Ashcombe Knights 93, Mark Moor 102 (Over-60s Triples Cup): P Sheppard, R Simmons, R Kibble 14-23; R Perkins, B Golding, E Hopkins 18-17; D Underhay, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson 17-15; R Williams, A Little, E Hooper 13-19; A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts 16-11; D Norville, R Cole, I Shannon 15-17.

BOTH Winscombe men’s teams lost in their County League matches this week. The A Team gained two points at Portishead RBL, whilst the B team also gained two points against local rivals Banwell B at home.

In the National Top Club competition, Winscombe lost at home against Weston Bath. Both the pairs and the rink matches were won by Winscombe, but losses in the two singles and the triples meant that Winscombe lost by one point overall.

Other friendlies at home to Isle of Wedmore and Ashcombe produced mixed results. The mixed National two-rink competition against Fosseway was also lost, though each club won on one rink.

Winscombe 60, Isle of Wedmore 77 (friendly): A Brand, P John, J Sprouting, R Wootten 17-20; D Beaverstock, K Symons, N Hansford, A Watts 26-15; D Owen, B Prince, L Collier, M Nash 11-24; B Paul, R Hart, J Lukins, M Adams 12-18.

Winscombe 100, Ashcombe 84 (friendly): K Whatling, W Ainsworth, M Hunt 8-26; N Hansford, M Hunter, T Ellis 16-12; J Feltham, L Baldwin, M Adams 21-12; M Dorrington, A Kyprianides, R Lacy, R Feltham 25-8; J Smith, A Dudley, A Watts 11-17; R Knight, G Neville, M Nash 19-9.

Winscombe 2, Weston Bath 3 (National Top Club) – two-wood singles: A Dudley 8- 17; four-wood singles: M Adams 17-21; pairs: G Neville, A Watts 25-8; triples: W Ainsworth, L Baldwin, M Nash 4-25; fours: M Roberts, J Smith, R Wootten, T Ellis 19-11.

Winscombe B 53 (2), Banwell B 71(10) (SCL North Div 2): G Lloyd, J Lukins, A Pye, A Watts 22-19; J Smith, J Sprouting, K Whatling, L Baldwin 17-30; R Knight, G Tofte, M Hunt, G Neville 14-22.

Winscombe 28, Fosseway 37 (national mixed two-rink): J Kimmins, S Nash, K Whatling, M Nash 17-16; M Adams, I Tofte, M Roberts, M Adams 11 -21.

MORE than 20 new members have joined the three bowling clubs based at Clarence Park as a result of a recruitment drive over the past month.

Clarence men and ladies and Wessex ladies have all benefited from the successful project, which was launched with a leaflet distribution and resulted in nearly 100 people turning up for free coaching sessions.

Clarence reached the second round of the North Somerset Cup with convincing wins on three of the five rinks at home to Portishead.

Clarence 105, Portishead 72: T Ward, J Burgess, R Crawford, P Tubb 25-11; R Rossiter, D Towie, T Pritchard, B Forse 26-12; M Edlin, G Cooper, D Stott, R Burrough 12-21; J Edwards, I Baker, T Perry, A McMillan 24-9; R Flicker, B Duffy, H Sparks, I Barnbrook 18-19.

Clarence A 56 (0pts), North Petherton A 62 (12pts): R Flicker, T Pritchard, I Barnbrook, B Forse 14-17; R Rossiter, D Towie, T Ward, P Tubb 20-22; M Edlin, R Crawford, D Stott, R Burrough 22-23.

Clarence B 45 (2pts) 45, Victoria C 62 (10pts): G Aldridge, J Hicks, M Davies, T Perry 16-15; J Larvin, M Scoins, J Burgess, B Duffy 14-29; L Lakey, M Skyrme, I Baker, A McMillan 15-18.

Clarence 2, Westland Sports 3 - two-wood singles: R Rossiter 10-18; singles: D Towie 17-21; pairs: I Barnbrook, B Forse 19-24; triples: M Edlin, D Stott, R Burrough 22-11; fours: R Flicker, T Hooper, T Pritchard, T Ward 25-10.

Clarence Blues 80, Portishead RBL 100 (10 pts deducted): M Edlin, T Perry, R Burrough 16-16; R Rossiter, T Hooper, I Barnbrook 17-18; R Flicker, J Rogers, R Jackman 11-32; B Underwood, J Hicks, P Tubb 13-23; J Keay, G Barlow, B Ballinger 23-21.

Clarence 99, Victoria 105 (friendly): J Larvin, J Keay, C Read, T Cockcroft 19-22; R Rossiter, L Medcraft, C Beynon, B Duffy 29-13; J Norris, R Dodson, I Baker, D Stott 11-28; J Loveridge, B Underwood, R Flicker, D Jackman 21-19; L Lakey, M Scoins, T Pritchard, D Towie 19-23.

VICTORIA enjoyed a busy week with the highlight in the Top Club competition, when they defeated Bridgwater 3-2 with the triples of Mike Fletcher, Paul Leadbetter and Dave Williams leading the way.

In the County League, both A and C teams enjoyed 10 point wins at the expense of Clevedon Prom A and Clarence B, with the rink skipped by Will Harrison in the A team excelling with a 10 shot win and top rink in the C team skipped by Dave Avery.

The B team lost on all three rinks with the victorious Yatton A team returning home with all 12 points.

The Over-60s team continue their winning ways with a convincing six rink win at Burnham gaining all 20 points with excellent 17 shot wins achieved by rinks skipped by Brian Stock and Derek Hurst.

Victoria 3, BCL Bridgwater 2 (Top Club) – two-wood singles: C Gazzard 13-16; four-wood singles: E Mangan 22-20; pairs: K Curtis, M Stocker 19-22; triples: M Fletcher, P Leadbeater, D Williams 26-4; fours: J Newman, D Hurst, M Cooper, W Harrison 20-16.

Victoria A 64 (10), Clevedon Prom A 58 (2) (County League): J Loughlin, A Uccellini, C Gazzard, W Harrison 24-14; J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 25-22; H Gibbs, D Williams, M Cooper, E Mangan 15-22.

Victoria B 47 (0), Yatton A 67 (12): H Whyte, A Barnes, D Sealey, M Manning 13-25; M Campbell, T Gatehouse, D Hurst, B Stock 18-20; P Lunn, R Fenwick, P Palmer, J Howell 16-22.

Victoria C 62 (10), Clarence B 45 (2): A Waygood, G Richards, G Stocker, M Taylor 15-16; S Thynne, R Austin, S Evans, D Avery 29-14; J Codrington, A Fealey, G Thorne, D Jones 18-15.

Victoria 124 (20), Burnham 70 (0) (Over 60s League): J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 24-7; M Fletcher, A Uccellini, E Mangan 19-10; P Palmer, M Taylor, D Williams 22-13; H Whyte, K Curtis, M Stocker 17-16; R Rockett, J Howell, K Harvey 14-13; R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 28-11.

Victoria 127, RTB, Ebbw Vale 79 (mixed friendly): W Osborne, A Shattock, M Hillman, D Avery 17-10; W Nicholls, J Griffiths, P Smith, D Williams 13-20; M Milliner, C Chudley, M Chudley, K Harvey 18-8; T Gilbert, P Newport, R Cleeves, M Stocker 25-9; J West, A Palmer, J Palmer, M Manning 31-7; S Lawrence, R Jacobs, H Whyte, M Fletcher 13-25.

Victoria 105, Clarence 98 (friendly): W Nicholls, T Gatehouse, J Howell, P Palmer 23-19; D Roberts, G Richards, P Leadbeater, M Stocker 19-21; L Kelly, H Gibbs, D Hurst, W Harrison 22-19; M Willetts, R Austin, G Frost, E Mangan 13-28; H Whyte, A Barnes, D Jones, A Owens 28-11.

Victoria 140, Isle of Wight Tourists 69: R Jacobs, A Shattock, J Newman, M Stocker 14-17; W Nicholls, P Lunn, N Sell, D Jones 41-11; M Milliner, G Richards, J Griffiths, M Taylor 30-14; D Roberts, C Morris, T Gatehouse, D Williams 35-8; W Osborne, P Newport, I Linham, M Campbell 20-19.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 1, Burnham-on-Sea 9 (WDLL): D Davis, C Andrews, B Huggett 13-17; C Lewis, E Stenner, V Harding 13-13; J Blagden, M Hill, A Jones 11-13.

Congresbury Ladies 69, Clevedon 60 (Fear Cup): J Blagden, D Davis, V Harding, A Mew 16-18; C Lewis, C Wilcock, E Stenner, B Huggett 19-26; A King, D Whiskin, P Sharps, K Herbison 34-16.

ST ANDREWS ladies have returned to winning ways, most notably with victories in their two cup matches.

St Andrews Ladies 64, Yatton 43 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): C Venn, M Wride, B Goddard, J Pitman 16-18; P Uglow, E Reeves, S Glenville, A Campbell 17-12; J Forse, A Greenwood, D Johnston, M Pattenden 31-13.

St Andrews Ladies 69, Yatton 48 (Fear Cup): C Venn, J Forse, M Pattenden, M Favis 27-16; J Smith, P Uglow, J Ware, A Campbell 19-19; M Wride, S Priory, J Pitman, M Bailey 23-13.

St Andrews Ladies 3, Wrington 1 (Southey Cup): C Venn 15-21; J Ware, M Favis 26-16; M Wride, M Pattenden, M Bailey 20-10; P Uglow, S Priory, J Pitman, A Campbell 24-10.

ISLE of Wedmore ladies had a close win in their first round of the Fear Cup at Fosseway.

Wedmore had a comfortable lead at the halfway stage, but Fosseway made a strong fight back and needed seven shots on the last end to draw level. Gill Harvey’s rink managed to hold on to the lead and Wedmore were able to claim victory by three shots.

Wedmore Ladies 59, Fosseway 56: M Trow, M Green, M Perry, J Masters 11-22; M Barron, J Hunt, R Aston, M Ronald 25-18; T Newell, L Hamblin, C Pettit, G Harvey 23-16.

Wedmore ladies had a successful visit to Winscombe for a Wessex League match, winning on all three rinks to give an overall score of 72-34 and the full 10 points.

Wedmore Ladies 72, Winscombe 34: M Trow, J Wheller, M Ronald, E Deverill 31-9; M Green, C Pettit, J Masters, M Stansfield 17-11; T Newell, M Perry, A Hughes, G Harvey 24-14.

WESSEX Ladies 71 (10pts), Clevedon 40 (Wessex Ladies League): P Tillson, B Wallace, M Davis, E Williams 28-8; V Edwards, L Woodrow, A Fewings, E Deane 20-16; B Jones, P Dunn, I Hicks, J Duffy 23-16.

Wessex Ladies 52, Clevedon Prom 69 (Fear Cup): J Allard, M Davis, P Dunn, J Davis 29-16; A Fewings, A Ward, J Binding, A Powell18-17; P Taylor, J Duffy, E Deane, E Williams 5-36.

Wessex Ladies 1, Isle of Wedmore 3 (Southey Trophy) - singles: C Peart 10-21; pairs: M Davis, J Davis 8-33; triples: J Allard, E Deane, A Powell 20-13; fours: J Duffy, P Dunn, J Binding, E Williams 19-20.

WINSCOMBE ladies achieved an excellent win against Clarence at home in the North Somerset Triples League winning on two rinks to one.

Angela Ainsworth, Eve Watts and Trixie Miles cruised to a 27 shot win and Rowena Keane, Lorna Whatling and Irene Tofte won by just one shot. This well-deserved win followed losses at home against Wedmore in the Wessex League and away at Long Ashton in a friendly match.

Winscombe Ladies 57, Clarence 34 (North Somerset Triples League): T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 31-4; R Keane, L Whatling, I Tofte 15-14; M Sprouting, J Kimmins, M Adams 11-16.

Winscombe Ladies 34, Isle of Wedmore 72 (Wessex League): S Nash, L Fredersdorff, J Kimmins, M Adams 14-24; C Hopes, P Burns, T Miles, A Ainsworth 11-17; L Dyer, W Weller, L Whatling, I Tofte 9-31.

CONGRATULATIONS to Clarence Ladies Bowls Club member Pam Barnbrook on being selected for the Somerset County Johns team.

Clarence Ladies 3, Clevedon 1 (Top Club): - singles: P Barnbrook 21-11; pairs: J Colman, M Noddings 18-8; triples: M Woods, P Burrough, V Collicott 18-17; fours: S Ellis, R McMillan, C Edlin, M Baker 14-18.

Clarence Ladies 3, Clevedon Prom 1 (Southey Cup): - singles: P Barnbrook 21-8; pairs: J Colman, M Noddings 17-31; triples: M Woods, J Bishop, V Collicott 19-14; fours: R McMillan, S Ellis, C Edlin, M Baker 21-17.

Clarence Ladies 60, Ashcombe 50 (NSL League): S Scions, V Senior, C Edlin 22-15; J Colman, V Jones, P Hawkins 19-17; S Ellis, M Woods, M Baker 19-18.

Clarence Ladies 43, Long Ashton 49 (NSL League): A O’Mara, A Ballinger, C Edlin 17-15; S Searle, L Oldham, P Burrough 14-15; S Scions, V Jones, M Baker 12-19.

Clarence Ladies 34, Winscombe 57 (NSL League): S Ellis, C Cromey, M Baker 14-15; P Phillips, P Hawkins, V Senior 4-31; S Pritchard, P Dunn, C Edlin 16-11.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 91, Congresbury 65 (Southey Trophy): M Main 14-21; G Day, J Hughes 19-21; M Tasker, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 24-12; N Counsell, S Ford, J McInally, S Weaden 34-11.

Ashcombe Ladies 47 (3), Clevedon 51 (7) (NS League): S Noyes, N Counsell, S Weaden 15-15; B Groves, P Chewins, B Macgregor 14-20; M Main, R Powell, A Goacher 18-16.

Ashcombe Ladies 50 (0), Clarence 60 (10) (NS League): D Hampson, R Powell, C Hedges 15-22; M Tucker, P Chewins, G Day 18-19; B Groves, J Wilkinson, S Hopkins 17-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 42, Congresbury 71 (friendly): N Urch, A Bryant, D Hampson, S Hopkins 10-19; A Cox, V Webber, B Groves, M Tasker 19-24; R Powell, L Owens, D Norville, G Day 13-28.

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