Saints’ fine run is halted

ST ANDREWS were narrowly defeated in the mixed Top Club competition against a side from Torquay who sported several young English internationals.

The triple and fours in the morning were lost by just four shots, which meant eight points to the visitors. Barrie Forse’s triple fought back to level at 12-all, but then dropped a five and lost by three shots.

Don Bailey’s four were in front all the way to the 20th end and dropped a three to level at 15-all. Holding a shot on the last end, the opposing skip’s last wood was long, but fell back onto their second shot to win the game.

Jackie Ware managed to win the ladies two-wood singles by one shot and in the following two games, Andrew Owens’ pairs were a couple of shots up at 10 ends, but Phil Villis just lost out in the men’s two-wood singles, so it was game over, losing 14-2.

The ladies played in the Somerset Ladies Presidents Cup against Clevedon. Ann Campbell’s away rink did well to draw, whilst Meg Favis’ four had a nine shot victory at home to clinch the game.

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In the mixed game at Taunton Deane, Saints were well beaten by 23 shots.

St Andrews 2, Torquay 14 (Top Club): K Uglow, M Favis, B Forse 14-17; P Uglow, A Campbell, R Venn, D Bailey 15-16; J Ware 14-13; P Villis 11-16; C Venn, A Owens conceded.

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St Andrews ladies 45, Clevedon 36 (Presidents Cup): C Riley, N Counsell, J Pitman, M Favis 24-15; M Millard, E Blight, A Powell, A Campbell 21-21.

St Andrews 39, Taunton Deane 62 (mixed friendly): C Riley, M Simpson, R Smith, D Henderson 14-20; J Marney, Ma Cordwell, B Alden, B Ennis 14-20; A Cooper, Mi Cordwell, J Smith, B Roberts 11-22.

Woodspring 71

Somerset Patrons 86

THE Patrons are an organisation that is used mainly to raise funds to support the Somerset bowling team.

Woodspring welcomed the Patrons to the Milton Road venue for a full day’s bowling, plus a midday meal.

The morning rink skipped by Tony Williams won by 14 shots, while the other home rink skipped by Sam Hedges, was turned over by 23 shots.

In the afternoon section, it was a little more sedate with rink 1 skipped again by Tony Williams losing by one shot. On the other home rink skipped by Derek Hurst, they were 17-13 up on the 19th end, but managed to drop a six and a three to go down by five shots.

Woodspring: E Morley, N Coombs, D Norville, S Hedges 8-23; G Sansan, M Parry, M Brummell, A Williams 29-15; D Urch, B Noyes, E Hopkins, A Williams 17-18; G Tucker, D Cooper, P Gaulton, D Hurst 17-22.

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