Saints on top against Victoria

St Andrews defeated Victoria in the first round of the Ron Taylor Cup.

ST ANDREWS came out on top in the first round of the Ron Taylor Cup, an annual event with Victoria BC.

Three of the rinks provided wins and one drew. Richard Venn’s rink did well to win away.

The ladies were beaten in the Yetton Trophy, despite three rinks doing well. Away at Taunton Deane, Jackie Ware’s rink managed a win and Ann Campbell lost by just one shot. One home rink skipped by Monica Pattenden had a good six shot win, but the other rink was heavily defeated.

St Andrews 86, Victoria 53 (Taylor Cup): T Hyde, P Arlotte, A Steer 27-7; B Perkins, K Rodgers, T Thomas 20-20; M Cordwell, B Roberts, G Burgess 20-12; M Simpson, P Villis, R Venn 19-14.

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St Andrews Ladies 76, Taunton Deane 89 (Yetton Trophy): C Venn, V Senior, S Priory, M Favis 14-33; J Forse, E Blight, B Huggett, M Pattenden 20-14; N Counsell, D Johnston, A Powell, J Ware 25-24; M Millard, B Goddard, J Pitman, A Campbell 17-18.

St Andrews Ladies 27, Woodspring 40 (friendly): W Weller, J Reed, I Tofte, D Henderson 15-20; K Dobney, A Greenwood, J Kimmins, M Millard 12-20.

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St Andrews 50, Taunton Deane 75 (mixed): L Green, M Cordwell, C Robinson, K Rodgers 16-21; G Lloyd, L Woodrow, M Blight, E Hooper 16-20; B Perkins, MK Cordwell, R Smith, I Hicks 18-34.

ISLE of Wedmore men triumphed in their first match of the season in the SCIBA League.

Wedmore 83, Taunton 65: R Bull, D Stansfield, R Thurkettle 21-18; T Brown, K Phillimore, D Nicholls, S Eastment 24-20; B Back, C Panchaud, T Keates, C Moss 19-10; K Pettit, S Newdick, R Barron, E Payne 19-17.

Unfortunately, this good form was not maintained for the Denny Plate match against Taunton Deane the following week, when all four rinks were lost.

Wedmore 63, Taunton Deane 95: R Bull, J Harris, K Pettit, R Hughes 18-22; T Brown, K Phillimore, G Anniuk, D Nicholls 18-21; B Back, C Panchaud, T Keates, C Moss 8-30; R Newell, S Newdick, R Barron, E Payne 19-22.

Wedmore ladies were also unsuccessful in the second round of the Yetton Trophy against Minehead, losing on all rinks to give a final score of 43-109.

Wedmore Ladies 43, Minehead 109: I Rowlett, B Clark, M Green, S Wederell 12-35; T Newell, C Deane, M Trow, M Ronald 9-33; B Disbrey, P Beard, R Aston, M Barron 13-20: M Hordle, J Rush, L Hamblin, J Wheller 9-21.

Members have enjoyed the continuing programme of mixed friendlies, which give an opportunity to play against other clubs in a social, but competitive atmosphere.

Against Shepton Mallett, Wedmore won on both rinks to give an overall total of 48-35. Against Chew Stoke the winning margin was 58-14, but the away game against Woodspring resulted in a loss by 34-42.

Another away fixture was played at St Andrew’s, resulting in a win on all three rinks and an overall total of 93-32. A home match against local rivals Mark Moor produced another win, this time by 64-26.

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