Saints reach the final of the Over-60s cup

St Andrews were unbeaten in their three games this week.

VICTORIA were triumphant in two Over-60s matches and secured the Division 1 championship for the second consecutive year.

Club captain Derek Jones commented that winning the championship last year was a tremendous achievement, but retaining the title this year was a credit to all the players who participated.

The victory over Wedmore was in spite of the rain, which in effect, helped Victoria. The game was suspended for a short while due to rain, with Victoria 10 shots down.

When play resumed, two of Victoria’s triples took control and with the other triples keeping a tight rein on the shots they were dropping, Victoria won by 16 shots and gained the necessary points to win the league.

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The following day they travelled across town to play St Andrews with a slightly changed team due to illness and absences, but came away victors by five shots and a points count of 14.

Victoria 109 (12), Isle of Wedmore 93 (8) (Over 60s Triples League): R Fenwick, R Rockett, P Palmer 14-24; P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 31-7; A Barnes, M Taylor, D Williams 26-11; T Gatehouse, D Sealey, A Uccellini 18-19; H Whyte, M. Campbell, K Holland 10-15; G Richards, J Newman, M Manning 10-17.

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Victoria 103 (14), St Andrews 98 (6): A Barnes, T Gatehouse, D Williams 21-15; R Fenwick, R Rockett, P Palmer 21-22; G Hodge, D Sealey, A Uccellini 11-22; J West, K Curtis, M Stocker 18-7; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 11-22; H Whyte, C Chudley, M Campbell 21-10

The county league fixtures did not go Victoria’s way and the B team lost at Portishead RBL and were relegated.

The A team lost both their matches, picking up just two points from each game with wins from Ken Harvey and Will Harrisons rinks.

The B team had a fine win at Congresbury gaining 10 points with skips Derek Hurst and Pete Palmer winning their matches. However, this fine form did not carry on at Portishead where each rink suffered defeat.

Victoria’s C team could only pick up one point from the match against Wrington with the rink skipped by Dave Avery supported by Ian Linham, Tom Farmer and John Downing drawing their match.

Victoria A 49 (2), Bath A 70 (10): H Whyte, H Gibbs, D Sealey, B Stock 13-25; J Newman, M Campbell, K Curtis, K Harvey 22-17; J Loughlin, A Uccellini, D Williams, M Stocker 14-28.

Victoria A 56 (2), Bristol A 79 (10): J Newman, A Uccellini, M Campbell, W Harrison 24-18; J Loughlin, R Austin, D Williams, M Stocker 20-30; H Gibbs, D Jones, M Cooper, C Gazzard 12-31.

Victoria B 72 (10), Congresbury A 59 (2): G Hodge, E Sage, T Gatehouse, K Holland 20-22; A Barnes, R Fenwick, J Howell, D Hurst 27-15; M Willetts, G Richards, G Frost, P Palmer 25-22.

Victoria B 48 (0), Portishead RBL B 64 (12): E Sage, T Gatehouse, M Taylor, P Palmer 12-20; G Richards, A Barnes, D Hurst, K Holland 19-22; H Whyte, G Frost, J Howell, B Stock 17-22.

Victoria C 40 (1), Wrington 64 (11): J Codrington, A Shattock, A Waygood, S Evans 10-24; T Gilbert, S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 12-22; I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing, D Avery 18-18.

Despite winning on four rinks with the rink of Mike Milliner, Terry Gatehouse and Mike Taylor excelling, Penarth still secured the win by six shots.

The mixed squad had a good win over the Old Grammarians with the rink of Chris Sage, Richard Jacobs, Alex Waygood and club captain Derek Jones winning by 19 shots.

Victoria returned to form to beat Minehead by 12 shots with wins on four rinks skipped by Ken Harvey, George Frost, Terry Gatehouse and president Dave Williams.

Victoria took on the Executive of the Somerset Bowling Association for the right to hold the Roly Moore Trophy, but it was the visitors fielding a strong and experienced side who went away as holders.

Victoria’s only winning rink was Harrison Whyte, Cliff Chudley, Malcolm Campbell and skip Mike Stocker.

Victoria 110, Somerset BA Executive 135: H Whyte, C Chudley, M Campbell, M Stocker 21-18; J Newman, B Saward, A Uccellini, K Holland 17-22; S Thynne, A Shattock, G Frost, D Williams 14-31; W Nicholls, E Sage, D Hurst, K Harvey 19-22; T Gilbert, A Waygood, A Barnes, M Manning 15-19; G Richards, R Sleep, R Fenwick, D Jones 14-23.

CLARENCE Blues continued their excellent end-of-season form by making it three victories in a row last week in the Weston & District Over-60s League Division 1.

Firstly, they beat Isle of Wedmore for the second time this season, winning by 26 shots. They finished up on four of the six rinks, led by John Larvin, skipper John Edwards and Trevor Ward, who won by 13 shots Dick Jackman’s team picked up a last-end three to win by one.

Isle of Wedmore 87 (4), Clarence Blues 113 (16): B Underwood, G Barlow, D Jackman 17-16; B Rossiter, T Mannion, R Crawford 23-15; R Flicker, T Perry, B Forse 27-18; J Keay, J Hicks, P Tubb 12-14; J Larvin, J Edwards, T Ward 20-7; M Edlin, M Clay, R Burrough 14-17.

They made it three victories in a row by beating second-placed Burnham at home.Again, they won four of the six rinks, with Paul Tubb’s triple outstanding as they beat their opponents by 19 shots.

The other winning skips were Barrie Forse, Roger Burrough and Trevor Ward as the Blues, last season’s Division 2 champions, made virtually certain of staying in the top section.

Clarence Blues 94 (16), Burnham 73 (4): B Rossiter, T Mannion, R Crawford 10-17; B Underwood, G Barlow, D Jackman 10-18; R Flicker, T Perry, B Forse 20-9; M Edlin, M Clay, R Burrough 13-10; J Larvin, J Edwards, T Ward 15-12; J Keay, J Hicks, P Tubb 26-7.

There were several first-season bowlers in Clarence Golds’ team for their Over-60s second division match away to Yatton. One of them, Glaswegian Doug Grier, was part of the Golds’ only winning rink, skipped by Les Lakey and with Mike Peters at No 2, who picked up seven shots on the second end.

Yatton 137 (18), Clarence Golds 76 (2): B Difford, A Bidmead, T Cockcroft 13-24; D Grier, M Peters, L Lakey 17-15; R Dodson, M Skyrme, B Cornwall 10-26; A Bishop, L Smith, M Davies 11-30; J Hayes, M Scoins, G Kettleborough 9-19; D Urch, M Phillips, G Phillips 16-23.

The Golds were at home to Nailsea in their penultimate league match of the season. Rod Dodson, Brian Hanks and skip Alan Bidmead were their only winners.

Clarence Golds (2), Nailsea 125 (18): R Dodson, B Hanks, A Bidmead 18-14; J Norris, M Phillips, G Phillips 11-24; H Dunn, M Skyrme, B Cornwall 9-19; L Lakey, I Baker, H Sparks 9-24; D Grier, M Davies, T Cockcroft 15-19; M Peters, M Scoins, G Kettleborough 17-25.

Clarence A’s relegation from Premier Two of the Somerset County League was confirmed when they lost 67-55 at home to fellow strugglers Nailsea A, taking only two points.

Clarence Sunday mixed team entertained tourists Biggleswade Town in a 12-rink triples match. The visitors, who had won all their tour games, proved too strong for Clarence and were winners by 228-176.

WINSCOMBE A team won their last two matches against Yatton and West Backwell, gained 20 points and snatched second place in the Somerset County League Division 1 North on shot difference.

Only one team will be promoted this year, so Winscombe will stay in this league for 2012.

It was a very close finish with Portishead RBL, Congresbury, West Backwell, Isle of Wedmore and Clevedon all in contention.

Winscombe B team finished in sixth place in Division 2 North and will compete in this league again next year.

In the Over-60s Triples League, Winscombe lost at St Andrews, but meet them again in the final of the Knockout Cup at Ashcombe on Tuesday.

Winscombe A 58 (10), West Backwell (2) 46 (County League): R Lowman, J Lukins, M Roberts, T Ellis 17-12; M Dorrington, L Collier, A Dudley, S Eastment 15-20 ; W Ainsworth, M Nash, R Feltham, M Adams 26-14.

Winscombe 97 (6), St Andrews 106 (14) (Over-60s League): R Knight, L Baldwin, M Adams 21-12; G Lloyd, M Hunt, A Dudley 18-13; M Roberts, R Wootten, T Ellis 15-21; G Tofte, B White, K Whatling 9-24; J Smith, L Collier, A Watts 17-19; A Kyprianides, M Nash, G Neville 19-17.

Winscombe Ladies lost in the North Somerset Triples League against Portishead RBL and in a friendly at Yatton.

Winscombe Ladies 32, Portishead RBL 85 (NSL Triples League): R Keane, S Nash, S Lowman 9-27; L Dyer, W Weller, E Watts 16-23; J Kimmins, I Tofte, M Adams 7-35.

Winscombe Ladies 35, Yatton 76 (friendly): L Whatling, M Flay, S Nash, A Ainsworth 11-23; A Griffin, J Wiles, P Heal,S Lowman 9-30; P Burns, T Darkin, I Tofte, M Adams 15-23.

Winscombe Floodlit Tournament results: Clarence A 22,Wrington A 13; Wrington B 20,Winscombe F 12; Nailsea B 22, Ashcombe B 14; Nailsea c 15, Wells B 17; Winscombe C 22, Congresbury A 15; Nailsea A 26, Clarence B 3; Congresbury D 13, Victoria B 16; Congresbury H 18, Ashcombe A 15; Banwell A 19, Victoria E 9; Winscombe A 23, Clevedon B 18; Wyrral Park B 27, Wyrral Park A 9; Winscombe E 13, Ardagh B 23; Winscombe G 14, Wedmore B 20; Mark Moor A 22, Wyrral Park C 19; Ashcombe B 10, Winscombe D 22.

ASHCOMBE 100, Somerset County Bowling Association 140 - rink scores, Somerset CBA in brackets: G Tottle, D Bleasdale, J Whitton, J Creasey (P Bean, H Fry, P Moxey, R Becker) 16-16; B Noyes, R Smith, J Price, J Hornett (L Bass, P Reay, M Jones, T Shearing) 12-24; P Sheppard, J Main, W Caddick, J Whitlow (C Curtis, T Oulson, M Scaggs, B Hoad) 15-17; R Powell, M Badman, R Kibble, J Taylor (D Southcombe, P Cast, D Bendall, R Doughty) 22-25; R Perkins, A Morgan, G Wilkinson, I Shannon (S Newdick, J Durston, T Keates, M Martin) 22-21; D Underhay, W Spring, A Freke, D A Williams (C Folland, P Brading, D Wederell, D Gregory) 13-37.

Ashcombe’s A team were relegated after their defeat against Clevedon. However, their B team has been promoted back to North 1, which should make things interesting for Ashcombe next year.

Ashcombe A 44 (0), Clevedon B 81 (12) (Somerset League): R Powell, D Bleasdale, S Hedges, D A Williams 14-26; I Chesney, J Main, D Carr, J Whitlow 18-28; M Adams, M Brummell, W Caddick, J Taylor 12-27.

Ashcombe Templars 54 (0), Clevedon Promenade 160 (20) (Over-60s): M Field, K Hallet, T Bass 11-19; N Coombes, B Jones, P Gaulton 8-21; T Pople, Colin Winser, R Ford 8-42; M MacMahon, M Bass, T Cottrell 4-26; S Ash, M Adams, M Brummell 11-30; G Tucker, E Booth, L Cox 12-22.

Ashcombe 196, Crediton 257 (mixed friendly): A Cox, R Counsell, C Hedges, J Creasey 16-26; M Wakeham, I Cracknell, V Bragg, J Hornett 24-18; G Sansam, S Davies, A Cracknell, R Hadley 12-23; B Noyes, Rose Powell, L Cox, J Taylor 11-20; A Fews, N Urch, C Hughes, A Little 24-18; S Hadley, B Collard, B Macgregor, B Webber 12-35; M Palmer, D Underhay, M Brummell, S Weaden 13-24; M Tucker, M Sell, J Main, J Whitlow 21-29; B Golding, D Little, J Hughes, Roy Powell 15-22; G Tucker, A Bryant, M Tasker, J Whitton 29-22; J Sansam, S Collard, A Morgan, R Simmons 19-20.

Finals day results – championship: D Stanton; veterans: B Hadley; handicap: M Southwood; novices: M Adams; two-wood: B Hadley; pairs: T Roberts, B Hadley; triples: B Caddick, R Simmons, A Wright; Presidents’ Shield: A Goacher; mixed pairs: B Cracknell, A Goacher; umbrella: G Wilkinson; Under-40s: I Cracknell.

BOTH of Wedmore men’s county league teams had disappointing results for their final games of the season.

The A team lost against Portishead RBL by just three shots, earning only two points and thus failing to return to top place in the Division 1 North.

Wedmore 60, Portishead RBL 63: T Brown, S Newdick, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 21-24; B Aston, R Ronald, D Nicholls, E Payne 13-26; R Bull, T Keates, K Pettit, D Wederell 26-13.

Meanwhile, the B team lost to the league leaders Bristol B by 14 shots, despite a good win on Colin Moss’s rink.

Wedmore B 51, Bristol B 65: T Simpson, P Rowlett, B Freeman, C Moss 26-12; V Matthews, B Treloar, M Green, D Stansfield 15-30; T Hamblin, C Wheller, K Davey, I Faulkner 10-23.

The Over-60s game against Clarence Blues also ended in defeat for the men. Two rinks were won, but the final score showed a loss by 26 shots.

Wedmore 87, Clarence Blues 113: R Norris, P Rowlett, D Stansfield 7-20; R Bull, T Brown, R Thurkettle 18-27; R Hunt, B Cottrell, K Pettit 17-14; T Hamblin, B Freeman, C Panchaud 14-12; P Foren, S Newdick, R Newell 15-23; V Matthews, M Green, B Aston 16-17.

A Mid-Somerset Mixed League game against Street was played in damp and gloomy conditions, but resulted in a welcome win for Wedmore by five shots.

Wedmore 52, Street 47: M Fisher, B Keen, B Aston D Wederell 19-18; R Hunt, S Fisher, V Matthews, M Hordle 16-16; D Barnett, P Joiner, S Newdick, S Wederell 17-13.

Wedmore played a mixed friendly at Somerton, losing on all three rinks with a final score of 44-69. However, playing at home against Queen Camel produced a win by 57-49, with success on two of the three rinks.

Wedmore travelled to Clevedon Prom to play a five-rink friendly, winning by the substantial margin of 114-5.

Wedmore ladies enjoyed their triples day. In good weather, 24 ladies competed in three sessions during the day, the winning triple of Shirley Wederell, Jean Wheller and Cherith Deane gaining their victory by a single shot. The game was followed by a cream tea for all and presentation of the trophy by former member Anne Travis.

AVERILL Goacher dominated Ashcombe Park ladies’ finals day, winning six titles and was runner-up in another.

Results – championship: J Hughes; crib: A Cox; handicap: J Wilkinson; two-wood: A Goacher; two-wood pairs: B Macgregor, A Goacher; four-wood pairs: J Hughes, S Hopkins; triples: A Cox, M Main, S Hopkins; Phyl Hammon: S Ford; Vi Drew: A Goacher; Doris Payne: A Goacher; Presidents’ Shield: A Goacher.

Ashcombe Ladies 57 (2), Mark Moor 66 (8): M Main, D Hampson, B Groves, S Weaden 14-26; S Noyes, L Owens, C Hedges, A Goacher 12-23; A Fews, M Tucker, M Tasker, B Macgregor 31-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 48 (0), Wedmore 74 (10): N Counsell, A Dancer, B Cullen, M Williams 9-26; M Tucker, L Owens, M Tasker, S Weaden 22-24; S Noyes, A Fews, J McInally, S Ford 17-24.

CLARENCE ladies hosted Wessex in a friendly match.

Clarence 88, Wessex 97: S Phelps, L Phipps, V Jones, P Barnbrook 15-16; S Ellis, S Bishop, K Bailey, M Baker 9-24; S Searle, P Fowler, M Davison, M Noddings 19-19; M Waite, M Moore, V Senior, P Burrough 18-19; J Mannion, B Hayes, L Oldham, V Collicott 27-19.

WESSEX ladies held their annual flower day to play for the Norma Smart Trophy.

Winners: G Dale, P Tillson, V Edwards 17; runners-up: B Jones, C Peart, A Fewings 15.

The afternoon finished with an American supper.

Wessex Ladies 97, Clarence Ladies 88: N Peters, J McMillan, P Taylor, E Williams 19-19; E Stott, M Davis, M Hawkins, J Davis 16-15; V Edwards, L Woodrow, J Allard, A Ward 24-9; S Davies, B Wallace, I Hicks, P Dunn 19-27; P Tillson, P Hanson, C Peart, J Duffy 19-18.

DESPITE losing to the men of St Andrews in the club’s Rose Bowl fixture, the ladies won their other two games against Long Ashton and Clevedon Promenade.

St Andrews Ladies 81, St Andrews Men 102 (Rose Bowl): E Blight, A Greenwood, J Ware 19-14; E Reeves, J Smith, A Campbell 12-20; J Forse, B Goddard, S Priory 9-20; J Reed, D Johnston, M Favis 14-13; J Pope, W Allen, M Bailey 7-24; K Dobney, M Wride, M Pattenden 20-11.

St Andrews Ladies 61, Long Ashton 48 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Uglow, M Cordwell, M Pattenden, A Campbell 26-17; J Forse, M Wride, B Goddard, M Favis 17-16; W Allen, D Johnston, J Ware, M Bailey 18-15.

St Andrews Ladies 85, Clevedon Promenade 55: J Smith, J Pope, M Wride, M Favis 20-14; C Venn, E Reeves, D Johnston, A Campbell 16-17; J Forse, M Cordwell, A Greenwood, J Pitman 23-11; E Blight, K Dobney, S Priory, J Ware 26-13.

VICTORIA ladies were made to struggle against the ladies of Portishead RBL as they went down on all three triples in a friendly game.

Victoria Ladies 36, Portishead RBL 63: R Cleeves, M Chudley, S Harrison 13-24; C Webb, S Newman, J Donald 10-21; C Sage, C Willetts, M Hillman 13-18.

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