Shipham defeat title favourites

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Shipham maintained their 100 per cent record with an excellent victory over Banwell Reserves.

Banwell Res 2

Shipham 3

DIVISION 3 title contenders Shipham maintained their 100 per cent record against title favourites Banwell in a sensational game.

Shipham took the lead after four minutes when a through ball to Matty Hollow saw the keeper block the ball, only knocking it to Chris Green, who lobbed the ball into the empty net from 30 yards.

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A Green through ball split the defence and found Hollow to give Shipham a 2-0 lead. Alex MacLucas put Hollow through again, but he was tugged back by the defender and the referee awarded a penalty which Hollow netted to give Shipham a 3-0 lead after just 15 minutes.

Banwell got one back with a penalty to make it 3-1, which is how it stayed until half-time.

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Shipham worked tirelessly in the second half, with the defence of Roberts, Ireland, Ben Hollow and MacLucas holding firm until Banwell were awarded another penalty to make it 3-2.

The Shipham midfield of Hobden, Stead, Jon Rowsell, Lewis and Green made it hard for Banwell to break through, but with a minute to go, Banwell won another penalty, but this time it was excellently saved by keeper Sam Hughes.

The referee however spotted an infringement and the penalty had to be re-taken. The Banwell player stepped up to take the penalty for the fourth time in the match and again Hughes saved it.

The man of the match went unanimously to Sam Hughes.

Worle Rangers 3

Winscombe A 1

THE early exchanges favoured Winscombe, whose early direct approach asked questions of the Rangers defence in this Division 3 clash.

Williams, Hannam, Wilson and Brown stood firm and Jakeman made a fantastic save. The midfield of Imrie, Earey, Liddiard, Willment and Randall linked well and Stephens up front was a constant menace.

Stephens broke clear and finished coolly in the corner, followed by goals from Liddiard and another for Stephens.

Winscombe pulled a deserved goal back after a penalty area melee. Rangers hit the bar and had half-chances themselves to add to the score-line, including a 30-yard free kick from Quick which was asked to be re-taken.

There were many top performances, Martin Williams was outstanding at full-back, Earey’s debut in midfield, but both were pipped to the Curry Garden man of the match by Jake Hannam.

Portishead Caledonian Thistle 2

Shipham Res 1

THIS Division 5 game started at a fast pace, with large amounts of possession by the home side.

Shipham kept it goalless until two minutes before half-time when a corner was prodded home from close range.

The second half began much the same as the first-half, with the home side dominating. Shipham’s midfield trio of Sam, Brad and Brad, kept the score at 1-0, before the Portishead winger rounded several Shipham players to make it 2-0.

With only 10 minutes to go, a neat header back from Brad Butler saw Stu Newson pull a goal back. This seemed to rattle the home side and Shipham continued to pile on the pressure looking for the equaliser.

This nearly came with the last kick of the game, when Ryan Poole’s half-volley was saved by an exceptional effort from the goalkeeper.

Man of the match went to Stu Newson. Special mentions go to Brad Butler on his debut and captain, Matt Burland.

Burnham Utd B 0

Worle Rangers Res 0

RANGERS started brightly with a fierce strike from Saul Dawson inside the first minute, but Burnham’s keeper just managed to get a hand to it.

Worle continued to press, but could not put the ball in the back of the net. Rackham hit the bar from distance and Dawson’s shot was blocked, which led to a penalty, but Ayers missed from the spot.

Burnham had a few chances on the break, but keeper Kevin Hockey comfortably dealt with everything that Burnham had to offer. Frustration set in as Worle pressed for a goal, while Damian Watts showed composure. Luxon, Brown and Rackham gave it all they had to find a goal, but time just ran out.

Dave Rackham was the Curry Garden man of the match.


Atwell Shield preliminary round: Yatton Ath Res 5, Churchill Club 70 Res 3.

Division 1: Berrow Res 0, Tickenham Utd 6; Hutton 8, Winscombe Res 0; Nailsea Utd A 2, Cleeve West Town Res 0; Portishead Town A 0, Clevedon Utd Res 4.

Division 2: Burnham Utd A 4, Nailsea Utd B 3; Congresbury Res 3, Clevedon Dons 2; St George (E-i-G) Res 4, Clevedon Utd A 4; Weston Super Seagulls 5, Langford Rovers Res 2.

Division 3: Axbridge Town 0, AFC Nailsea 2; Banwell Res 2, Shipham 3; Portishead Town B 4, Uphill Castle Res 5; Wedmore 2, Westend 2; Worle Rangers 3, Winscombe A 1.

Division 4: Cheddar A 3, Pill Utd 1; King Alfred SC 5, Hutton Res 1; KVFC 3, Kewstoke Lions Res 0; St George (E-i-G) A 0, Wrington Redhill Res 6.

Division 5: Congresbury A 1, Clapton-in-Gordano 1; Portishead Caledonian Thistle 2, Shipham Res 1; South Park Rangers 1, Dolphin Ath 4; Worle Res 9, Priory Rangers 2.

Division 6: Burnham Utd B 0, Worle Rangers Res 0; Clevedon Utd B 0, Berrow A 6.


Atwell Shield preliminary round: Clevedon Utd Res v Draycott (D Carstensen); Weston Super Seagulls v Winscombe Res (P Maxey).

Division 1: Berrow Res v Portishead Town A (B Carter); Churchill Club 70 Res v Tickenham Utd (A Raggett); Hutton v Cleeve West Town Res (A Murphy); Nailsea Utd A v Yatton Ath Res (tba).

Division 2: Langford Rovers Res v Congresbury Res (A Locker); St George (E-i-G) Res v Nailsea Utd B (D Poole).

Division 3: AFC Nailsea v Shipham (C Simmons); Banwell Res v Axbridge Town (tba).

Division 4: Kewstoke Lions Res v King Alfred SC (B Dancer); Nailsea Utd Colts v St George (E-i-G) A (tba).

Division 5: Congresbury A v Selkirk Utd (F Ferrari); Portishead Town Colts v Shipham Res (G Bristow); Priory Rangers v Portishead Caledonian Thistle (tba).

Division 6: Axbridge Town Res v Burnham Utd B (tba); Banwell A v Wedmore Res (tba); Berrow A v Worle Rangers Res (tba); Westend Res v AFC Nailsea Res (J Liddiard).

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