Shipham defeated by two late goals from Cleeve

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Two late goals from Cleeve saw them to victory over Shipham.

Shipham 2

Cleeve A 4

SHIPHAM came into this game hoping to repeat their recent cup win over Cleeve, but were beaten 4-2.

Cleeve started brightly, pinning Shipham in their own half and got the early goal they deserved. An injury to Hobden after 10 minutes meant player/manager Joe Rowsell having to come on as the only sub.

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Shipham got back into the game shortly after when Chris Green ran through and coolly slotted under the onrushing keeper. Rowsell put Shipham ahead with a deft lob over the keeper, following a Mitch Corrick pass.

Cleeve looked to get back into the game early on and equalised soon into the second half. The game was end to end with both teams seeking out more goals.

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Cleeve went 3-2 up from a free kick with eight minutes to go and sealed the win with a couple of minutes to spare when they scored a fourth.

Man of the match went to captain Ben Hollow.


Hospital Cup round 1: Nailsea Utd A 1, Cleeve West Town Res 0; Yatton Athletic Res 1, Portishead Town A 9.

Hospital cup quarter-final: Winscombe Res 0, Weston Super Seagulls 4.

Charity Cup round 1: Burnham Utd A 5, Churchill Club 70 Res 2; Nailsea Utd B 0, Locking Park 3.

Challenge Cup round 1: Portishead Town B 1, Wedmore 2.

Challenge Cup quarter-finals: KVFC 2, Cheddar A 1; Westend 5, Winscombe A 1.

Davis Shield round 1: Congresbury A 2, Worle Rangers Res 3.

Division 1: Hutton 1, Tickenham Utd 2.

Division 2: Clevedon Utd A 2, Axbridge Town 5; St George (E-in-G) Res 3, Uphill Castle Res 0.

Division 3: Shipham 2, Cleeve West Town A 4; Wrington Redhill Res 0, Banwell Res 0.

Division 4: Clapton-in-Gordano 7, Hutton Res 1; Kewstoke Lions Res 3, Portishead Town Colts 1; Pill Utd 1, North Worle 3; Portishead Caledonian Thistle 3, Worle Res 2; South Park Rangers 5, St George (E-in-G) A 2.

Division 5: AFC Nailsea Res 1, Westend Res 1; Axbridge Town Res 4, Uphill Castle A 3; Clevedon Utd B 6, South Park Rangers Res 2; Selkirk Utd 1, Shipham Athletic 1; Wedmore Res 1, Clapton-in-Gordano Res 6.


Knockout Cup quarter-finals: Portishead Caledonian Thistle v Westend (B Carter); Worle Rangers v Cleeve West Town Res (J Cox).

Davis Shield quarter-finals: Worle Rangers Res v Westend Res (J Cooper); Nailsea Utd B v Winscombe A (J Collard); Portishead Town B v Wedmore Res (I Campbell); South Park Rangers Res v Hutton Res (B Dancer).

Hospital Cup quarter-final: Tickenham Utd v Draycott (S Clarke).

Charity Cup quarter-final: Uphill Castle Res v AFC Nailsea (J Locker).

Challenge Cup quarter-final: Banwell Res v Shipham (K Gould).

Vardon Cup round 1: Portishead Town Colts v North Worle (K Fox); Worle Res v Clapton-in-Gordano (T Boylan).

Keyes Cup quarter-final: Clevedon Utd B v Clapton-in-Gordano Res (S Acton).

Division 1: Berrow Res v Weston Super Seagulls (D Bryant); Congresbury Res v Portishead Town A (D Poole); Hutton v Yatton Athletic Res (S Venn); Winscombe Res v Nailsea Utd A (M Sprague).

Division 2: Axbridge Town v Burnham Utd A (T Billinghurst); Locking Park v Churchill Club 70 Res (Andy Locker); Sporting Weston v Clevedon Utd A (Ashley Locker).

Division 3: Cleeve West Town A v KVFC (D Trevaskus); Wedmore v Cheddar A (S Cahill).

Division 4: Pill Utd v South Park Rangers (D Pinnock).

Division 5: AFC Nailsea Res v Uphill Castle A (S Kay); Shipham Athletic v Axbridge Town Res (M Davies).

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