Splitz return with 22 medals

Splitz Gym Club returned with a haul of 22 medals from the South West Acrobatic & Tumbling Championships.

SPLITZ Gym Club came home with a haul of 22 medals in tumbling and acrobatics from the South West Acrobatic & Tumbling Championships.

The club took 31 gymnasts to Sherborne and Taunton over two weekends and successful results at Sherborne were: Ellie Mae Shearer and Maisie Carter in Prep B pairs (gold); Abel Luke and Archie Pickles competed for the first time in Prep A pairs (gold); Lottie Barns and Daisy Hooper in Prep B pairs (bronze); Amelia Heslington, Elana Titcombe, Storm Rickwood in novice trio (gold); Charlotte Grice, Eleanor Robertson, Isabelle Murphy in Grade 1 trio (silver); Harley Richards and Amy Vincent Kent in Prep A pairs competed for the first time with a clean routine.

The following medal results at Taunton for tumbling were: Grade 1 (nine to 10 years): Kayleigh Down (gold), Maisie Carter (silver), Olivia Harvey Bennett (bronze).

Grade 1 (11-12 years): Elleanor Atwell (bronze). Grade 1 (13+): Rea Cooper (gold); Sam Middleton (silver). Grade 2 (11-12 years): Lennon Coles (gold). Grade 5 (13-14 years): Libby Bunker (bronze).

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Other competing tumblers were: Georgia Sheepwash (4th); Jess Titcombe, Laura Robertson, Elana Titcombe, Chili Harling, Isabelle Murphy, Ellie Mae Shearer and Storm Rickwood.

Higher levels on floor: Rea Cooper and Chili Harling (silver); Carmen Benham and Elleanor Atwell (4th).

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Other floor gymnasts who all performed some amazing routines were: Rosie Hodder, Summer Rogers, Olivia Harvey Bennett; Jess Titcombe and Laura Robertson, Kayleigh Benham and Kayleigh Down; Carmen Benham, Rea Cooper, Chili Harling, Beth Macleod and Amy Green.

Splitz Gym Club head coach Sharon Benham said: “I am very proud of all the gymnasts and to have bronze, silver and gold medal winners on the podium for tumbling with our younger gymnasts is a big achievement.”

Thanks go to qualified judge Serena Robertson and to the choreographers Carmen Benham and Katrina Titcombe, who made the winning routines.

Also, thanks go to Louise Walker, head of prep level and Kristy King for all the coaching and Jo Holder for some fantastic leotards.

The club will be holding a gymnastics summer club at the Campus during the summer. Phone 01934 427427 to book or to join in September, email www.splitzgymclub.co.uk or phone 07900 856129.

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