Sports Bar keep up the pressure

DISTRICT LEAGUE - Churchill Club 70 Res 0 Weston St Johns Sports Bar 5 - SPORTS Bar kept up the pressure on the leaders of Division 1 with this comfortable victory at Churchill.

Churchill Club 70 Res 0

Weston St Johns Sports Bar 5

SPORTS Bar kept up the pressure on the leaders of Division 1 with this comfortable victory at Churchill.

After a scrappy first 20 minutes, Sports Bar took control when Mark Ingram's long ball found Ashley Towler, who then cut inside and scored from 25 yards.

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They doubled their lead when Towler's cross was swept in by James Cleaves for a 2-0 half time score.

After the break, Sports Bar increased their lead when Towler was brought down in the box and he converted the penalty.

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Ingram then powered in a fine header for the fourth and substitute Kelly Tyson completed the scoring with his first goal of the season.

In goal, Paul Stewart was virtually a spectator and Luke Stephenson was awarded the Beacham's steak and kidney pies man of the match award.


Hutton 5

HUTTON went into this game hoping to carry on their Division 1 winning streak.

The game started untidily until Hutton woke up with the first by veteran Stu Miller. They doubled the lead when Thomas Patrick slotted home.

The Hutton manager was not happy at half time with the performance, but they came out a lot better in second half, with more goals from Jantzen Fox, Patrick and the oldest player in the club, Tim Abraham.

Worle Rangers 0

Selkirk Utd Res 2

RANGERS were unlucky to lose a closely contested fixture which looked destined to be a goal-less until two late strikes gave the visitors victory.

Selkirk started the stronger side, controlling possession and putting some dangerous balls into the box.

Worle created some good chances through Adam Brown and Phil Dean, who was unluckily ruled offside after a good finish.

The second half was similar to the first. Chris McKee had a good chance saved, and Chris Brinson fired wide. Worle were defeated by two fine strikes in the final 10 minutes, giving the visitors all three points.

Ranger's man of the match went to Dave Taylor for a fine performance in midfield.


Challenge Cup round 1: Axbridge Town 6, Winscombe A 6 (aet), Winscombe won 3-2 on pens; Cleeve West Town A 1, Wedmore 4.

Division 1: Churchill Club 70 Res 0, Weston St Johns SB 5; East Worle 4, Portishead Town A 3; KVFC 1, Hutton 5; Nailsea Utd A 0, Cleeve West Town Res 1.

Division 2: Draycott 11, Worle Res 0; Portishead WMC 3, Yatton Ath Res 1; St George (EiG) Res 3, Clarence Park 3; Westland Utd Res 2, Locking Park 0; Winscombe Res 0, Selkirk Utd 5.

Division 3: Congresbury Res 3, Burnham Utd A 0; Kewstoke Lions Res 0, Weston St Johns Res 5; Nailsea Utd B 2, Wrington Redhill Res 1.

Division 4: Berrow Res 8, East Worle Res 2; Blagdon 0, Banwell Res 1; Clevedon Utd B 2, South Park Rangers 1; Westend 2, Nailsea Utd Colts 1.

Division 5: Dynamo Dury 3, Draycott Res 2; Portishead Town Colts 3, KVFC Res 1; Tickenham Utd 2, Sparta Kewstoke 1.

Division 6: AFC Nailsea Res 0, Sporting Weston 3; Dynamo Dury Res 1, Dolphin Ath 1; Wedmore Res 1, Axbridge Town Res 1; Worle Rangers 0, Selkirk Utd Res 2; Yatton Ath A 4, St George (EiG) B 1.


Division 1: Bournville Rovers v Cleeve West Town Res (T Major); Churchill Club 70 Res v Portishead Town A (C Ham); Hutton v Nailsea Town Res (M Davies); Kewstoke Lions v East Worle (L Gillam); KVFC v Milton Crusaders (C Scriven); Nailsea Utd A v Weston St Johns Sports Bar (P Fowler).

Division 2: Clevedon Utd A v Westland Utd Res (J Jarad); Clarence Park v Worle Res (K Summers); Locking Park v Draycott (D Carstensen); Portishead Town B v Portishead WMC (P Fisher); Winscombe Res v St George (EiG) Res (D Phillips); Yatton Ath Res v Selkirk Utd (S Yianni).

Division 3: Axbridge Town v Wrington Redhill Res (M Smith); Burnham Utd A v Cleeve West Town A (S Cahill); Congresbury Res v Winscombe A (N Brown); Nailsea Utd B v Wedmore (J Cooper); Weston St Johns Res v Kewstoke Lions Res (M Sprague).

Division 4: Banwell Res v Hutton Res (A Croker); Cheddar A v Blagdon (D Grant); Clevedon Utd B v Westend (N Aston); East Worle Res v King Alfred Sports Centre (T Billinghurst); Nailsea Utd Colts v Clevedon Dons (A Fry); South Park Rangers v Berrow Res (J Billinghurst).

Division 5: AFC Nailsea v St George (EiG) A (K Gould); Draycott Res v Weston St Johns Sports Bar Res (D Pinnock); Kewstoke Lions A v Tickenham Utd (M Gavin); KVFC Res v Bournville Rovers Res (N Wakley); Portishead Town Colts v Dynamo Dury (T Hurd).

Division 6: Dynamo Dury Res v Weston Super Seagulls (B Carter); St George (EiG) B v Axbridge Town Res (J Geer); Selkirk Utd Res v Worle Rangers (J Hadfield); Sporting Weston v Dolphin Ath (A Murphy); Wedmore Res v AFC Nailsea Res (R Perkins); Weston Players v Yatton Ath A (G Croker).

Division 1


East Worle91228


Cleeve West Town Res53218

Weston St Johns SB42114


Milton Crusaders40412

Kewstoke Lions32111

Portishead Town A32411

Nailsea Utd A32611

Nailsea Town Res31710

Churchill Club 70 Res*3068

Bournville Rovers20106

Division 2

Selkirk Utd81425

Clevedon Utd A80324

Westland Utd Res73524

Winscombe Res72323


Clarence Park71622

Portishead WMC61219

Locking Park51416

Yatton Ath Res42814

St George (EiG) Res32711

Worle Res10133

Portishead Town B0060

Division 3

Nailsea Utd B101531

Weston St Johns Res73124

Cleeve West Town A71322


Congresbury Res*62419

Axbridge Town51316

Kewstoke Lions Res33512

Winscombe A31610

Wrington Redhill Res2187

Burnham Utd A2197

Division 4

Clevedon Dons111234


Berrow Res90427

Clevedon Utd B63521

Cheddar A61319

Nailsea Utd Colts43815

King Alfred SC42714


Banwell Res41713

East Worle Res*40512

Hutton Res32711

South Park Rangers12125

Division 5

Dynamo Dury110333

Tickenham Utd81125

Sparta Kewstoke80324

Weston St Johns SB Res60418

St George (EiG) A43515

Portishead Town Colts42614

Draycott Res33512

AFC Nailsea2349

KVFC Res*2378

Kewstoke Lions A01101

Division 6

Sporting Weston131140

Weston Super Seagulls111234

Dolphin Ath101131

Dynamo Dury Res92529

Selkirk Utd Res82526

Worle Rangers74425

Yatton Ath A521017

Weston Players35614

Wedmore Res1588

St George (EiG) B*3088

AFC Nailsea Res14107

Axbridge Town Res03113

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