St Andrews men and women progress in National Club Championships

Ken Uglow competing for St Andrews Bowls Club.

Ken Uglow competing for St Andrews Bowls Club. - Credit: Mark Atherton

St Andrews men and women both reached the inter-area finals of their National Club Championships in contrasting ways on Saturday.

The men had a comfortable victory over Isle of Wedmore in the Denny Cup, winning on all four rinks, with Darrell Johnston’s away four particularly dominant as they won by 30 shots.

The women were given a walkover by Ilminster in the Yetton Trophy because of illness and players not available.

The men will play either Ilminster or Dorchester in their inter-area final on December 11.

On the same day, the women will face either Dorchester or Yeovil.

During a very successful week for the Sants, they also won their first Somerset County League game of the season, beating Bristol by two shots, while individual players had a string of good results in the national championships.

Most notable was probably the 15-11 away victory by Sam and Lee Stocker, Craig Walker and Richard Withers against a rink including three current Liberty Trophy players at Taunton Vivary.

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Denny Cup: St Andrews 111, Isle of Wedmore 55. Home – K Uglow, T Wyatt, D Fairhurst, L Stocker 24-19; G Millard, D Holborow, G Wride, P Villis 30-16. Away – M Ford, J Keay, D Bailey, D Johnston 36-6; M Campbell, R Venn, K Curtis, B Forse 21-14.

Somerset County League: St Andrews 77 (10pts), Bristol 75 (2pts). Home – L Fisher, D Holborow, M Ford, P Villis 27-17; T Wyatt, R Stone, J Angove, D Fairhurst 23-13. Away – J Keay, R Venn, K Curtis, B Forse 11-31; G Millard, K Uglow, D Bailey, D Johnston 16-14.

National Over-60 Inter-Club Double Rink: St Andrews A 48, Victoria (Street) 12. Home – J Keay, D Holborow, G Wride, P Villis 22-7. Away – K Curtis, D Bailey, D Johnston, B Forse 26-5; St Andrews B 37, Minehead 32. Home – N Bassett, M Goddard, A Cooper, D Favis 20-13. Away – K Uglow, G Hodge, M Ford, R Venn 17-19.

National individual championships: Men’s Singles – B Forse (St Andrews) 21, S Barnard (Taunton) 12.

Two-Wood Singles: D Holborow (St Andrews) 21, F Lloyd (Ilminster) 13.

Men’s Over-60 Singles – F Lloyd (Ilminster) 8, B Forse 21; P Fisher (Ilminster) 21, D Holborow (St Andrews) 18.

Under-25 Singles – L Hembrow (Ilminster) 2, S Stocker (St Andrews) 1.

Men’s Pairs – J & S Angove (St Andrews) 19, D Horton/A Parsons (Taunton Deane) 8; B Forse/D Johnston (St Andrews) 25, L Hembrow/W Anderson (Ilminster) 8; D Weeks/Partner (North Petherton) 8, S Stocker/R Withers (St Andrews) 17.

Men’s Triples – D Winmill, S Barnard, J Amery (Taunton) 17, J Angove, D Fairhurst, S Angove (St Andrews) 9.

Men’s Fours – C Cook, A Owens, S Barnard, J Amery (Taunton) 11, S Stocker, C Walker, L Stocker, R Withers (St Andrews) 15.

Women’s Champion of Champions – R McMillan (St Andrews) 21, S Cox (Minehead) 7.

Club 2019-20 Triples Championship final: M Dew, D Bailey, B Forse 26, B Mangan, G Webber, D Holborow 5.

Friendly: St Andrews 52, Somerset Indoor Patrons 35. J Fenn, L Fisher, A Cooper, D Fairhurst 17-10; P Smart, R Brereton, A Frost, D Bailey 17-14; C Robinson, S Perren, R Potter, P Villis 18-11.

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