St Andrews reached North Somerset Knockout Cup final

Derek Denery bowling for Clevedon Prom.

Derek Denery bowling for Clevedon Prom. - Credit: Archant

St Andrews reached the final of the North Somerset Knockout Cup after defeating Portishead RBL.

ST ANDREWS defeated Portishead RBL away in the semi-final of the North Somerset Knockout Cup by 31 shots winning on all five rinks.

The Saints play local rivals Victoria in the final on August 30 at Clarence Park.

St Andrews 111, Portishead RBL 80: L Yeates, R Venn, G Webber, S Davies 19-14; M Goddard, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 26-10; A Yeeles, R Gill, K Curtis, G Wride 21-19; R Potter, J Warren, N Sell, D Bailey 22-21; K Uglow, A Ware, B Reeves, D Favis 23-16.

St Andrews narrowly lost their semi-final of the 4 Dimension Cup away to Nailsea, the match ended with two disciplines each.

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The Saints won the singles and pairs, with Nailsea taking the triples and fours and shot difference decided the match, with Nailsea coming out on top by just two shots.

St Andrews 75, Nailsea 77: S Davies 21-13; A McMillan, B Forse 23-17; M Goddard, G Webber, K Curtis 11-21; K Uglow, R Venn, D Bailey, G Wride 20-26.

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St Andrews won both their away Over-60s triple matches. Against Winscombe, they won by 18 shots and came away with 16 points to their opponents four.

Playing at Portishead, the Saints took 15 points to five and a 32-shot win with a notable performance by the rink of Malcolm Goddard, Don Bailey and skip Brian Reeves, who had a 21-shot win over their opponents.

St Andrews 111, Winscombe 93: A Lay, R Brereton, B Reeves 22-8; A Cooper, J Ling, D Favis 24-18; K Uglow, G Cooper, B Forse 21-15; A Yeeles, D Price, A Ware 19-15; B Rogers, M Goddard, G Wride 16-17; R Potter, C Coffin, G Webber 9-20.

St Andrews 115, Portishead 83: M Goddard, D Bailey, B Reeves 33-8; K Uglow, G Cooper, B Forse 25-9; C Coffin, R Gill, A Ware 19-16; A Cooper, K Curtis, D Favis 13-13; B Rogers, R McLeod, G Wride 14-20; R Potter, T Allen, J Warren 11-17.

In the Somerset League Premier 2, the A team lost away to Clevedon Promenade by four shots, taking four points for two winning rinks. The B team lost at home to Victoria B by 16 shots and took two points to their opponents 10.

St Andrews A 57, Clevedon Promenade A 61: M Goddard, G Copper, A McMillan, B Forse 21-19; K Uglow, R Venn, D Bailey, S Davies 24-20; L Yeates, N Sell, K Curtis, G Webber 12-22.

St Andrews B 50, Victoria B 66: P Smart, R Weaver, D Price, J Warren 15-14; J Lewcock, J Bolton, J Ling, T Allen 17-32; A Cooper, P Lewcock, R McLeod, R Gill 18-20.

VICTORIA overcame Clarence to reach the final of the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

Victoria won three of the five rinks, with the rink of Pete Wyatt, Lee Stocker, Ken Harvey and skip Will Harrison winning by 14 shots to ensure progress to the final.

Victoria 94, Clarence 81: P Wyatt, L Stocker, K Harvey, W Harrison 21-7; H Whyte, D Williams, J Newman, M Stocker 13-17; B Pocock, R Fenwick, D Hurst, C Gazzard 19-18; P Lunn, P Fisher, A Bray, M Cooper 22-24; H Gibbs, M Manning, N Stocker, P Leadbeater 19-15.

In the Somerset County League, Victoria A played Bloomfield A, the rinks of Mike Cooper and Will Harrison won comfortably. Mike Stocker’s rink won four of the last five ends to turn defeat into victory to ensure a maximum haul of 12 points.

Victoria B played St Andrews B and secured a healthy win of 16 shots and returning with 10 points. The winning margin was down to an excellent rink win of 15 shots by Pete Lunn, G Rain, J Howell and skip Derek Hurst.

Victoria D suffered a defeat against Ashcombe B, but were rewarded with an amazing comeback on the rink skipped by John Griffiths, who won nine of the last 10 ends, picking up 20 shots to win the rink by two shots and claim a valuable two points.

Victoria A 66 (12), Bloomfield A 39 (0): N Stocker, A Bray, C Gazzard, M Cooper 23-11; P Wyatt, P Fisher, K Harvey, W Harrison 23-12; H Whyte, D Williams, J Newman, M Stocker 20-16.

Victoria B 66 (10), St Andrews B 50 (2): P Lunn, G Rain, J Howell, D Hurst 32-17; J Mingo-West, H Gibbs, M Manning, M Campbell 14-15; B Pocock, M Milliner, M Taylor, D Sealey 20-18.

Victoria D 44 (2), Ashcombe B 75(10): A Webb, Carmin, R Bromet T Gatehouse 7-34; A Waygood, T Gilbert, J Fenn, J Griffiths 24-22; J Turton, W Nicholls, S Evans 13-19.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, the Saxons travelled to Clevedon gaining 16 points with Geoff Stocker, Tony Bray and Derek Hurst excelling with a 12-shot win.

Victoria Saxons 101 (16), Clevedon 82 (4): G Stocker, A Bray D Hurst 26-14; H Whyte, G Raine M Stocker 20-14; B Pocock, A Barnes R Rockett 11-14; T Gatehouse, D Sealey D Williams 8-18; P Lunn, J Newman M Campbell 19-5; J Mingo-West, M Manning K Holland 11-17.

Somerset county fielded a strong team to take the honours once again in this annual match, with Victoria’s presidents winning on just two rinks skipped by John Newman and Mike Manning.

Victoria President Select 96, Somerset Executive 138: B Pocock, M Milliner, D Williams M Stocker 20-24; J Mingo-West, K Holland D, Jones 12-22; T Gilbert, A Shattock, B Saward S Evans 9-35; H Whyte, R Rockett, R Fenwick G Frost 14-26; W Nicholls, E Sage, K Harvey J Newman 18-14; L Kelly, T Gatehouse, M Taylor M Manning 23-17.

ASHCOMBE Knights defeated Yatton by just three shots in an Over-60s match

It was a close fought game with each team taking three rinks, but the Knights just edged over the line

Ashcombe103, Yatton 100: B Jones, R Counsell, J Main 14-17; M Paterson, G Mills, R Tasker 16-21; R Cole, G Finnegan, DA Williams 20-22; J Marlow, J Bryant, A Freke 16-14; F Bertram, A Cracknell, E Roberts 18-17; M Field, G Sansam D Carr 19-9.

Ashcombe played eight rinks against a touring team from Islwyn and won by 14 shots. After the game, the visitors enjoyed a meal before their journey home.

Ashcombe 121, Islwyn 107: G Pople, M Field, C Vardon, J Whitlow 15-12; DA Williams, B Underhay, S Hedges, T Cottrell 24-11; N Coombes, K Davies, M Bass, R Tasker 13-13; M Tripp, R Counsell, L Cox, J Taylor 11-13; B Bishop, G Fews, G Sansam, J Creasey 13-18; F Bertram, J Marlow, J Main, G Wilkinson 22-9; G Kinsey, B Miles, J McKenzie, T Bass 13-15; G Tucker, B Jones, D Wynne, A Cracknell 10-16.

Crusaders were away to Clevedon in their Over-60s match and had a tremendous game. Winning on four rinks, losing on one and drawing the sixth, they won by 29 shots.

Crusaders 115, Clevedon 86: L Cox, S Hedges, T Bass 27-13; M Bass, A Little, J Taylor 16-16; G Tottle, G Kinsey, B Webber 13-25; R Powell, M Southwood, J Creasey 22-7; A Wilmot, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 19-14; B Benstead, L Day, G Wlkinson 18-11.

Ashcombe were again hosts to a mixed touring team, this time from Fairford and the home side were the victors by 33 shots.

Ashcombe 122, Fairford 89: G Pople, D Norville, M Southwood, J Creasey 18-19; B Duncan, P Wynne, B Macgregor, J Taylor 28-9; S Appleby, G Sansam, J Wilkinson, G Wilkinson 17-17; M Bass, B Cullen, S Hedges, A Little 20-18; B Bishop, S Noyes, B Benstead, T Bass 24-10; A Freke, A Bass, A Cracknell, J Main 15-16.

Ashcombe B played away to Victoria D in the North Somerset League and won on two rinks, lost on one, giving them 10 points. The rink of D Freestone, G Sansam, T Cottrell and B Webber won by an impressive 34 shots to seven.

Ashcombe B 75, Victoria D 48: D Freestone, G Sansam, T Cottrell, B Webber 34-7; J Bryant, J McKenzie, R Tasker, E Roberts 22-24; M Paterson, G Fews, J Main, J Creasey 19-17.

Ashcombe A played at home to Chew Stoke A in the NSL and they also won two rinks, lost one, receiving 10 points.

Ashcombe A 58, Chew Stoke A 49: B Benstead, N Coombes, S Hedges, R Powell 19-17; A Wilmot, M Bass, J Taylor, DA Williams 16-21; M West, J Marlow, T Bass, J Whitlow 23-11.

CLARENCE Blues beat Burnham comprehensively for the second time in a fortnight to maintain their challenge for the championship in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

This time, their margin of victory over home side Burnham was 40 shots, with just one Clarence rink losing. Captain David Stott’s triple were the stars, with a 21-shot victory, while Richard Crawford, Gerald Barlow, Burnham resident Mick Edlin and Roger Burrough also won.

Burnham 79 (2), Clarence Blues 119 (18): R Smith, B Ballinger, R Crawford 17-9; D Grier, J Keay, G Barlow 18-12; B Benn, B Duffy, M Edlin 15-12; A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 21-12; J Rogers, J Burgess, P Tubb 19-26; B Rossiter, T Mannion, D Stott 29-8.

Clarence travelled to Victoria, bidding to reach the final of the North Somerset KO Cup, which is being held at their home green on August 30.

It was a close game all the way, with momentum ebbing and flowing, but Victoria finished strongly to win by 13 shots. David Stott’s and Roger Burrough’s rink finished up for Clarence, while Richard Crawford lost by one.

Victoria 94, Clarence 81: B Rossiter, T Mannion, J Keay, D Stott 24-22; R Smith, C Tippett, D Grier, M Phillips 7-21; A Gardiner, A Bishop, T Pritchard, R Burrough 17-13; M Edlin, M Scoins, B Ballinger, R Crawford 18-19; T Ward, J Atkins, J Edwards, P Tubb 15-19.

Clarence A slipped into the relegation zone in Premier 2 of the Somerset County League when they lost by 29 shots away to North Petherton A, their fourth successive defeat.

Having been pointless in their previous two games, this time they took one point - from a last-end draw by captain David Stott’s rink. To stay up, they will probably need to take maximum points this Saturday at home to Clevedon Prom A, who are level on points with them, but have played a game less.

North Petherton A 71 (11), Clarence A 42 (1): A Gardiner, J Keay, T Pritchard, G Barlow 8-32; M Edlin, B Ballinger, R Crawford, D Stott 16-16; B Rossiter, T Mannion, B Duffy, R Burrough 18-23.

The enthusiastic bowlers of the Newport Over-60s League made their annual visit to Clarence when, mercifully, the morning rain went away and wet-weather gear wasn’t needed.

Across the six men’s rinks, Clarence won three and drew one, but lost by 10 shots. The two home ladies’ rinks dominated, with skips Audrey Harris and Ann Crawford winning by a total of 38 shots, which gave Clarence victory overall by 28 shots. Crawford’s rink included Clarence club secretary Tony Mannion, a last-minute substitute.

The victorious men’s rinks were skipped by Roger Burrough, David Stott and Don Towie, while Mick Edlin and his team came back from 5-15 down at 13 ends to draw.

Clarence 164, Newport Over-60s League 136 – men: A Cord, M Thompson, M Scoins, K Marshall 13-19; A Gardiner, D Symes, I Phipps, R Burrough 21-17; L Lewis, M Peters, J Atkins, J Edwards 10-29; B Rossiter, A Bishop, R Crawford, D Stott 18-14; B Underwood, J Hicks, D Jackman, M Edlin 17-17; B Benn, F Al-Hinai, J Keay, D Towie 25-18.

Ladies: V Gardiner, E Stott, T Mannion, A Crawford 23-10; M Angove, S Scoins, V Jones, A Harris 37-12.

Ken Marshall and Ivan Phipps skipped Clarence’s only winning rinks as Gloucestershire tourists Fairford beat them by 24 shots in a mixed match.

Clarence 96, Fairford 120: Janet Anning, Ann Ballinger, M Peters, K Marshall 19-16; Mo Southan, Pauline Dunn, J Hicks, M Skyrme 8-25; Irene Hicks, K Southan, A Bishop, B Sweet 12-17; Beryl Deacon, M Thompson, D Grier, I Phipps 24-12; Norma Peters, L Lewis, M Scoins, Joan Duffy 14-26; Ros Francombe, F Al-Hinai, R Smith, Joan Davis 19-24.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team entertained Droitwich club Vines Park, who included several regular, and very accomplished, entrants in the annual Weston Men’s Open Tournament.

Not surprisingly, the visitors had an easy victory, winning on all rinks except that which comprised veterans Irene and Jim Hicks, Sunday captain Ken Marshall and Ivan Phipps. They finished five ahead.

Clarence 74, Vines Park 151: Jennie Weston, K Southan, D Weston, G Andrews 10-27; Pam Fowler, Mo Southan, B Benn, J Atkins 13-28; Pam Dunn, N Martin, Audrey Harris, Veronica Jones 8-27; Rita Hinde, Ann Ward, Joan Duffy, B Duffy 14-22; Irene Hicks, J Hicks, K Marshall, I Phipps 20-15; D Symes, Ros Francombe, N Martin, T Mannion 9-32

BANWELL A gained the maximum 12 points in their league game when they travelled to Wedmore Plate winners Purnells.

Like most of the previous five away games, the scores across all three rinks were close throughout the match.

Mike Davies and his rink managed to edge clear and create some daylight between them and their opposition in the final few ends to win by five shots. John Davies and his rink went into the last end two shots up and after some sound positional bowling, ensured that their opposition could only manage one shot.

Darrell Johnston and his four went into final end all level. After the front end had bowled, Banwell held one shot and had the back covered. Vice-captain Phil Villis then drew his bowl right on top of the jack, with the Purnell players unable to disturb the head, skip Darrell didn’t need to play his last wood and they won the rink by two shots.

With one game to go, Banwell A have already ensured their best-ever finish in the top league in Somerset.

Banwell A 59 (12), Purnells A 61 (0): T Hyde, D Towie, C Wilson, J Davies 19-18; B Taylor, L Smith, P Villis, D Johnston 22-20; G Millard, P Aldus, A Steer, M.Davies 18-13.

The B team were aiming for an unprecedented fifth straight league victory in North 2, but despite winning on two of the three rinks, they lost the game by seven shots and missed out on the six bonus points.

Good wins by the rinks skipped by Kim Burgess and Harry Woodards ensured four rink points for the home team against Mark Moor A. The final game of the season is home against local opposition in the form of Victoria.

Banwell B 52 (4), Mark Moor 59 (8): T Garfield, J Evans, J Rickerty, H Woodards 16-14; T Burnett, J Amos, D Robinson, J Laurent 13-32; V McArdell, C Coffin, M Laycock, K Burgess 23-13.

The week began with a home friendly against Eastover Park. Banwell were able to get revenge for their defeat at the end of last month. Winning comfortably on three of the four rinks, Banwell ran out victorious. Special mention must go to Alan Cockayne, Toni Thompson, Jan and John Davies who won by over 20 shots on their rink.

Banwell 95, Eastover 53: J Evans, C Coffin, P Villis, K Burgess 29-11; D Baker, P Ackroyd, J Amos, A Vickery 12-17; A Cockayne, J Davies, T Thompson, J Davies 32-9; M Garfield, T Couch, T Garfield, P Aldus 22-16.

WEDMORE men had an outstanding win in Weston and District Over-60s triples match against visitors Clevedon Prom.

Keith Pettit and his team had the best result of the afternoon with a 29-5 victory.

Wedmore 130, Clevedon Prom 60: R Hunt, S Newdick, K Pettit 29-5; B Back, J Runciman, R Barron 27-9; A Birch, I Gallop, R Newell 22-7; P Smith, I Faulkner, S Fisher 19-12; T Simpson, K Davey, R Hughes 15-15; C Wheller, D Collins, C Panchaud 18-12.

The men’s A team visited Nailsea and won the match by nine shots. In a close fought game, Roger Hughes and his team had the best result 21-13.

Wedmore A 64, Nailsea 55: K Pettit, I Gallop, D Wederell, E Payne 24-21; D Collins, R Thurkettle, R Barron, D Nicholls 19-21; T Brown, D Trow, R Newell, R Hughes 21-13.

Wedmore played away at Clevedon in the Clevedon & District Over-60s League and came away with another good win. Roger Hughes led his team to the best win of the day 25-8.

Wedmore 105, Clevedon 91: R Hunt, A Birch, R Barron 16-14; T Bullock, S Fisher, R Hughes 25-8; C Wheller, J Runciman, K Pettit, 21-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 15-14; B Back, I Gallop, D Stansfield 11-23; R Bull, R Norris, C Panchaud 17-21.

The B team did not fare so well against visitors West Backwell, losing by 46 to 67 and with only Colin Moss and his team having a good win 28-5.

The ladies hosted Portishead for a Weston & District League match and won by seven shots. Ladies’ captain Gill Harvey and her team had the best win of the day 23-10.

Wedmore Ladies 51, Portishead 44: J Collins, C Mercer, G Harvey 23-10; M Stansfield, M Perry, M Trow 16-15; B Clark, P Beard, S Wederell 12-19.

Wedmore visited Winscombe and in a match with high scores, won by just one shot. Maureen Hordle and her team enjoyed a good win 34-7

Wedmore Ladies 56, Winscombe 55: J Collins, A Birch, L Hamblin, D Gallop 6-34; T Newell, M Barron, C Pettit, M Hordle 34-7; P Jenkins, B Disbrey, M Trow, J Masters 16-14.

In the second WDL match of the week, Congresbury visited Wedmore and the home side had a tough time losing by 71 shots to 26.

In the last MSL match of the season, Wedmore visited Frome Park and were pleased to win all three rinks. Keith Burt and his team had the best result 23-7.

Wedmore 60, Frome Park 34: T Newell, M Perry, J Harvey, K Burt 23-7; A Hughes, A Birch, C Panchaud, R Newell 17-12; T Counsell, G Dodd, J Masters, G Harvey 20-15.

A Wedmore mixed team visited North Petherton for a friendly match and, after a hard fought afternoon, managed a 75-72 win. Alan Birch and his team had the best win with a 21-9 score.

ASHCOMBE Ladies president Sylvia Ford and captain Lesley Paterson held their invitation day and were hosts to Somerset junior vice-president Trudiy Bishop from City of Wells, officers from six local clubs, life members, club members and guests.

A fun yardstick game was played, preceded by a spider and was enjoyed by all. The game was followed by an afternoon tea in the clubhouse, prepared and served by Martin and Lesley Parterson, who were warmly thanked.

President Sylvia introduced Trudiy Bishop, who said she had enjoyed the afternoon, which was played in good weather and thanked everyone concerned in all the arrangements for a most successful day.

Captain Lesley then gave a brief resume of the season’s activities and results followed by various announcements.

The winners - spider: Margaret Wride (St Andrews president); yardstick: Joan McInally (Ashcombe), runner-up: Averill Goacher. Consolation: Mary Palmer.

The afternoon concluded with a presentation of a fruit arrangement to Trudiy Bishop in appreciation of her attendance.

VICTORIA Ladies 39, Burnham 53 (Weston & District Triples League): C Stevens, A Holland, R Cleeves 16-13; H Frye, F Waters, S Cooper 16-16; B Williams, C Willetts, C Sage 7-24.

Victoria 42 (0), Wrington 57 (10) (Mendip League): S Milliner, C Stevens M Hillman 12-20; H Frye, C Sage, S Newman 14-17; B Williams, C Willetts, R Cleeves 16-20.

THE match between the Wessex Ladies president’s team and the captain’s team resulted in a 68-38 win for the president.

Following the match, an American supper was enjoyed and captain Elaine Stott presented the Stella Ford Trophy to president Joan Duffy.

Scores - president’s team first: C Falconbridge, E Williams, J Davis 22, T Langford, M Hawkins, P Dunn 9; D Welfare, J Gardiner, M Davis, J Duffy 17, E Stott, S Hewitt, C Peart, P Taylor 5; V Edwards, E Wade, A Powell 21, I Hicks, L Hedderman, A Ward 9; B Hayes, M Milford, J Allard 8, V Gardiner, E Deane, A Fewings 15.

Wessex Ladies 58 (7), Mark Moor 55 (3) (Wessex Ladies League): B Hayes, M Milford, P Dunn, J Duffy 20-20; E Wade, E Williams, M Davis, A Fewings 23-14; P Turner, E Stott, M Hawkins, A Ward 15-21.

Wessex president Joan Duffy receiving the Stella Ford Trophy from captain Elaine Stott.

ST ANDREWS Ladies continued their winning run in the DRT League, winning at home to Clevedon Promenade by nine shots and taking all 10 points.

St Andrews Ladies 51, Clevedon Promenade 42: P Uglow, W Allen, M Bailey, M Pattenden 17-14; J Forse, A Greenwood, I Tofte, J Ware 16-15; C Venn, M Wride, B Goddard, M Favis 18-13.

Their away friendly against Clarence was a closely fought contest, with St Andrews coming out on top by two shots.

St Andrews Ladies 62, Clarence 60: J Forse, H Chesters, S Sinclair, I Tofte 28-18; S Glenville, A Greenwood, B Goddard, M Favis 17-16; M Barnes, M Wride, S Priory, M Pattenden 17-26.

ALTHOUGH Jean Colman, captain Jo Mannion and Mary Davison won their triple by nine shots, Clarence Ladies lost by four away to Victoria Ladies in the Weston & District League.

Victoria Ladies 53, Clarence 49: A Ballinger, P Hawkins, A Harris 14-22; P Fowler, P Burrough, P Barnbrook 15-20; J Colman, J Mannion, M Davison 20-11.

A nine-shot victory by Audrey Harris’s rink was not enough to spare Clarence Ladies from a two-shot home defeat by their St Andrews counterparts in a friendly match. Margaret Noddings lost by one to a last-end single by the visitors.

Clarence Ladies 60, St Andrews 62: R Francombe, M Southan, C Marshall, P Burrough 18-28; A Ballinger, J Anning, S Searle, M Noddings 16-17; S Ellis, K Bradbury, M Goodwin, A Harris 26-17.

WINSCOMBE Ladies played two league matches against Long Ashton and Isle of Wedmore, losing both of them.

In the Isle of Wedmore match, they had one good winning rink skipped by Wendy Weller, but lost on the other two rinks to lose the match overall by just one shot. At Long Ashton they also won on one rink picking up two points.

Winscombe Ladies 43, Long Ashton 59 (NST): I Miles, L Whatling, M Adams 10-25; M Sprouting, W Weller, R Keane 23-13; L Dyer, J Rush,S Caddy 10-21.

Winscombe Ladies 55, Wedmore 56 (Wessex League): I Miles, C Bryant, J Rush, W Weller 34-6; C Hopes, L Coombe, S Lowman, E Watts 7-34; M Sprouting, S Lowis, P Burns, M Adams 14-16

The traditional captain’s fun day theme this year was anything goes. There was lots of laughter, both on and off the green, while playing a yardstick game, followed by supper.

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