St Andrews regain the Jim McClelland Shield

Bowls St Andrewsv Clarence,

Bowls St Andrewsv Clarence, - Credit: Archant

St Andrew won back the Jim McClelland Shield after beating Clarence by 42 shots.

ST ANDREWS regained the Jim McClelland Shield with a 42-shot victory over Clarence.

In a fairly close first half, Clarence went into tea three shots in front, but things changed dramatically after tea. The rink skipped by Gordon Wride finished the match winning 48-11, giving the Saints a comfortable overall win.

In an away triples match to Bridgwater, the Saints had another comfortable win by 30 shots, thanks to good results from the rinks skipped by Ken Curtis, Don Bailey and Alec Horsburgh.

At home to Ashcombe in a mixed friendly, St Andrews lost by seven shots, despite losing on only two of the six rinks.

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St Andrews men progressed to the second round of the North Somerset 4 Dimension Cup, winning 3-1 against Burnham.

Results – singles: A Owen 21-10; pairs: M Goddard, S Davies 23-6; triples: K Uglow, K Curtis, D Bailey 15-19; rink: R Smith, A McMillan, D Favis, G Wride 31-22.

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St Andrews 135, Clarence 93 (Jim McClelland Shield): R Smith, J Ling, G Aldridge, G Wride 48-11; K Uglow, R Roberts, I Lamb, D Bailey 19-14; M Goddard, D Wills, J Warren, B Reeves 20-11; R Brereton, G Cooper, K Curtis S Davies 18-18; P Smart, R McLeod, A Ware, A Horsburgh 13-21; B Rogers, D Price, A McMillan R Gill 17-18.

St Andrews 114, Bridgwater 84 (friendly): M Goddard, G Tofte, R Gill 12-18; K Uglow, J Ling, J Warren 18-17; D Wills, G Cooper, K Curtis 23-7; R Brereton, D Price, D Favis 15-21; B Rogers, T Allen, A Horsburgh 22-12; G Sims, R McLeod, D Bailey 24-9.

Playing away from home in their first match, the ladies came away with a good win against Nailsea.

St Andrews Ladies 52, Nailsea 40 (friendly): C Venn, M Frost, M Bailey J Ware 23-9; M Wride, A Greenwood, I Tofte, A Cambell 15-19; S Priory, D cooper, B Goddard M Favis 14-12.

ASHCOMBE 69, Burnham 114: D Freestowe, G Sansam, J Main, J Creasey 7-26; G Tucker, B Noyes, M Parry, I Shannon 11-20; B Alden, P Sheppard, M Bass, K Wheeler 15-10; L Yeates, B Benstead, L Cox, G Wilkinson 11-25; M Paterson, D Norville, I Baker, J Whitlow 9-19; J Marlow, T Pople, L Day, T Williams 16-14.

Ashcombe 51, Bristol 79: D Freestowe, M Parry, L Day, J Creasey 10-18; R Counsell, B Benstead, B Hadley, D Williams 16-21; M West, D Bleasdale, J Hornett, B Webber 7-23; J Marlow, W Spring, F Ham, T Cottrell 18-17.

Ashcombe Knights 77, Nailsea 117: A Wright, E Roberts, I Shannon 17-15; N Coombes, G Mills, T Cottrell 14-22; R Counsell, I Baker, J Main 13-21; D Cooper, K Hallett, E Hopkins 11-19; G Kinsey, P Gaulton, E Hooper 11-17; B Jones, M Parry, M Bass 11-23.

Ashcombe Templars 103, Clarence Golds 88: B Golding, G Pople, L Cox 22-10; G Tucker, T Pople, M Badman 10-14; K Davies, D Wynne, F Bertram 11-20; D Underhay, M Tripp, M Paterson 19-19; M Field, G Sansam, B Benstead 23-8; D Freestowe, M Macmahon, E.Booth 18-17.

Ashcombe 113, St Andrews 106 (mixed friendly): G Tucker, E Roberts, B MacGregor, A Little 24-24; A Cox, G Pople, M West, L Cox 24-10; M Macmahon, G Tottle, J Wilkinson, G Wilkinson 15-23; A Wilmot, K Davies, N Counsell, B Webber 10-15; M Field, S Davies, M Paterson, E Hooper 17-18; D Freestowe, J Field, T Morgan, E Hopkins 23-16.

CLARENCE faced a stiff early-season test, when they travelled to play Winscombe in the preliminary round of the Bowls England National Two-Rink Championship.

However, a splendid win by Roger Burrough’s rink, who led by 20 at one point, set up a nine-shot victory. David Stott’s four had a titanic battle with Winscombe’s Steve Eastment.

A three on the 20th end by Winscombe was not sufficient to give them hope of victory if they played on, so, with the score at 14-13 to the home team, they conceded the match.

Clarence: M Edlin, R Crawford, B Ballinger, D Stott 13-14 (after 20 ends); A Gardiner, T Pritchard, P Tubb, R Burrough 26-16.

The Blues, Clarence’s first team in the Weston & District Over-60s League, began their Division 1 season at home to Clevedon Prom and won on on four rinks for victory overall by 35 shots.

Richard Crawford, with a six on the 12th end, Roger Burrough, who conceded only five singles, Paul Tubb (also with a six) and Pete Palmer (back after a year out) skipped the winning Clarence teams.

Clarence Blues 113 (16), Clevedon Prom 4 (4): A Bishop, T Mannion, R Crawford 26-16; A Gardiner, J Keay, R Burrough 19-5; T Ward, J Rogers, P Tubb 25-12; R Flicker, B Underwood, P Palmer 18-9; M Edlin, K Marshall, B Ballinger 13-18; B Rossiter, D Grier, D Stott 12-18.

In Division 2 of the Over-60s League, Clarence Golds battled well over the closing ends at home to Ashcombe Templars, but had left themselves too much to do and lost by 15 shots.

The triple skipped by John Hayes, 7-10 down with four ends left, picked up seven, including a four on the last end, to win. Brian Hanks’s team led all the way and confirmed a nine-shot victory with a closing five, while captain Brendan Duffy had to settle for a draw, having been 19-13 ahead until the last three ends, despite dropping an early seven.

Clarence Golds 88 (5), Ashcombe Templars 103 (15): J Kellaway, M Skyrme, J Edwards 10-22; B Cheffers, R Dodson, J Hayes 14-10; L Lewis, A Taylor, B Hanks 20-11; M Peters, M Scoins, B Duffy 19-19; J Norris, J Atkins, M Davies 8-23; C Tippett, A Newlands, D Jackman 17-18.

Clarence were away to local rivals St Andrews in the annual match for the Jim McClelland Trophy, played over six rinks.

A 37-shot defeat on rink one proved too great a handicap for Clarence, despite victories for the fours skipped by David Stott and Roger Burrough – the latter’s team picked up eight shots on the last three ends to win by one. Paul Tubb’s four drew.

St Andrews 135, Clarence 93: T Hooper, J Kellaway, J Burgess, D Jackman 11-48; T Ward, M Skyrme, C Read, M Edlin 14-19; J Loveridge, M Scoins, B Duffy, R Crawford 11-20; R Flicker, A Newlands, J Edwards, P Tubb 18-18; A Gardiner, L Lewis, J Keay, R Burrough 18-17; B Rossiter, D Grier, T Mannion, D Stott 21-13.

The captain’s choice day of Clarence’s Sunday skipper Alan Bishop was ruined by the weather at the weekend, but around 40 members enjoyed a quiz and a splendid tea, organised by Alan and his wife Sue. The Sunday team start their fixtures away to Cheltenham Whaddon on May 11.

From Thursday until Sunday this week, Clarence is hosting the annual visually-impaired tournament. Bowlers from all over the country will be competing in the singles event, which is supported by Worle and Weston Lions Clubs.

VICTORIA Bowling Club suffered three defeats in the Weston & District Over-60s League by narrow margins, but the friendly squads started the season with four wins.

The Saxons opened their season with a defeat at the hands of neighbours Winscombe by three shots.

It could have been worse, but a great fight back by Keith Holland’s triple from 3-17 down on 10 ends scoring an unchallenged 15 shots in the last eight ends to win by 18-17 gave Victoria a welcome additional two points to go with the four points earned by the winning rinks of Bryan Stock and Ken Harvey.

Victoria Saxons 90 (6), Winscombe 93 (14): D Williams, G Stocker, M Stocker 10-20; T Gatehouse, J Newman, D Hurst 16-17; M Campbell, M Taylor, K Holland 18-17; H Whyte, T Bray, M Cooper 17-18; M Fletcher, D Sealey, B Stock 14-11; R Austin, R Rockett, K Harvey 15-10.

Victoria Vikings travelled to play Clarence Golds winning just two rinks to earn four points, with the rink of Richard Hollier, Terry Gilbert and skip Derek Jones winning by a healthy 10 shots.

Vikings 94 (4), Clarence Golds 100 (16): J Codrington, B Nicholls, A Shattock 8-20; R Hollier, T Gilbert, D Jones 23-13; R Jacobs, A Waygood, G Frost 17-19; G Jones, M Milliner, J Griffiths 13-18; L Kelly, M Willetts, G Hodge 14-19; B Johnson, G Stocker, P Newport 19-11.

The Vikings have not had a good start to the season, losing their second match at home to Yatton, also by six shots, but did achieve six points for three winning rinks with Derek Jones showing fine early season form by skipping his rink of Richard Hollier and Graham Richards to an excellent 13-shot win.

Vikings 86 (6), Yatton 92 (14): J Codrington, W Nicholls, A Shattock 11-20; R Hollier, G Richards, D Jones 22-9; L Kelly, M Willetts, G Hodge 10-22; R Jacobs, A Waygood, G Frost 16-12; B Johnson, P Newport, J Smart 15-14; G Jones, M Milliner, J Griffiths 12-15.

Victoria entertained Avon & Somerset Police to a four-rink mixed friendly triples, with Victoria skips Paul Leadbeater, Mike Stocker and Mike Taylor leading the way to victory.

Victoria 65, Avon & Somerset Police 48: G Poolman, S Cooper, P Leadbeater 17-11; G Richards, M Hillman, M Stocker 19-14; C Stevens, E Newport, M Taylor 18-8; T Ellis, C Chudley, R Rockett 11-15.

In a five-rink friendly at home to Weston (Bath), Victoria were comfortable winners with the top rink of Lee Stocker, Terry Gatehouse, Derek Jones and skip Mike Cooper winning by 19 shots.

Victoria 114, Weston (Bath) 89: P Wyatt, N Sell, T Bray, M Stocker 22-25; D Beard, P Fisher, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 25-16; L Stocker, T Gatehouse, D Jones, M Cooper 30-11; J Newman, M Fletcher, K Harvey, D Hurst 22-14; N Stocker, T Barnes, G Stocker, D Sealey 15-23.

The eagerly awaited early season trip to Penarth was rewarded with a fine win avenging last season’s defeat. Mike Stocker’s rink of Terry Gilbert, Mike Milliner and Dave Fairhurst did most of the damage winning by 24 shots.

Victoria 115, Penarth 107: T Gilbert, M Milliner, D Fairhurst, M Stocker 32-8; A Shattock, L Kelly, N Sell, P Leadbeater 13-28; L Stocker, R Rockett, T Barnes, M Taylor 14-21; M Willetts, D Williams, K Holland, G Frost 22-17; J Newman, W Nicholls, T Gatehouse, M Manning 17-18; P Wyatt, C Chudley, K Harvey, M Campbell 17-15.

Victoria completed a fourth friendly victory at Burnham, losing just one rink and winning the game by six shots, thanks largely to a nine-shot victory by Darren Beard, Terry Gatehouse, Graham Rain and skip Dave Sealey.

Victoria 117, Burnham 111: P Wyatt, J Newman, T Bray, M Stocker 18-16; D Beard, T Gatehouse, G Rain, D Sealey 26-17; R Fenwick, H Gibbs, J Howell, D Hurst 21-21; W Nicholls, P Fisher, T Barnes, G Frost 15-23; M Fletcher, G Richards, M Campbell, K Holland 18-17; M Willetts, N Sell, K Harvey, D Jones 19-17.

WINSCOMBE held their annual presentation evening for members who play in the indoor league at St Andrews and the Shortmat League, which runs throughout the winter in the pavilion.

It was an enjoyable evening and thanks go to Tony and Eve Watts for arranging it.

Winners of the indoor league were The Badgers (Brian Prince, Tony Pye and Anthony Watts). Runners-up were The Otters (Derek Beaverstock, Ken Whatling and Wilf Ainsworth).

The shortmat was won by L Parfitt, D Peakall, M Hills and D Beaverstock, with A Ainsworth, C Bryant, M Bailey and W Ainsworth runners-up. Brian Prince received a special award for a big effort during the season.

On the green, Winscombe lost in the preliminary round of the men’s club two fours to Clarence by nine shots. The rink skipped by Tom Ellis started well, but unfortunately went several ends in the middle of the game without scoring a shot and despite a strong finish lost 16-26.

The rink skipped by Steve Eastment had a competitive game managing to win on the last end by one shot, giving a final score of 14-13.

Winscombe’s game against Banwell was one of long-standing friends and foes played in a competitive manner, but still with friendly banter on the rinks and a game enjoyed by all. Banwell came out on top winning by 97 shots to 81.

The Over-60s team played their first game of the season at Victoria against the Saxons, who were last season’s champions. They came away with a win sharing the rinks, but ending three shots in front.

Winscombe 93 (14), Victoria Saxons 90 (6) (Weston and District Over-60s League): C Westlake, L Collier,T Ellis 11-14; R Kibble, T Uccelini, A Dudley 18-17; D Peakall, J Sprouting, G Coombe 10-15; B Paul, M Hunter, G Neville 20-10; G Lloyd, J Lukins, R Birmingham 17-18; R Knight, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 17-16.

Winscombe 81, Banwell 97 (friendly): S Easterby, T Uccellini, G Neville, R Lacy 21-8; M Dorrington, B Kibble, G Coombe, S Eastment 17-20; R Sapsford, M Hunter, P Fredersdorff, R Birmingham 18-15; P John, J Lukins, L Collier, A Dudley, 12-27; G Lloyd, N Hansford, J Sprouting, W Ainsworth 13-27.

THE early season friendly matches continued this week with Wedmore men’s teams playing at home against Congresbury.

After a hard fought battle, Congresbury won four out of five rinks with a total score of 108-88 points. Ian Faulkner and his team lost by just one shot on the final end and the best performing team was led by Roger Hughes with a score of 24-18.

After a wet start, the weather improved for the ladies’ away match at Congresbury. Wedmore won all three rinks with Gill Harvey and her team picking up a six on the 17th end and Maureen Hordle and her team notching up the best win with a 10-shot differential (20-10). Final score was 57-39.

Rain cut short the ladies’ away match at Wyrral Park after just 12 ends with Wedmore losing two of the three rinks. Julie Masters and her team provided the only win of the day with a score of 16-12.

Wrington hosted Wedmore for a mixed friendly match and the Wedmore team were pleased to notch up wins on all three rinks. Ladies’ captain Elaine Deverill and her team had an excellent 19-10 victory. Final score was 58-37.

Playing at home against North Petherton, a mixed Wedmore team were beaten by just two shots, each team winning two rinks. The final score was 78-80 with Pauline Cottrell leading her team to the best win of the day scoring 19-13.

The next big event is the free taster morning at 10am on May 10. This gives an introduction to the game of bowls for anyone who would like to try this fascinating sport. Bowls and equipment are provided.

Please book your place with Brendon on 01934 743271.

CLARENCE ladies, under new captain and vice-captain, Shirley Scoins and Jo Mannion respectively, have begun their season with two victories in the North Somerset League.

They visited Portishead RBL and won by five shots, finishing up on two rinks. The following day, it was even closer at home to Long Ashton, with just three shots giving Clarence victory. Again, they were up on two rinks.

Portishead RBL Ladies 49, Clarence 54: C Hooper, J Mannion, V Collicott 20-13; A Harris, P Hawkins, C Edlin 22-12; J Colman, M Davison, P Barnbrook 12-24.

Clarence Ladies 48, Long Ashton 45: M Moore, P Phillips, P Burrough 18-17; S Ellis, V Jones, J Mannion 14-15; P Fowler, Pauline Dunn, P Hawkins 16-13.

The ladies’ clubs Clarence and Wessex are holding joint open days for the first time on Monday afternoons this year. The first was a great success, with around 30 playing.

VICTORIA ladies opened their season with a spider competition and bowls drive.

The flag was raised by captain Doreen Owen and county president Dawn Barnaby. An extremely good afternoon was enjoyed by all and this was followed bytea.

WESSEX Ladies 48 (2), Mark Moor 61 (8): V Edwards, J Duffy, P Taylor, E Deane 22-19; P Turner, B Jones, C Peart, A Fewings 15-17; V Gardiner, M Hawkins, A Ward, D Forsyth 11-25

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