St Andrews through to the next round of the Top Club competition

Ken Curtis bowling for St Andrews.

Ken Curtis bowling for St Andrews. - Credit: Archant

St Andrews reached the next round of the Top Club competition after defeating Knowle.

ST ANDREWS defeated Knowle 3-2 in the Top Club competition.

Andrew Owens got the Saints off to a good start winning the two-wood singles 18-12 and Steve Davies followed up with 22-16 win in the four-wood singles.

The pairs went to Knowle in a close encounter, with the Saints’ pair Nick Sell and Ken Curtis losing their match on the last end, dropping three shots to lose 17-19. The triple of Malcolm Goddard Andy McMillan and George Webber trailed the Knowle trio the entire game and went down 13-20.

It was left to the four of Richard Venn, Danny Favis, Gordon Wride and Barrie Forse to complete the match in the Saints’ favour, with a 21-13 win.

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In the Presidents Shield match first leg played at home with local rivals Winscombe, the score was two winning rinks apiece, but the Saints carry a 25-shot advantage into the second leg at Winscombe.

St Andrews 94, Winscombe 69 (Presidents Shield): J Ling, A Yeeles, A Ware, D Favis 31-14; L Yeates, J Bolton, R Venn, D Bailey 24-13; G Sims, K Uglow, J Warren, G Wride 23-24; G Cooper, A Cooper, B Cracknell, N Sell 16-18.

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St Andrews A registered their first win in the Somerset County League playing home in trying conditions. The Saints were well behind at the halfway stage, but all three rinks finished strongly and defeated Clarence A by 11 shots, taking 10 points to their opponents two.

The B team are still looking for their first win, playing away to Wedmore B in extremely blustery conditions, the rink skipped by Gordon Wride did well to win, but overall the Saints lost by 17 shots and took just two points from the match.

St Andrews A 62, Clarence A 51 (County League Premier 1): K Uglow, R Venn, A McMillan, D Bailey 22-16; B Cracknell, L Yeates, N Sell, B Forse 15-24; M Goddard, G Cooper, G Webber, S Davies 25-11.

St Andrews B 52, Wedmore B 69 (County League North 1): R McLeod, R Brereton, I Lamb, G Wride 23-17; P Smart, J Ling, A Yeeles, D Favis 13-27; A Lay, D Price, J Warren, K Curtis 16-25.

St Andrews 40, Whitehead 117 (mixed friendly): P Smart, J Ling, A Campbell, N Sell 10-15; M Wride, E Reeves, A Ware, D Favis 10-23; P Lewcock, I Tofte, R Brereton, B Green 12-27; R Potter, A Greenwood, M Goddard, G Wride 11-21; P Uglow, S Glenville, J Warren, R Venn 10-13; C Venn, J Bolton, B Goddard, B Reeves 14-18.

CLARENCE A led on all three rinks after 11 ends in their County League visit to St Andrew’s in the Premier 2 Division.

Unfortunately, only Captain David Stott’s rink managed to stay ahead by the end and, despite a nine-shot win, this was insufficient to overhaul St Andrews’ total on the other two rinks.

St Andrew’s A 62 (10), Clarence A 51 (2): M Edlin, P Tubb, B Ballinger, R Crawford 16-22; A Gardiner, T Ward, T Pritchard, D Stott 24-15; R Rossiter, B Duffy, M Phillips, G Barlow 11-25.

Narrow victories on three of the six rinks were not enough to save Clarence Blues from defeat away to Ashcombe Crusaders in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

After 10 ends, Clarence were 19 shots down and heading for a heavy loss. But they fought back well, with Jim Keay’s rink recovering from 2-12 down to win by two shots, while Richard Crawford’s trio snatched victory via a measure on the last end. Captain David Stott’s triple, 3-14 behind at nine ends, picked up a three on the last also to win by a shot.

The rink skipped by Mick Edlin battled back from a 10-shot deficit to lose by only three and Chris Read mounted a similar comeback from 2-12, finishing just three down eventually. By contrast, Paul Tubb and his men, who had led 9-4 at nine ends, got on the scorecard only once more as they lost by seven.

Ashcombe Crusaders 105 (14), Clarence Blues 96 (6): B Underwood, J Burgess, J Keay 20-18; T Ward, J Rogers, P Tubb 11-18; B Rossiter, B Ballinger, R Crawford 18-17; A Gardiner, T Mannion, D Stott 19-18; R Smith, K Marshall, C Read 15-18; B Benn, H Sparks, M Edlin 13-16.

Touring side Cheshunt brought nine rinks to Clarence for a mixed match and the result, after a close game, was victory for the home team.

Their most successful rink was skipped by club captain David Stott, who won by 23 shots, while Maurice Phillips and Joan Davis also finished up. Mike Skyrme and Ken Marshall drew.

Clarence 157, Cheshunt 144: D Gilbert, Claudine Walker, R Smith, Pauline Burrough 18-23; H Dunn, Norma Peters, J Hicks, Joan Duffy 12-24; G Andrews, Irene Hicks, J Atkins, M Skyrme 14-14; Geraldine Hookway, Ann Crawford, M Davies, D Stott 31-8; M Thompson, Elaine Stott, R Dodson, R Crawford 15-16; Eileen Wade, B Benn, M Scoins, B Duffy 11-19; J Kelloway, P Tubb, Carol Edlin, K Marshall 18-18; B Rossiter, Carol Webb, R Kelloway, J Davis 16-13; Lucy Oldham, M Peters, A Bishop, M Phillips 22-9.

Welsh tourists Llansawell arrived at Clarence for what was scheduled to be a mixed match, but they brought an all-men’s team. However, the home side gave a good account of themselves, losing by just 11.

They had two winning rinks – skipped by Brendan Duffy and Chris Read.

Clarence 84, Llansawell 95: R Smith, Carol Marshall, M Scoins, J Burgess 12-17; B Rossiter, Shirley Searle, M Davies, M Edlin 16-18; Kath Bradbury, J Hicks, M Skyrme, J Edwards 11-20; Jill Coles, M Peters, J Atkins, C Read 15-13; Pam Fowler, B Benn, A Bishop, K Marshall 15-19; J Kelloway, Ros Francombe, T Mannion, B Duffy 15-8.

VICTORIA experienced a disappointing weekend with three teams losing in the Somerset County League.

The C team came nearest to a victory, only losing the match on the last end, but with two winning rinks skipped by Derek Jones and George Frost, they picked up the consolation of four points.

The B team found the windy conditions at Wedmore difficult to handle, going down on all three rinks. The D side hosted a strong Portishead RBL C team, losing the match by 23 shots, but secured two points with an excellent rink win by Carmin Santosuosso, Richard Jacobs, Ray Sparkes and skip Stuart Evans.

Victoria B 49 (0), Wedmore A 73 (12): J Mingo-West, H Gibbs, J Howell, D Hurst 12-26; B Pocock, R Fenwick, P Fisher, D Sealey 15-24; H Whyte, A Barnes, M Manning, M Taylor 22-23.

Victoria C 54 (4), Chew Stoke A 58 (8): R Bromet, A Shattock, D Williams, D Jones 26-17; R Hollier, E Sage, M Milliner, G Hodge 8-25; M Willetts, C Chudley, J Langridge, G Frost 20-16.

Victoria D 43 (2), Portishead RBL C 66 (10): J Turton, W Nicholls, J Fenn, J Smart 11-29; L Kelly, A Waygood, J Griffiths, T Gatehouse 13-22; C Santosuosso, R Jacobs, R Sparkes, S Evans 19-15.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, the Saxons struggled to find their form and suffered another defeat against Portishead. Mike Stocker skipped his rink of Brian Pocock and Terry Gatehouse to the Saxons solitary rink win.

Victoria Saxons 88 (2), Portishead 103 (18): R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 11-16; H Whyte, D Jones, M Taylor 15-23; M Willetts, J Newman, M Campbell 15-18; J Mingo-West, M Milliner, D Hurst 16-20; B Pocock, T Gatehouse, M Stocker 16-10; R Fenwick, D Sealey, D Williams 15-16.

WINSCOMBE recorded their fifth successive win in the Clevedon Co-operative Funeralcare League by beating Yatton away by 13 shots.

In the Somerset County League, the A team continued their successful season with a win against Portishead RBL B by 32 shots, winning on two rinks and drawing the third.

The C team lost away to Clevedon B. There was a further win in a close mixed game by a small margin of six shots against the Cheshunt indoor tourists and a loss away against St Andrews in a friendly game.

Winscombe 87, Yatton 74: (C&D League): R Sapsford, L Collier, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 19-21; S Easterby, R Fisher, G Coombe, R Birmingham 24-20; P John, M Newing, M Dorrington, S Eastment 26-12; R Kibble, M Nash, K Whatling, M Adams 18-21.

Winscombe A 85, Portishead RBL B 53 (SCL Division 1 North): R Lowman, M Nash, A Dudley, S Eastment 18-18; S Easterby, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 27-22; K Whatling, L Collier, R Lacy, M Adams 40-13.

Winscombe C 46, Clevedon B 73: (SCL Division 3 North): D Beaverstock, E Kindred, D Johnson, G Coombe 15-28; F Ward, R Feltham, D Leach, B Paul 16-17; M Trenchard, R Lowis, J Sprouting, R Fisher 15-28.

Winscombe 97, Cheshunt 91 (mixed friendly): P Cast, L Coombe, M Sprouting, A Watts 22-15; P Hopes, J Rush, S Lowman, M Dorrington 10-22; M Howell, W Weller, J Sprouting S Caddy 9-33; C Hopes, R Weller, E Watts, R Lowman 43-6; L Parfitt, R Keane, G Coombe, S Eastment 13-15.

Winscombe 69, St Andrews 94 (friendly): D Beaverstock, R Lowis, M Hunter A Dudley 24-23; R Sapsford, J Smith, K Whatling, R Lowman 18-16; P John, R Feltham, M Nash, R Lacy 14-31; P Cast, R Fisher, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 13-24.

ISLE of Wedmore Bowls Club were again privileged to host the annual Avon and Somerset Police north versus south match.

A wet and windy afternoon forced the visitors to abandon the match after only 12 ends of play, with the south claiming victory. An unfortunate end to what was otherwise an enjoyable visit for the constabulary.

An early start saw the men taking on Clevedon Prom at home in the Clevedon & District Over-60s League. As new entrants to this league, the club continue to make good progress, posting three wins out of the four matches played.

Wedmore 97, Clevedon Prom 84: B Keen, M Green, D Stansfield 11-15; R Norris, J Clark, K Pettit 25-7; T Collingwood, D Collins, C Moss 18-16; P Smith, J Harvey, D Wederell 8-17; T Hamblin, J Runciman, R Hughes 22-15; R Hunt, C Panchaud, R Barron 13-14.

The ladies were at home to Wyrral Park in a friendly match when they lost out to the visitors by winning only one of the three rinks in a 48-54 defeat. A convincing 26-8 win on Julie Masters’ rink was not enough to close the gap between the teams in this enjoyable match.

In an away fixture against Clevedon Prom in the Wessex League, the ladies secured a good win by taking two rinks to the home team’s one.

Wedmore Ladies 64, Clevedon Prom 52: C Mercer B Clark, M Trow, M Hordle 18-30; B Disbrey, J Hunt, D Gallop, J Masters 23-7; J Collins, A Birch, M Perry, C Pettit 23-15.

A home Mid Somerset League match against Wyrall Park saw the men lose overall by just two shot. Rink wins were shared at two each, but Ron Barron’s and Mike Green’s rinks were both won by a single shot, unfortunately insufficient to influence the result.

Wedmore 67, Wyrral Park 69: V Matthews, D. Barnett, T Brown, D Nicholls 18-19; A Birch, J Runciman, C Panchaud, C Moss 16-19, T Collingwood, T Counsell, B Andrews, M Green 17-16; J Harris, J Harvey, I Faulkner, R Barron 16-15.

A second Wessex League match within two days saw the ladies in action at home against Ashcombe. In a convincing win they took all three rinks, with Gill Harvey’s rink leading the way with a 33-9 victory.

Wedmore Ladies 79, Ashcombe 38: M Green, J Hunt, J Gainey, G Harvey 33-9; T Newell, M Barron, M Perry, M Trow 26-15; A Hughes, A Birch, J Wheller, M Hordle 20-14.

Both the A and B teams were playing at home in Division 1 of the Somerset County League. The A team took on Victoria B and won on all three rinks. As newcomers to the division, the B team were delighted to gain their first win of the season, triumphing over St. Andrew’s B by two rinks to one.

Wedmore A 73, Victoria B 49: D Collins, R Thurkettle, R Barron, D Nicholls 24-15; T Brown, K Phillimore, R Newell, R Hughes 23-22; K Pettit, I Gallop, D Wederell, E Payne 26-12.

Wedmore B 69, St Andrews B 42: A Birch, B Andrews, I Faulkner, K Burt 27-13; V Matthews, S Newdick, C Panchaud, C Moss 25-16; B Aston, J Runciman, M Green, D Stansfield 17-23.

WESSEX Ladies 79, Nailsea 50 (friendly): N Peters, M Milford, E Deane, P Dunn 36-9; B Hayes, R Hinde, P Taylor, M Hawkins 31-15; E Stott, E Williams, M Davis, J Allard 12-26.

Wessex 59 (4), Winscombe 70 (6) (league): E Wade, V Edwards, A Crawford, P Turner, 10-34; N Peters, L Hedderman, P Dunn, M Davis 22-16; B Hayes, J Allard, M Hawkins, E Deane 27-20.

VICTORIA Ladies continue to struggle in the Weston & District Triples League, sustaining two defeats in the week.

It was a narrow defeat of two shots against West Backwell, but pleasingly Victoria earned four points with two rink wins. The ladies suffered their second defeat at the hands of Clarence, earning just two points for a rink win.

Victoria Ladies 47 (4), West Backwell 49 (6): S Milliner, C Stevens, M Hillman 20-13; K Wilson, R Cleeves, M Chudley 9-23; B Williams, C Sage, S Newman 18-13.

Victoria Ladies 39 (2), Clarence 62 (8): C Stevens, S Harrison, S Cooper 12-21; B Williams, S Newman, M Chudley 10-26; K Wilson, C Sage, M Hillman 17-15.

The Mendip League provided some cheer with Victoria travelling to Fosseway, winning two rinks and the match.

Victoria Ladies 49 (8), Fosseway 45 (2): G Poolman, R Cleeves, S Newman 14-10; S Milliner, C Stevens, S Cooper 21-20; M Chudley, S Harrison, M Hillman 14-15.

WINSCOMBE Ladies gained their first win in the Wessex League and narrowly lost their North Somerset Triples League match.

It was 2-1 in rinks to Wessex, but captain Lesley Fredersdorff ‘s win by 24 shots meant that Winscombe won by 11 shots overall and gained six points.

At Clevedon Prom in the North Somerset League, they gained another four points thanks to Ange Ainsworth and Eve Watts rinks, but lost overall by just two shots.

Winscombe Ladies 47, Clevedon Prom 49 (NST): C Hopes, S Caddy, A Ainsworth 16-13; I Miles, L Fredersdorff, M Adams 11-20; M Sprouting, J Rush, E Watts 20-16.

Winscombe Ladies 70, Wessex 59 (Wessex League): L Coombe, J Rush, A Ainsworth, L Fredersdorff 34-10; C Bryant, D Sapsford, S Lowman, M Adams 20-27; L Dyer, S Nash, L Whatling, S Caddy 16-22.

ST ANDREWS Ladies suffered a heavy defeat against Portishead RBL in the DRT League, losing by 47 shots and failing to pick up any points.

St Andrews Ladies 29, Portishead RBL 76 (DRT League): M Wride, W Allen, M Bailey, M Favis 10-18; C Venn, S Priory, B Goddard, M Pattenden 11-26; P Uglow, S Glenville, D Johnston, A Campbell 8-32.

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