Weston’s Luke Stout braves the shave to raise funds for Stand Up to Cancer charity

Luke Stout playing Hockey

The 2020 season will be Luke Stout’s fifth campaign with Weston Hockey Club since arriving in 2016. - Credit: Weston Hockey Club

A player from Weston Hockey Club has shaved his head to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer.
Luke Stout – who has been known to pick up green cards! – was told before the season began that if he received another green card he would have to lose his hair as a punishment.

And in the first game of the season, Stout did exactly that against Bridgwater, before shaving his hair in their last training session before lockdown.

“During our first league game I committed a somewhat untimely tackle, before I knew it umpire Stu Westcott had a green card in the air which soon became a reality that this wasn’t a joke, I would be losing my hair,” said Stout. “I have very close connections with cancer, especially knowing people in my family and friends who have had it. It’s horrible to watch someone deteriorate from such a horrible disease, this inspired me to start raising money for ‘Stand up to Cancer’ and I really want to try and make a difference and fight this horrible disease.”

After the 2019-20 season ended in March due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Stout said whatever money is raised he will donate half of it to the club. He added: “A part of me also wanted to help the club out in some way and after seeing how this pandemic has completely turned lives upside down, mine included as I work in theatre and haven’t been able to work since March which had a huge impact on me, I didn’t want to same to happen to Weston Hockey Club.
“So many people rely on the club for the love of the game but also for social interactions and that’s why I have also decided to split half the money raised and give half to the club.
“Ultimately I want to try and help the lives of others in any way I can and I’m always a advocate for putting people first and if losing my hair is a way of doing so I’ll happily get my head shaved for such a great cause”

A donation page will be open to until December 5, the day Weston are scheduled to travel to play Old Bristollians.
If you would like to donate go to Luke's GoFundMe Page. Alternatively, contact Luke Stout on 07833 567294 to find out more about how you can help.

The 2020 season will be Luke Stout’s fifth campaign with Weston since arriving in 2016.Picture: Weston Hockey Club

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