Successful bowls tournament at Clevedon

CLEVEDON bowls tournament in its current form ended on a high note with A Burbridge of Worcester winning the men's singles title for the fourth time.

CLEVEDON bowls tournament in its current form ended on a high note with A Burbridge of Worcester winning the men's singles title for the fourth time.

It was a well-deserved success for a loyal entrant of the tournament, and the committee hopes they will see him back next year for the new format.

The final had a particular flavour because battling against him was Idris Lewis, from the Nailsea club, who had recently been in the headlines because of his dramatic health problems. It was a deeply impressive performance on his part, as he fought through five matches in inclement weather conditions to reach the final.

The tournament organisers had a difficult task keeping the tournament afloat, literally, as Wednesday's daytime schedule had to be cancelled and all the games moved on to the next day. Fortunately there was some spare capacity to embrace the changes.

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Promenade's Margaret Dyer's victory in the ladies' singles also had a dramatic quality in that her strong opponent, Lyn Palmer, just could not compete with the ruthlessness of Margaret's accuracy.

Margaret also won the triples title in company with partners from her own club and Box in Wiltshire.

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The West Backwell pairing of V Peckham and J Light were triumphant in the ladies' pairs, and other local clubs were well represented among the finalists and semi-finalists.

It is hoped that there will be great interest next year in the replacement tournament, based on the two Clevedon clubs, and with a shortened format. Forms are available from Clevedon BC and Clevedon Promenade BC.

Results: Men's singles, A Burbridge (Worcester) 21, I Lewis (Nailsea) 8; semi-finals, A Burbridge 21, A Bray (Knowle) 11; I Lewis21, R Joyes (Victoria) 20.

Ladies singles, M Dyer (Promenade) 21, L Palmer (Clevedon) 1; semi-finals, M Dyer 21, S Latham (Ardagh) 13; L Palmer 21, E M Lewis (Redland Green): 18.

Men's pairs, A Bray, P Micciche (Knowle) 21, G Lerway, P Howard (Portishead) 8; semi-finals, A Bray, P Micciche 23, D Knowles, A Pine (Promenade) 17; G Lerway, P Howard 16, G Stenner, L Beck (Congresbury) 15.

Ladies' pairs, V Peckham, J Light (West Backwell) 18, D Yeoman, S Hopegood (Bristol) 9; semi-finals, V Peckham, J Light 15, B Dyer, J Wilson (Nailsea) 11; D Yeoman, S Hopegood 20, J White, J Brown (Portishead) 11.

Men's triples,I Barnbrook (Clarence), D Lewis (Gloucester), B Forse (Clarence) 18, J Wherlock, A Robinson, B Gammon (West Backwell) 9; semi-finals,I Barnbrook, D Lewis, B Forse 25, M Durbin, A Miller, J Brommage (Clevedon) 14; J Wherlock, A Robinson, B Gammon 14, M Harding, G Arnold, J Couch (Long Ashton) 9.

Ladies triples, C Grenfell (Box), C Pearce, M Dyer (Promenade) 15, L Bridle, P Gregory, I Hussey10; semi-finals, C Grenfell, C Pearce, M Dyer beat B Wherlock, C Burgess, J Ratcliffe (West Backwell); L Bridle, P Gregory, I Hussey 19, D Yeoman, A Saunders, S Hopegood (Bristol) 8.

The Lovell Cup, A Burbridge; The Frank Vowles Cup, I Lewis; The Howard Willis Cup, M Dyer; The Gloria and Roy Day Cup, L Palmer.

The Cam Gears Rose Bowl, A Bray and P Micciche; The Engineering Productions Rose Bowl, G Lerway and P Howard; The John Wheeler Cup,V Peckham and J Light; The Millennium Cup, D Yeoman and S Hopegood; The Home Bakeries Cup, I Barnbrook, D Lewis, B Forse.

The Ladies' Triples Cup, C Grenfell, C Pearce, M Dyer; The Ladies' Triples Runners-Up Cup, L Bridle, P Gregory, I Hussey.

The Clevedon Cup (best performance by a player of two Clevedon clubs not reaching the final): E Nash-Clark (Promenade). The Eric Randall Trophy (for best by a player from surrounding local area): J Wilson (Nailsea).

Congratulations to West Backwell's Jean Light and Val Peckham who were the ladies' pairs winners at the Clevedon tournament.

Brian Gammon, Alan Robinson and Jim Wherlock were runners-up in the men's triples, and Cynthia Burgess, Barbara Wherlock and Julie Ratcliffe were semi-finalists in the ladies' triples.

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