Successful novice gala for Weston swimmers

WESTON Swimming Club held its second annual novice gala, with Backwell and Clevedon invited to compete.

WESTON Swimming Club held its second annual novice gala, with Backwell and Clevedon invited to compete.This gala is designed to give the swimmers with no or little experience of competition a chance to compete in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. With the superior numbers of swimmers, Weston won the medals count with 59, Backwell won 12 and Clevedon 10. The results, with all the swimmers from Weston unless indicated, are girls 7 years 25m backstroke, Ellie Burgess 24.10, Lois Bird 27.64. Twenty-five metre freestyle, Ellie Burgess 22.22, Louisa Read 26.74, Lois Bird. Seven years 25m breaststroke, Ellie Burgess 30.87, Lois Bird 31.22, Louisa Read 36.27. Boys 7 years 25m backstroke, Joshua Crockett 30.94; 7 years 25m freestyle, Joshua Crockett 26.94. Girls 8 years 25m breaststroke, Jessie Dadds 23.00, Alice Davies 23.47, Mary Gatehouse 23.96. Girls 8 years 25m backstroke, Jessie Dadds 21.18, Imogen Moroney 22.55, Alice Davies 23.46. Eight years 25m freestyle, Jessie Dadds 17.58, Imogen Moroney 19.36, Alice Davies 19.81. Girls 7-8 years 50m freestyle, Jessie Dadds 40.45, Alice Davies 43.79, Imogen Moroney 44.63. Boys 8 years 25m breaststroke, Joel Holdaway (Clevedon) 29.20, Oscar Rogers 29.20, Jordan Nicol (Clevedon) 29.38. Boys 8 years 25m backstroke, Oscar Rogers 23.24, James Appleby (Backwell) 23.67, Jack Bishop (Clevedon) 25.91. Boys 8 years 25m freestyle, James Appleby (Backwell) 19.64, George Read 20.03, Oscar Rogers 20.25. Boys 7-8 years 50m freestyle, George Read 49.47, Mason Boobyer 50.69, Joel Holdaway (Clevedon) 51.48. Girls 9 years under 25m butterfly, Jasmine Moroney 18.75, Imogen Moroney 22.50, Alice Davies 23.11. Girls 9 years 50m freestyle, Jasmine Moroney 39.42, Summer Davis 40.06, Ellie Wallace (Backwell) 40.78. Nine years 50m backstroke, Summer Davis 45.63, Jasmine Moroney 46.91, Esme Bird 46.97. Nine years 50m breaststroke, Alicia Pollard 52.76, Summer Davis 54.09, Jasmine Moroney 54.09. Girls 9 years and over 50m butterfly, Ellie Wallace (Backwell) 43.72, Jasmine Moroney 48.35, Lauren Gifford 49.35. Boys 9 years and under 25m butterfly, Will Daniel 19.75, Harry Burgess 21.55, James Appleby (Backwell) 23.27. Boys 9 years and over 50m butterfly, Marcus Gardiner (Backwell) 44.78, Tom Peverell 51.47, Joe Duran 54.54. Boys 9 years 50m freestyle, Harry Burgess 40.13, Will Daniel 40.44, Kier Hart (Backwell) 43.70. Boys 9 years 50m backstroke, Harry Burgess 44.62, Will Daniel 47.79, Thomas Appleford (Clevedon) 54.90. Boys 50m breaststroke, Will Daniel 53.59, Harry Burgess 54.69, Jamie Scott-Green (Backwell) 59.78. Girls 10 years and over 50m freestyle, Emily Hopper 38.72, Shannon Holloway (Backwell) 39.35, Lauren Gifford 40.06. Ten years and over 50m backstroke, Lauren Gifford 45.19, Emily Hopper 45.45, Ella Cemlyn Jones (Clevedon) 46.47. Ten and over 50m breaststroke, Ellen Gentry (Clevedon) 48.78, Emily Hopper 49.91, Jessica Coombs 50.81. Boys 10 and over 50m breaststroke, Jonathan Reep 47.87, Joel Hopkins (Clevedon) 48.95, Marcus Gardiner (Backwell) 49.81. Ten and over 50m backstroke, Joseph Duran 44.69, Andrew Brown (Backwell) 44.85, Joel Hopkins (Clevedon) 45.33. Ten and over 50m freestyle, Marcus Gardiner (Backwell) 37.00, Joel Hopkins (Clevedon) 37.31, Tom Peverell 38.52.The best boy and girl awards for each club were: Backwell best girl Shannon Holloway, joint best boy James Appleby and Marcus Gardiner. Clevedon best girl Florence Taylor and best boy Joel Holdway. Weston best girl Jasmine Moroney and best boy Will Daniel.The club would like to congratulate all the children who competed during the event and who helped to make the gala such a success.

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