Successful president's day at Clevedon

CLEVEDON Bowling Club president Mike Say together with ladies' president Jacqui Branfield led the club in an enjoyable Presidents Day.

CLEVEDON Bowling Club president Mike Say together with ladies' president Jacqui Branfield led the club in an enjoyable Presidents' Day.

Several of the new members, who had not competed in a match before, took part, and Mike took the opportunity at the dinner afterwards to talk about the heritage of the club and next year's centenary, when the club will participate in a host of celebratory fixtures.

Clevedon 38,Bridgwater 31 (National Double Fours): R Withers, G Jay, N Westlake, J Hick 17-17; A Morgan, M Short, N Pearce, PJ Branfield 21-14.

Clevedon A 54, Portishead RBL A 68 (Somerset League Premier Division): G Drewitt,J Freeman, E Kitchen, D Brightman 25-19; B Squire, K Parkin, D Priddle, K Bristow 7-29; R Capern, D Pratten, J Johnstone, M Bryant22-20.

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Clevedon 2 points, Purnells 2 (Southey Trophy): Singles: L Holden 21-5. Pairs: P Hussey, L Palmer 10-31. Triples: J Priddle, M Kew, S Branfield 17-12. Fours: M Gadd, J Brown, J Monaghan, J M Branfield 15-17.

Clevedon 80,Nailsea 108 (Deverill Black League): R Williams, J Manning, R Sweet, M Payne 21- 27; G Woods, J Freeman, M Langley, S Withers 11-20,

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R Capern, K Patrick, R Day, M Short17-21; B Squire, J Johnstone, D Bessant, D Mason 17-21; A Bisp, J Fowler, P A Branfield, P J Branfield 14-19.

Clevedon 80,Clevedon Promenade 111 (Clevedon and District Over-60s League): A Crow, A Bisp, D Bessant 15- 11; J Fowler, J Freeman, M Langley 12-17; R Williams, J Weeks, A Miller 15-9; J Johnstone, J Manning, R Day 13-28; M Durbin, R Boak, C Folland 9-25; M Archer, K Parkins, C Seward 16- 21.

Clevedon 40, Portishead RBL 60 (North Somerset Triples League): A Ford, A Birtle, V Fletcher 9-29; J Drewitt, M Kew, L Palmer 16-13; P Hussey, S Bird, J Helliker 15-18.

Clevedon 74,Winscombe 31: A Ford, S Short, S Branfield 18-17; P Hussey, J Helliker, J M Branfield 30-6; J Drewitt, J Priddle, L Palmer 26-8. Friendly rink: J Withey, M Gadd, G Day 15-16.

Clevedon 56,Richmond and Barnes Tourists 93 (friendly): K Summerell, M Hussey, J Priddle, H Fry 11-19; D Taylor, D Hull, M Gadd, M Say 16-24; A Ford, E Dawson, A Howarth, D Priddle 12-26; A Birtle, S Savage, J Weeks, J Helliker 17- 24.

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