Successful two-wood triples day at Victoria

Victoria Bowling Club winners.

Victoria Bowling Club winners. - Credit: Archant

The annual two-wood triples day at Victoria was sponsored by club member Bill Nicholls.

VICTORIA held their annual two-wood triples day and this year it was sponsored by member Bill Nicholls.

After last year’s event, Bill asked if he, together with his daughter Lorraine, could sponsor the day. Regretfully, Lorraine died earlier this year and so the day was held in memory of Lorraine.

Eight teams of three players completed 40 ends over a period of four hours. At the end of the day of some impressive bowling, the winners, who were undefeated in their four games, were Peter Wyatt, John Newman and Bryan Stock with eight points.

In second place with six points were Graham Richards, Terry Gatehouse and Roger Rockett. Third place went to Nathan Stocker, Nick Sell and Mike Cooper with an inferior shot difference.

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After the game, the players were provided with meal prepared by the ladies and captain Mick Manning thanked Bill for his generosity in sponsoring the day and Bill remarked that Lorraine would have loved it.

Victoria started the week slowly losing in a friendly at Clarence. Eric Sage skipped Victoria’s best winning rink to a 10-shot win in company with Mike Willetts, A Guest and Graham Richards.

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The annual trip to Minehead was enjoyed by all as Victoria came away with a win by 30 shots, winning on four rinks with Eric Sage again on best winning rink with Richard Austin, Cliff Chudley and George Frost.

Victoria 78, Clarence 91: P Wyatt, C Chudley, G Hodge, D Jones 18-19; L Kelly, M Milliner, G Rain, G Frost 17-15; P Leadbeater, J Mingo-West, M Stocker, K Holland 12-19; W Nicholls, R Rockett, A Barnes, D Hurst 9-26; M Willetts, A Guest, G Richards, E Sage 22-12.

Victoria 121, Minehead 91: L Kelly, N Stocker, K Holland, P Leadbeater 26-18; R Austin, C Chudley, E Sage, G Frost 26-11; T Gilbert, J Smart, G Hodge, D Jones 15-21; W Nicholls, B Johnson, J Newman, M Stocker 8-25; J Codrington, A Shattock, T Gatehouse, M Manning 24-16; J Griffiths, P Wyatt, R Rockett, M Taylor 22-10.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, the Saxons came away from Isle of Wedmore, battered but victorious with 14 points, thanks mainly to the triples skipped by Mike Stocker and Ken Harvey who, between them, amassed a winning margin of 33 shots.

The Vikings stumbled to a defeat against Ashcombe Knights in a crucial match. Leading by nine shots after five ends, the Vikings contrived to drop 18 shots in three consecutive ends.

The Vikings won just two rinks and four points with Eric Sage again top performing skipping his rink of Terry Gilbert and Alan Shattock to a fine win.

Victoria Saxons 104 (14), Isle of Wedmore 100 (6): T Gatehouse, J Newman, K Holland 16-13; H Whyte, D Sealey, M Taylor 16-23; J Smart, M Manning, D Hurst 6-27; P Lunn, A Uccellini, M Stocker 27-10; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 24-8; M Fletcher, K Curtis, B Stock 15-19.

Victoria Vikings 93 (4), Ashcombe Knights 105 (16): B Johnson, J Mingo-West, C York 16-19; A Waygood, P Newport, G Frost 7-16; S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 14-21; I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 24-20; T Gilbert, A Shattock, E Sage 19-14; R Hollier, J Griffiths, G Hodge 13-15.

In the Somerset County League, Victoria experienced a bizarre situation having to concede a match by the D team due to a shortage of players. The B team did not have a game, but the county rules forbade movement of any players.

However, on the bright side, both the A and C teams enjoyed the best of weather at home to return emphatic wins over their opposition.

The A team gained revenge for the earlier defeat against Clarence in a friendly game with an 11-shot victory and 11 points with Nathan Stocker leading his rink of Paul Leadbeater Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper to a healthy win.

The C team went one better, picking up all 12 points in their win against Winscombe C. Eric Sage is on a high at present as he has not been on a losing rink for many a game and his last two woods ensured that his rink of John Codrington, Mike Willets and Cliff Chudley won on the last end.

The rink of Graham Richards, Mike Milliner and Terry Gatehouse, skipped by George Frost, were rampant as they swept aside their opponents by 17 shots.

Victoria A 64 (11), Clarence A 53 (1): H Gibbs, D Fairhurst, K Harvey, W Harrison 17-17; N Stocker, P Leadbeater, C Gazzard, M Cooper 25-15; P Wyatt, J Newman, A Bray, M Stocker 22-21.

Victoria C 71 (12), Winscombe C 49 (0): J Codrington, M Willetts, E Sage, C Chudley 19-18; R Hollier, W Nicholls, A Barnes, D Jones 24-20; G Richards, M Milliner, T Gatehouse, G Frost 28-11.

Left to right: Bill Nicholls, Mick Manning, Bryan Stock, John Newman and Peter Wyatt.

BIG victories on three of the six rinks saw Clarence Blues to a 27-shot away victory over Portishead RBL in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Club president Reg Flicker, making a welcome return after illness, led well in Roger Burrough’s triple, who finished 15 shots clear. That was the same margin by which Dave Thomson, Doug Grier and Jim Keay won, while Dave Stott’s men had 13 shots to spare.

Portishead RBL 87 (6), Clarence Blues 114 (14): R Flicker, I Phipps, R Burrough 23-8; D Thomson, D Grier, J Keay 24-9; T Ward, J Rogers, B Ballinger 9-18; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Clay 17-20; T Hooper, J Burgess, R Crawford 14-18; A Bishop, M Adams, D Stott 27-14.

Clarence A returned with only one point from their important relegation clash with Victoria A in Premier Two of the Somerset County League.

With a depleted team for the second week running, they went down on two rinks, one of them by just a shot. David Stott’s four, 17-14 ahead with two ends left, had to settle for a draw. The result leaves Clarence second from bottom, deep in relegation trouble with only two games left.

Victoria A 64 (11), Clarence A 53 (1): B Rossiter, D Towie, R Crawford, D Stott 17-17; M Edlin, T Pritchard, M Clay, R Burrough 15-25; T Ward, M Adams, J Burgess, J Keay 21-22.

Clarence beat visitors Victoria by 13 shots in a friendly match. Adrian Gardiner skipped the highest-winning Clarence rink, finishing 17 shots clear, while Mike Clay and Don Towie also won for the home side.

Clarence 91, Victoria 78: T Ward, John Hayes, D Jackman, A Gardiner 26-9; A Newland, B Difford, A Kermack, M Clay 19-18; L Smith, R Dodson, A Cord, D Towie 19-12; C Tippett, A Taylor, M Skyrme, C Read 15-17; L Lewis, B Cornwall, M Scoins, B Duffy 12-22.

Clarence enjoyed the hospitality of Newport HSOB when they travelled for the annual friendly fixture. On a heavy green, Clarence proved too good for the home side, winning by a large margin.

The rinks skipped by Adrian Gardiner, Roger Burrough, Mike Clay and Brendan Duffy all won, while Chris Read’s four drew. Burrough’s team had a seven on the 15th of the 18 ends.

Newport HSOB 53, Clarence 100: C Tippett, T Mannion, M Scoins, A Gardiner 24-7; A Bishop, I Phipps, K Marshall, R Burrough 23-14; J Larvin, M Peters, J Edwards, M Clay 20-5; J Hawkins, R Dodson, D Jackman, B Duffy 18-12; A Newland, A Taylor, T Ward, C Read 15-15.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team travelled to Gloucester City and, although they lost heavily, enjoyed their day out on the coach. They finished up on two of the five rinks, those skipped by David Stott and Carol Edlin. The latter team had a six on the seventh of the 21 ends.

Gloucester City 149, Clarence 98: B Rossiter, Norma Peters, Pam Turner, D Stott 24-21; A Bishop, Elaine Stott, T Mannion, M Edlin 16-24; T Hooper, Lesley Phipps, M Scoins, Pam Hawkins 12-33; Marlene Woods, Audrey Harris, A Taylor, Veronica Jones 13-20; J Hawkins, M Peters, I Phipps, Carol Edlin 24-18; Shirley Scoins, A Newland, R Dodson, Audrey Powell 9-33,

Over the last few Friday evenings, Clarence players have been contesting the drawn two-wood triples league, which reaches its climax tomorrow with the final.

First team to qualify were club vice-captain Brendan Duffy, greens manager Richard Crawford, Mike Skyrme and Roy Kelloway. Their opponents in the final will be Paul Tubb, Tony Hooper, John Hayes and Brian Difford.

Full credit must go to the last-named trio, who have played most of the games without their captain Tubb because he is recovering from a cataract operation. All four players on both teams should take part in the final, with a substitution after nine of the 18 ends.

BANWELL A gained a good result against second in the table Portishead RBL A, picking up 10 points to ease themselves away from the relegation zone.

With the bottom two clubs losing and three games left, it is still close but Banwell are just one win away from securing another year in the top division.

Banwell A 63 (10), Portishead RBL A 50 (2): V Mcardell, G Millard, P Villis, B Taylor 24-13; T Hyde, H Guckian, J Davies, M Davies 19-14; M Amos, T Garfield, C Wilson, P Owen 20-23.

Banwell B missed out on a chance to get into the promotion zone in North 2 by the smallest of margins, losing by one shot to Wedmore. With two games left there is still a chance of moving up a division.

Banwell B 57 (2), Wedmore B 58 (10): S Kedward, P Shipsey, M Laycock, J Laurent 24-14; J Evans, J Amos, T Byrnes, K Burgess 15-20; D Robinson, F Cairns, H Woodards, J Rickerty 18-24.

Another internal cup competition was decided when the club’s triples semi-finals and final was played to a captive audience.

Both semis were closely fought with winning margins of one and five. The final was contested by Vic Mcardell (in his first season at the club), Harry Woodards and vice-captain Graham Millard, against Karen Smith, Trevor Garfield and Mike Davies.

Again this was a tight match until Mike’s triple pulled away to a 15-9 shot lead only for Graham’s team to pull back to 16-16 on the penultimate end.

With Mike one down, he hit the shot with his last bowl, but agonisingly for his team, the shot wood stayed in the head to give Vic and Harry victory.

ASHCOMBE Knights played Victoria Vikings in the Over-60s League, winning on four rinks and losing on two. They won by 12 shots and gained 16 points.

Ashcombe also played St Andrews in a friendly match at home and lost by 18 shots. Ashcombe A played against Yatton B county league. It was an extremely close game with Ashcombe winning on two of the three rinks and won by just one shot.

In the county league game against Nailsea B, Ashcombe B lost by 17 shots in spite of winning on two of the three rinks played.

Ashcombe played a friendly mixed game of four rinks against Isle of Wedmore and lost, managing to win on only one rink.

Ashcombe Knights 105, Victoria Vikings 93 (Over-60s League): R Cole, I Baker, T Bass 19-16; W Spring, R Counsell, B Underhay 16-7; G Kinsey, B Jones, E Hooper 21-14; N Coombes, D Norville, E Hopkins 20-24; B Caddick, K Hallett, T Cottrell 14-19; M Bass, G Mills, M Parry 15-13.

Ashcombe 88, St Andrews 106 (friendly): B Benstead, S Hedges, A Freke 23-15; D Freestone, D Bleasdale, DA Williams 20-14; B Golding, T Morgan, J Whitlow 13-22; M Tripp, G Tottle, G Wilkinson 12-19; G Tucker, R Tasker, M Southwood 8-22; K Davies, R Simmons, B Hadley 12-14.

Ashcombe A 51, Yatton B 50 (County League): N Coombes, T Morgan, T Bass, J Whitlow 17-11; R Powell, G Fews, S Hedges, J Taylor 22-19; L Day, D Bleasdale, E Roberts, J Whitton 12-20.

Ashcombe B 54, Nailsea B 71 (County League): A Wilmot, M Parry, B Benstead, M Bass 25-21; M West, G Sansam, T Cottrell, I Baker 10-32; M Paterson, W Spring, R Tasker, P Gaulton 19-18.

WINSCOMBE A team gained valuable county league points in their win against Isle of Wedmore.

Mike Adams rink came back from 0-11 after six ends. Their opponents did not score again and the rink including Gerald Lloyd, Wilf Ainsworth and Tony Dudley won by 16 shots. The other two rinks lost narrowly. Reg Birmingham’s rink needed two shots to win on the last end, dropped a three, while Tommy Ellis’s rink kept their deficit to just six shots.

Winscombe B team had another tight game with West Backwell. They lost on two rinks by just three shots, but the other rink conceded 10 shots and West Backwell picked up all the points.

Twelve-year-old Ewan Kindred played his first match ever in the Winscombe B team. Ewan had a good game and with his granddad Geoff Coombe, Mike Nash and Paul Fredersdorff, was on one of the rinks that lost by just three shots. The rink was tied at 18 shots each after 19 ends.

Winscombe now have two promising young bowlers. Ewan joins Sam Easterby (15), whose talents have already been recognised by the Somerset County Under-25s selectors and Sam has his County Colts badge.

Winscombe’s C team were at Victoria and put up a good fight, but did not pick up any points. They lost by just one shot on George Hill’s rink with Terry Moody, David Rush and David Owen. Brian Paul’s rink also had a good tussle losing by just four shots.

In the other friendly games, Winscombe shared the honours losing to Bridgwater, but beat Bath in the traditional 21-end triples match. Winscombe also won at Bath earlier in the year.

Winscombe 82, Bridgwater 100 (friendly): R Wootten, R Fisher, K Whatling (c),T Ellis 17-20; B Paul, K Headford, R Feltham, R Lacy 18-15; J Swift, C Bailey, G Hill, M Nash 12-16; D Johnson, D Owen, M Dorrington, R Lowman 22-15; R Knight, R Weller, M Hunt, G Neville 13-34.

Winscombe 125, Bath 117 (friendly): R Weller, K Whatling (c), M Adams 22-23; B Prince, A Watts, A Dudley 19-19; G Coombe, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 23-18; D Rush, A Pye, R Lowman 28-13; J Smith, L Collier, G Neville 15-21; M Hunt, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 18-23.

Winscombe A 60 (8), Isle of Wedmore A 54 (4) (County League): S Easterby, K Whatling (c), R Lowman, R Birmingham 16-20; R Wootten, L Collier, R Lacy, T Ellis 16-22; G Lloyd, W Ainsworth, A Dudley, M Adams 28-12.

Winscombe B 52 (0), West Backwell 68 (12) (County League): A Watts, R Fisher, A Pye, G Neville 17-20; J Sprouting, D Johnson, P Hopes, M Dorrington (c) 15-25; G Coombe, E Kindred, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 20-23.

Winscombe C 41 (0), Victoria C 71 (12) (County League): D Peakall, J Smith, R Knight, B Paul 20-24; G Matthews, B Prince, R Weller, M Hunt (c) 11-28; T Moody, D Rush, D Owen, G Hill 18-19.

Photo: Sam Easterby and Ewan Kindred.

WEDMORE men’s team had a good win when they played away at Fosseway in the Mid Somerset League final game of the season.

Best performing team was led by Dave Nicholls with a score of 27-8.

Wedmore 93, Fosseway 62: R Bull, T Simpson, K Phillimore, C Moss 20-21; V Matthews, C Panchaud, T Brown, D Nicholls 27-8; D Trow, R Thurkettle, I Faulkner, D Wederell 21-17; T Counsell, B Cottrell, I Gallop, R Barron 25-16.

The Wedmore men’s A team played Bristol B at home and won all three rinks. In a close match Eddie Payne and his team had the best differential with a 21-14 victory. Wedmore 57, Bristol B 44: R Thurkettle, T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes 18-14; K Pettit, R Newell, D Nicholls, R Barron 18-16; R Bull, K Phillimore, D Wederell, E Payne 21-14.

The B team played visitors St Andrews B, winning 58-45. Victory was ensured by a strong win from I Faukner and his team who won 31-13

Wedmore 58, St Andrews B 45: T Bullock, M Green, P Bean, C Moss 7-22; B Back, J Runciman, D Collins, K Burt 20-10; V Matthews, C Panchaud, J Arthurs, I Faulkner 31-13.

Victoria Saxons visited Wedmore for an Over-60s League match which they won by just four points. Each side won three rinks and Ron Barron’s team notched up the best win scoring 27-6.

Wedmore 110, Victoria 114: B Keen, S Fisher, C Moss 10-27; T Hambin, T Bullock, R Newell 8-24; T Simpson, D Collins, C Panchaud 19-15; K Davey, B Cottrell, K Pettit 13-16; V Matthews, I Gallop, R Hughes 23-16; T Collingwood, R Norris, R Barron 27-6.

THE ladies of St Andrews played two friendly matches and came away with resounding victories in both games.

St Andrews Ladies 65, Isle of Wedmore 39: C Venn, K Dobney, M Wride, M Favis 23-13; P Uglow, S Sinclair, I Tofte, M Bailey 20-8; J Forse, A Greenwood, E Blight, J Ware 22-18.

St Andrews Ladies 55, North Petherton 30: E Reeves, W Allen, M Pattenden 18-10; K Dobney, A Greenwood, J Pitman 12-11; D Cooper, M Bailey, M Favis 25-9.

RAIN stopped play in Winscombe ladies’ first match of the week which was a friendly fixture against Victoria.

As luck would have it, the shots over the three rinks totalled 19 for each team and therefore a draw was called.

The ladies next match was against Portishead at home in the NSTL. It concluded with a good result, two rinks drawing and the rink skipped by Eve Watts supported by Sue Lowis and Sarah Lowman winning 25-16. Winscombe won overall by 53-44 and added eight points to their league total. The ladies also put out a friendly rink which lost 11-20.

Winscombe continued their good form the day after by beating Mark Moor away in the Wessex League. Eve Watts once again skipped a winning rink and Angela Ainsworth, together with Margaret Smith, Sue Lowis and Rowena Keane came up trumps with a 22-17 shot win.

Mavis Adams’ rink gradually crept back up after a slow start to 16-all on the 20th end and gained one shot on the final end to snatch victory in a 66-45 victory.

Winscombe Ladies 19, Victoria 19 (friendly): C Hopes, T Darkin, J Rush, L Fredersdorff (c) 6-5; A Griffin, L Coombe, W Weller, S Nash 7-7; T Miles, J Wiles, L Dyer, J Kimmins 6-7.

Winscombe Ladies 53, Portishead 44 (NSTL): S Lowis, S Lowman, E Watts 25-16; J Rush, P Heal, A Ainsworth 12-12, C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (c) 16-16. Friendly rink: M Sprouting, P Burns, J Kimmins 11-20.

Winscombe Ladies 66, Mark Moor 45 (Wessex League): M Smith, S Lowis, R Keane (c), A Ainsworth 22-17; C Hopes, L Parfitt, L Whatling, M Adams 17-16; J Kimmins, L Dyer, S Lowman, E Watts 27-12.

CLARENCE Ladies 46, Ascombe 52 (NSTL): S Scoins, M Baker, P Barnbrook 24-17; S Ellis, C Cromey, P Burrough 10-13; J Colman, J Mannion, C Edlin 12-22.

Clarence Ladies 68, Congresbury 46 (friendly): S Scoins, P Fowler, P Dunn, M Baker 26-17; J Mannion, L Oldham, M Davidson, C Edlin 22-13; L Phipps, M Woods, V Jones, P Burrough 20-16.

CURRENT Weston & District Ladies Triples League leaders Victoria suffered a setback when they lost to Burnham by four shots.

Victoria Ladies 49 (2), Burnham 53 (8): R Bailey, S Harrison, S Cooper 20-15; M Angove, C Willetts, M Chudley 15-20; F Waters, R Cleeves, A Holland 14-18.

The ladies match against Winscombe was abandoned after eight ends due to torrential rain.

Victoria Ladies 19, Winscombe 19 (friendly): C Webb, S Sokol, C Willetts, M Chudley 7-7; R Cleeves, J Donald, S Newman, S Cooper 7-6; R Bailey, G Poolman, E Newport, A Holland 5-6.

ASHCOMBE Park junior members are put through a three year training programme and three of them have already fulfilled expectations.

They are now integrated into senior level, playing league, Somerset County junior games and senior club competitions. During this season, the junior membership has gone from six to nine, the eldest being 15-years-old and the youngest 13.

Eventually, the club will have formed two teams to take on the seniors. The stigma of lawn bowls being an older persons’ game certainly does not apply to Ashcombe Park. This season may be coming to an end in September, but the club is still available to show interested youngsters how they operate. For further information please contact 01934 514855 or 07717 453049.

Fraser Ham and Dannielle Little.

WESSEX Ladies 57 (10), West Backwell 38 (0) (Weston & District Ladies League): S Bishop, B Wallace, M Williams 18-10; V Edwartds, A Ward, D Forsyth 20-10; E Stott, P Hanson, C Peart 19-18.

Wessex Ladies 42 (4), Isle of Wedmore 49 (6) (Mendip Triples League): A Fewings, A Ward, A Powell 18-11; P Turner, E Deane, J Davis 7-27; J Allard, C Peart, P Taylor 17-11.

Wessex Ladies 51, Eastover Bridgwater 43 (friendly): I Hicks, T Langford, S Davies, P Taylor 18-16; S Bishop, J Palmer, V Gardiner, M Davis 12-17; N Peters, E Wade, P Hanson, C Peart 21-10.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 52 (8), Clarence 46 (2) (NSTL): D Little, N Counsell, B MacGregor 13-10; M Main, B Cullen, C Hedges 22-12; B Groves, M Tasker, S Weaden 17-24.

Ashcombe Ladies 46 (2), North Petherton 58 (8) (Wessex League): M Main, A Bryant, J Hughes, S Weaden 18-22; B Groves, D Little, S Ford, C Hedges 10-24; L Paterson, S Noyes, M Tasker, J McInally 18-12.

Ashcombe Ladies 61, West Backwell 30 (friendly): S Bayntun, L Paterson, S Hopkins 12-12; A Cox, M Tasker, S Weaden 15-11; B Cullen, C Hedges, M Williams 34-7.

WEDMORE ladies visited North Petherton for a Wessex Ladies League match and won two of the three rinks.

Shirley Wederell’s team had the best result with a 27-13 win

Wedmore Ladies 70, North Petherton 53: T Newell, B Disbrey, C Pettit, J Masters 24-14; D Gallop, C Mercer, M Fisher, M Ronald 19-26; M Barron, J Hunt, R Aston, S Wederell 27-13.

Wessex ladies came to Wedmore for a Mendip League match and won two rinks out of three, but a good win by Liz Hamblin and her team resulted in an overall win for Wedmore.

Wedmore Ladies 49, Wessex 42: A Hughes, M Perry, P Cottrell 11-17; B Disbrey, J Gainey, S Moss 11-18; D Gallop, J Wheller, L Hambin 27-7.

In the Mid Somerset Mixed League, Wedmore visited Frome Park and lost to the home side. Ron Barron’s team scored the only win of the evening by just one point 16-15

Wedmore 43, Frome Park 61: J Harvey, M Perry, B Cottrell, D Wederell 16-23; V Matthews, L Dearden, C Panchaud, R Barron 16-15; R Bull, B Dearden, G Harvey, K Burt 11-23.

The ladies had a tough challenge when they visited St Andrews for a friendly match, losing all three rinks and a final score of 39-65.

The ladies played a friendly match away against Clarence and lost 43-50. Wedmore’s mixed friendly against visitors Redland Green was won by the home side 128-95.

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