Successful week for the Saints

Weston St Andrews won six of its eight matches in the past week.

EIGHT matches this week have resulted in six victories for St Andrews.

In the County League fixture against Yatton B, Don Bailey’s rink picked up seven shots on the 20th end after a close-run game. The A team are currently lying in third place in the North Division 2, while the B team are well ahead at the top of the North Division 3.

St Andrews A 26, Portishead RBL 40 (National Two Fours): G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 13-15; K Uglow, A Ware, P Aldus, R Venn 13-25.

St Andrews Spartans 115, Clevedon Promenade 89 (Over-60s Triples): K Uglow, G Burgess, T Thomas 29-8; M Berry, R Venn, G Wride 9-18; R McLeod, B May, D Bailey 24-17; R Smith, A Ware, A Steer 13-17; M Goddard, A Horsburgh, D Favis 13-19; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 27-10.

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St Andrews 75, Clarence 67 (Wedmore Plate): G Tofte, A Ware, P Villis, P Aldus 15-14; G Aldridge, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 21-17; R Smith, T Thomas, D Favis, G Wride 19-18; K Uglow, B Reeves, R Venn, D Bailey 20-18.

St Andrews B 63, Nailsea B 50 (County League): M Berry, T Allen, A Horsburgh, G Wride 18-17; R Smith, M Simpson, K Uglow, D Favis 32-11; G Tofte, G Berry, B Reeves, B May 13-22.

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St Andrews 65, Wrington 46: A MacNab, R Dunstone, P Aldus, J Warren 20-18; A Cooper, J Steer, R McLeod, P Villis 27-11; P Smart, F Mudge, G Burgess, D Bailey 18-17.

St Andrews 65, Gilfach Goch Tourists 121: P Smart, C Robinson, E Day, B Reeves 22-16; G Tofte, F Mudge, J Ling, D Favis 15-27; R McLeod, J Steer, G Burgess, P Aldus 6-34; R Smith, P Pattenden, T Allen, J Warren 16-12; A MacNab, R Dunstone, B Green, A Horsburgh 6-32.

St Andrews A 88, Yatton B 38 (County League): G Aldridge, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 29-12; G Tofte, P Aldus, P Villis, A Owens 35-8; K Uglow, M Berry, R Venn, D Bailey 24-18.

St Andrews B 60, Bristol D 50 (County League): P Smart, A MacNab, J Ling, R McLeod 13-17; R Dunstone, M Simpson, E Day, B Reeves 25-13; R Smith, J Steer, M Goddard, B May 22-20.

ASHCOMBE had a slow start to the week, but finished off winning five out of seven games.

Ashcombe 100, Congersbury 131 (mixed friendly): R Lewis, N Coombes, I Baker, J Main 22-15; B Golding, F Bertram, D Norville, W Spring 10-23; S Ash, M Brummell, D Cooper, T Bass 18-29; B Noyes, M Field, A Cracknell, D A Williams 14-24; D Andrews, G Pople, B Alden, A Freke 15-20; G Tucker, A Wright, B Jones, R Simmons 21-20.

Ashcombe Crusaders 114 (16), Winscombe 87 (4) (Over-60s Triples): G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 29-9; A Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 12-13; D Stanton, A Little, J Hornett 17-15; A Wilmot, L Day, J Whitton 18-16; D Bleasdale, G Finnegan, J Taylor 15-24; R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 23-10.

Ashcombe 74, Avon & Somerset Constabulary 68 (friendly): R Lewis, R Counsell, D Bleasdale, B Webber 16-17; G Fews, D A Williams, D Stanton, R Ford 27-10; B Noyes, R Tasker, C Hughes, G Wilkinson 20-14; T Bull, G Tucker, A Wright, T Bass 11-27.

Ashcombe 107 (16), Nailsea 88 (4) (Over-60s Triples): G Tucker, D Andrews, M Bass 19-16; M Unwin, T Pople, T Cottrell 24-9; M Patterson, R Ford, L Cox 22-15; M Field, N Coombes, P Gaulton 17-19; R Lewis, R Smith, R Tasker 14-13; S Ash, B Alden, M Brummell 11-16.

Ashcombe Knights 92 (14), Clevedon 83 (6) (Over-60s Triples): R Cole, G Kinsey, E Hooper 32-6; A Cracknell, I Baker, J Main 0-10; N Coombes, A Freke, I Shannon 16-12; D Underhay, E Hopkins, B Underhay 13-16; T Pople, G Mills, W Spring 5-28; B Jones, D Cooper, R Simmons 26-11.

Ashcombe 81, Willmott Park 75 (mixed friendly): S Noyes, M Patterson, C Hedges, J Hornett 27-11; B Benstead, V Webber, S Hedges, B Cullen, 13-32; A Fews, L Patterson, A Perkins, M Williams, 18-19; B Noyes, M Sell, D A Williams, B Webber 23-13.

Ashcombe 62, Isle of Wedmore 89 (mixed friendly): R Counsell, M Bass, N Counsell, L Cox 12-32; A Cox, D Cooper, M Parry, A Goacher 18-13; A Fews, M Patterson, J Wilkinson, G Wilkinson 14-21; M Palmer, S Hopkins, A Perkins, E Hopkins 18-23.

Ashcombe 70, Mark Moor 78 (mixed friendly): M Main, B Alden, J Main 13-17; G Tucker, D Underhay, J Hughes 12-12; S Noyes, C Hughes, S Hedges 8-21; D Andrews, C Hedges, J Creasey 24-15; B Noyes, Rose Powell, R Powell 13-13.

VICTORIA had just the one game this week, which was just as well with the number of members playing in the Weston tournament.

Victoria 76, Clevedon Promenade 104 (mixed friendly): T Gilbert, F Aldridge, J M West, D Hurst 21-19; B Johnson, R Bailey, J Griffiths, J Newman 21-14; J Mills, M Milliner, C Chudley, M Taylor 15-22; P Wyatt, R Sparkes, A Shattock, G Richards 9-21; S Milliner, J Turton, W Nicholson, R Rockett 10-28.

WINSCOMBE’S week started with a loss, but finished with a win which moved them to top of the Somerset County League Division 2 North.

The first game was a friendly seven rink mixed match against a team from Bideford, who proved too strong for the Winscombe team, but everyone enjoyed a great game in good company.

Winscombe then went on to a mixed match at Bridgwater BCL, which ended in a draw. Both midweek league games were lost. In the Weston Over-60s game against Ashcombe Crusaders, they won on two rinks but went down heavily on one rink, resulting in a 30 shot deficit overall. At Congresbury, Winscombe lost on all five rinks.

A visit to Mark Moor for a friendly game got Winscombe back to winning ways with a 29 shot win.

In the Somerset County League (Division 2 North), Winscombe B moved to the top of the league when they maintained their unbeaten record and gained maximum points against Wrington at home.

Winscombe 113, Bideford Tourists 166: C Hopes, K Symons, W Weller P Fredersdorff 23-23; D Owen, T Moody, M Smith, A Watts 9-24; D Sapsford, D Johnson, P Hopes, B Paul 18-22; D Peakall, K Headford, D Beaverstock, E Watts 13- 28; S Caddy, R Weller, L Whatling, J Smith 25-20; R Sapsford, J Rush, G Coombe, L Fredersdorff 8-35; L Coombe, S Nash, R Freegard, M Nash 17-14.

Winscombe 71, Bridgwater BCL 71: J Rush, S Nash, R Knight, M Nash 14-20; T Miles, R Weller, E Watts, R Freegard 25-15; C Hopes, P John, R Keane, A Kyprianides 14-18; P Hopes, P Burns, W Weller, G Hill 18-18.

Winscombe 84, Ashcombe Crusaders 114: R Knight, L Collier, T Ellis 13-12; J Smith, R Kibble, M Nash 9-29; G Lloyd, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 10-23; B Paul, K Whatling, A Watts 24-15; J Sprouting, C Westlake, R Wootten 16-18; D Beaverstock, L Baldwin, A Dudley 15-17.

Winscombe 69 (0), Congresbury 112 (9): G Coombe, R Freegard, M Dorrington, S Eastment 8-21; S Easterby, J Lukins, R Kibble 16-18; R Knight, G Hill, L Baldwin, A Dudley 16-26; N Hansford, R Fisher, L Collier, M Nash 20-23; B Paul, P John, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 9-24.

Winscombe 101, Mark Moor 72: P Hopes, L Collier, A Dudley 16-15; D Beaverstock, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 18-18;T Moody, A Kyprianides, W Ainsworth 13-12; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Nash 38-9; B Prince, R Freegard, G Neville 16-17.

Winscombe B 75 (12), Wrington 49 (0): Winscombe won on all three rinks and remain unbeaten on the green.

Winscombe ladies again narrowly failed to secure any points in their match in the North Somerset Triples League against Portishead.

Winscombe Ladies 40, Portishead 50 (NST): T Miles, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 12-16; J Kimmins, S Nash, E Watts,13-18; S Caddy, S Lowman, L Fredersdorff 15-16.

WEDMORE men’s team played away at Mark Moor twice last week and won on both occasions.

First in the Over-60s Triples, they won five out of six rinks with a total score of 123 to 82. Ray Newell’s team had the best differential scoring 31-9.

Wedmore 123, Mark Moor 82: T Hamblin, R Norris, R Newell 31-9; D Trow, S Newdick, C Panchaud 29-17; T Counsell, D Barnett, R Barron 17-10; J Clark, A Reynolds, T Brown 12-26; R Bull, S Fisher, I Faulkner 19-9; C Wheller, B Cottrell, B Aston 15-11.

In the men’s county league, the B team won two of three rinks. Keith Burt’s team scored a decisive 31-9 victory.

Wedmore 61, Mark Moor 48: T Counsell, M Green, S Fisher, K Burt 31-9; J Clark, A Reynolds, S Newdick, C Moss 12-24; K Davey, J Harvey, V Matthews, I Faulkner 18-15.

In the Mid Somerset League Division 1, the men played a home match against Castle Cary. This was a hotly contested match and each side won two rinks. The strong performance of Colin Moss’ team winning their rink 32-13 ensured a Wedmore victory.

Wedmore 89, Castle Cary 74: T Brown, B Treloar, I Faukner, R Newell 17-21; B Kean, B Freeman, C Panchaud, K Burt 23-14; R Bull, B Andrews, K Phillimore, C Moss 32-13; D Trow, B Cottrell, I Gallop, R Barron 17-26.

The Isle of Wedmore ladies played Victoria Weston at home in a Mendip League match, two out of three rinks were lost with Sandra Moss’ team providing the only win of the day and two points.

Wedmore Ladies 44, Victoria 52: B Disbrey, M Trow, E Deverill 11-15; D Gallop, L Hamblin, A Hughes 11-22; B Clark, P Beard, S Moss 22-15.

In the Wessex Ladies League, Wedmore played at home to Clevedon and won all three rinks convincingly to earn 10 points.

Wedmore Ladies 75, Clevedon 41: J Wheller, M Fisher, J Masters, G Harvey 23-13; T Newell, J Collins, M Ronald, E Deverill 30-17; D Gallop, B Clark, P Cottrell, M Hordle 22-11.

In the one mixed friendly match of the week, Wedmore travelled to sunny Williton for a close match, winning two rinks each Wedmore ran out 66-59 victors.

YATTON 107, Portishead RBL 105 Weston Triples League): S Pascoe, R Adams, P Creber 12-24; A George, E Reynolds, A Woodward 24-13; G Collins, G Dodd, T Storm 16-19; G Walford, D Goddard, D Blundell 15-18; M Musgrove, J Knight, B Hardwick 23-13; N Allen, G Price, J Parker 17-18.


Yatton 102, Clevedon Prom 112 (Clevedon and District Evening League): J Knight, S Pascoe, R Lewis, C Parsons 21-20; L Howe, R Adams, D Bessant, W Casey 27-17; D Goddard, G Dodd, T Storm, A Woodward 19-23; J Parker, M Richards, R Bish, K Dodd 18-24; N Robinson, M Musgrove, T Robinson, D Sweet 17-28.

Yatton A 52, Portishead RBL C’27 (Somerset County League): L Howe, T Storm, D Bessant, W Casey 21-4; R Mills, J Knight, N Edmonds, G Smith 9-14; D Goddard, A Woodward, P Osborne, W Cole 22-9.

Yatton B 38, St Andrews A 88: M Musgrove, J Parker, N Robinson, T Robinson 12-29; P Creber, M Richards, B Hardwick, C Parsons 8-35; A George, H Williams, R Lewis, R Bish 18-24.

Yatton Ladies 55, Nailsea 58 (DRT League): P Laver, B Hayward, A Keating, S Parsons 15-20; C Lewis, M Hubbard, P Allen, P Goddard 15-24; L Manning, C Cheesewright, A Batson, M Spalding 25-14.

Yatton Ladies 53 Congresbury 71 (friendly): A Storm, M Millard, P Allen 25-9; L Manning, P Laver, M Hubbard 11-16; W William, B Parker, B Topham 7-21; S Carr, B Eley, P Goddard 11-25.

Yatton Ladies 51, Chew Stoke 64 (DRT League): P Laver, B Hayward, A Keating, S Parsons 16-18; M Millard, C Cheesewright, P Allen, P Goddard 19-29; L Manning, B Parker, B Topham, M Spalding 16-17.

CONGRESBURY 104, Severn Vale 87 (mixed friendly): J Blagden, D Folds, C Andrews, L Beck 28-8; H Tranmer, A Purnell, I Morton, R Archer 16-25; P Baker, A Edwards, R Horton, M Wear 11-14; C Lewis, C Andrews, M Huggett, V Harding 19-21; C Wilcock, A Harding, C Blagden, B Huggett 30-19.

Congresbury Ladies 46, Victoria 51 (Mendip League): C Lewis, W Manning, V Harding 16-16; C Wilcock, D Davis, A Jones 18-20; L Storey, C Andrews, B Huggett 12-15.

Congresbury Ladies 71, Yatton 53 (friendly): C Wilcock, E Stenner, A Mew 21-7; E Archer, S Wright, K Herbison 25-10; J Blagden, D Davis, C Andrews 9-25; C Lewis, A Purnell/P Sharps, B Huggett 16-11.

Congresbury Ladies 58, Burnham 67 (Weston & District League): J Blagden, E Stenner, K Herbison 21-17; C Wilcock, R Horton, B Huggett 20-29; A King, D Harrison, V Harding 17-21.

Congresbury 134, Ashcombe 100 (friendly): P Reay, D Rivers, G Stenner, B Herbison 27-14; J Churchward, J Freemantle, D Gosling, R Becker 20-21; C Holloway, D Folds, R Stewart, L Beck 23-10; R Jones, A Collins, M Hopkins, M Wear 29-18; A Edwards, A Harding, R Archer, T Yearsley 20-15; R Baker, P Dawes, C Edwards, M Huggett 15-22.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 39 (0), Clevedon Prom 50 (10): N Counsell, J Wilkinson, B Cullen 7-16; A Fews, M Tucker, M Williams 15-16; S Noyes, M Main, S Weaden 17-18. Friendly rink: S Hadley, J Beat, S Hopkins 19-14.

Ashcombe Ladies 54 (2), Portishead RBL 55 (8): M Tucker, J Wilkinson, S Weaden 25-14; D Norville, M Williams, A Goacher 16-19; A Cox, M Tasker, B MacGregor 13-22.

Ashcombe Ladies 58 (8), Portishead 33 (2): M Main, J Hughes, S Ford 13-15; J Field, B MacGregor, J McInally 24-13; N Counsell, M Tasker, A Goacher 21-5. Friendly rink: R Powell, J Beat, D Norville 18-8.

Ashcombe Ladies 50 (10), Winscombe 40 (0): S Noyes, M Williams, J McInally 18-13; M Main, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-15; M Palmer, S Hopkins, S Ford 16-12.

ST ANDREWS ladies played two Doreen Ralph Trophy games, winning one and losing the other.

St Andrews Ladies 53, Portishead RBL 76: P Uglow, A Greenwood, B Goddard, A Campbell 13-28; J Forse, D Johnston, S Glenville, M Pattenden 19-17; W Allen, E Reeves, J Ware, M Favis 21-31.

St Andrews Ladies 64, Chew Stoke 50: C Venn, A Greenwood, P Uglow, A Campbell 24-12; W Allen, D Johnston, J Smith, J Ware 18-24; J Forse, E Reeves, S Glenville, M Pattenden 22-14.

VICTORIA ladies celebrated two good wins in the Mendip League, gaining 17 of the 20 points on offer.

Victoria 51 (9), Congresbury 46 (1): A Austin, R Bailey, A Holland 16-16; D Owen, J Donald, E Newport 15-12; C Willetts, R Cleeves, M Hillman 20-18.

Victoria 52 (8), Isle of Wedmore 44 (2): D Owen, J Donald, M Hillman 15-22; C Willetts, A Austin, A Holland 15-11; A Palmer, S Newman, S Harrison 22-11.

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