Teams of three event at Shiplate

Tich Williams.

Tich Williams. - Credit: Archant

A teams of three competition was held at Shiplate Farm Fisheries in good weather.

THIS year’s teams of three competition at Shiplate Farm Fisheries started with reasonably good weather and light winds.

The eight teams fished round one of the series over the three lakes, with each man from the team fishing a different lake to give combined weights for the team at the end of the match.

The top three weights from the Main Lake all went over the 100lb mark, which shows just how this lake is gaining respect from anglers all over the south west.

Tich Williams (Drennan SW) fished the pole at 14m, in front and to the margin using paste and pellet from peg one on the Main Lake, resulting in the best individual weight overall of 189lb 12oz.

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The results of the lakes - Main Lake: Tich Williams (Drennan SW), peg 1, 189lb 12oz; John Macey (Frys), peg 15, 128lb; Ritchie Hawkins (Wormheads), peg 5, 123lb 8oz. Silvers: Steve Howell (Endpeggers), peg 7, 17lb 12oz

Hawthorns Julian Pinkett (Wormheads), peg 7, 55lb 12oz; Pete Sivell (BCFC), peg 5, 51lb 4oz; Kurtis Pinkett (Lightweights), peg 3, 50lb 13oz. Silvers Ron Stark (Jesters), peg 1, 13lb 3oz.

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Westpool: Ray Cooper (Slapheads), peg 14, 91lb 4oz; Dean Malin (BCFC), peg 12, 73lb 14oz; Tom Downing (Drennan SW), peg 6, 45lb 12oz. Silvers Ray Cooper peg14, 19lb 1oz.

Team results: Drennan SW 19pts; BCFC 18pts; Wormheads 16pts.

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