Tony wins knock-up match at Bleadon

Anglers enjoyed a knock-up match at Shiplate Farm Fisheries near Bleadon.

TONY Rixon and a few other anglers had a knock-up match on the Hawthorns at Shiplate Farm Fisheries.

Tony won the match feeding castor on the pole. Results: Tony Rixon 110.6lbs; Fabio 76.14lbs; Aaron Britnell 68.13lbs; Dave Blakemore 57.7lbs; Ron Hardiman, 51.8lbs; John Bradford 50.2lbs, who also won the silvers with 9.5lbs.

One of the other matches was Royal Mail/Bristol on the Westpool. The weather which started dry, ended very damp for the anglers. The lake fished reasonably considering the amount of fresh water the rain added overnight.

Results: John Hawkins (peg 7), 58lb 10oz; Steve Howell (peg 13), 40lb 10oz; Julian Pinkett (peg 4), 34lb 12oz; Gordon Jones (peg 15), 32lb 12oz.

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