Trophies decided at St Andrew's

ST ANDREW'S enjoyed summer conditions for their last game of the season.

ST ANDREW'S enjoyed summer conditions for their last game of the season. Captains' Day closed the season with 40 members bowling their last woods on the home green this year.

The Bowls Drive was won by Jane Smith and Tony Main, and this was followed by a buffet meal. The two captains, Mrs. Margaret Wride and Mr. Graham Burgess made short speeches of thanks to everyone who had provided St Andrew's with such a successful year. Trophies were then presented to the winners and losers of the Club Championships. A great day was had by all.

And, now, it's on into the Indoor season. With three indoor rinks, there are plenty of opportunities at St Andrew's for everyone, including new members, to enjoy their bowls. There are no changes regarding indoor membership fees; they remain at �35 per year for playing members, with juniors and social members at �5 per year. Everyone is welcome.

The club had good weather for Finals Day. Many of the matches were close, none more so than the men's triples final which went to an extra end to decide the winners. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

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Men's club championship: S Davies 21, D Bailey 10; Two-wood: T Thomas 22, A Ware 11. Handicap: T Thomas 25, B Ennis 7. Pairs: A Yeeles, B Green 19; K Uglow, A Ware 17: Triples: D Wills, M Goddard, D Bailey 18; R Davey, A Yeeles, R Venn 17. Over-65s championship: J Pope 1.5, K Parker .5. Over-65s pairs: R Smith, K Uglow 3; T James, D Bailey 2.

The Spartans played their outstanding Over-60's Triples League games this week, and finished at the top of the Group One table, yet again. Congratulations to them for a successful season.

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St Andrew's Spartans 96, Portishead RBL 114 (Over-60s Weston Triples League): T Bell, R McLeod, T Thomas 17-25; R Davey, K Uglow, M Berry 14-14; A Yeeles, R Venn, K Curtis 20-17; M Glenville, T Allen, R Gill 13-23; D Nutt, G Burgess, D Bailey 13-20; M Goddard, A Ware, D Favis 19-15.

St Andrew's Spartans 109, Ashcombe Knights 101 (Over-60s Weston Triples League): R Smith, R McLeod, D Favis 36-15; B Ennis, M Berry, B May 19-27; A Yeeles, R Venn, K Curtis 14-14; D Nutt, G Burgess, D Bailey 15-13; R Davey, K Uglow, A Ware 17-16; M Glenville, T Allen, R Gill 8-16.

St Andrew's Spartans 99, Ashcombe Crusaders 100 (Over-60s Weston Triples League): R Smith, R Davey, T Thomas 17-17; A Yeeles, R Venn, K Curtis 16-26; M Glenville, T Allen, B May 10-18; B Ennis, K Uglow, M Berry 15-14; D Nutt, G Burgess, D Bailey 20-14; M Goddard, R McLeod, D Favis 21-11

St Andrews Trojans 85, Clarence Golds 115 (Over-60s Weston Triples League): F Hetherington, P O'Connor, T Thomas 5-22; R Smith, G Berry, R Dunstone 15-9; T James, A Henderson, B Green 19-15; K Parker, R Owen, J Ling 22-12; J Pope, J Steer, J Warren 2-37; F Mudge, B Slade, A Perry 22-20.

ASHCOMBE Park's Captain's Closing Day was well attended and was played out in ideal weather conditions.

Nearly 90 players enjoyed a triples match, which was followed by a salad and trifle tea, served by members of the ladies' committee.

The retiring captain, Graham Wilkinson, thanked members for their support throughout the year, and asked them to give similar support to next season's captain, Alan Little.

Mr Wilkinson then presented a cheque for �800 to Mrs Sheila Briggs, manager of Abbeyfield, Eastfield Park, which has been the club's chosen charity for this year.

Captains Day at Winscombe. The season ended with a match between teams representing Captain Lewis Collier and President Colin Westlake, the Captain's side winning by 14 shots. After the game the players were joined by their ladies in the pavilion for an excellent supper provided by Lewis and Janet. Thanks to the generosity of the member's �270 was collected on the day in aid of the Samson Chivatsi African Childrens Appeal

Captain 97 President 83 (Captain's team names first): N Hansford, B Paul, A Dudley, L Collier 18 G Lloyd, M Dorrington, A Pye, C Westlake 18; R Knight, K Headford, R Lacy, R Wootten 17 A Brand, D Peakall, M Hunter, R Roberts 19; G Tofte, J Bearman, J Baker 22 J Vincent, J Smith, A Watson 18; G Bull, K Whatling, M Nash 21 D Owen, G Neville, T Ellis 18; J Blewitt, W Ainsworth, R Feltham 19

R Weller, B White, L Baldwin 10.

ASHCOMBE Park Ladies organised a special Captain's Closing Day attended by over 70 members and guests from clubs throughout the area.

Outgoing captain Patsy Smith was given a gift to mark her efforts for the ladies' section during a busy year.

CLARENCE Ladies finished their outdoor season with Captain's Day.

Captain Audrey Harris welcomed special guest county president Lois Greaves along with ladies from Wessex, Ashcombe, Victoria and St Andrew's. Clarence men's president Don Towie and captain lan Baker also attended.

A game of two-wood triples was enjoyed by all, the highest scoring rink winners were J Lavender, M Chudley and skip Averil from Ashcombe. The winner of the spider was M Davison.

Roger Burrough and other Clarence men cooked and served a lovely meal. Captain Audrey gave thanks to all the men, cooks, waiters and wine waiters

A big applause was given to Mary Bratt who is retiring from her post as match secretary Mary has done a wonderful job for several years.

ST ANDREW'S Ladies club championship: C Venn 21, J Ware 20. Two-wood: J Pitman 14, C Venn 13. Pairs: C Riley, M Favis 22; C Venn, J Ware 11. Two-wood pairs: C Riley, A Campbell 17; P Uglow, D Johnston 14. Triples: C Riley, J Pitman, A Campbell 18; PGill, A Greenwood, M Favis 16. Hope Shield: G Prescott 22, J Marney 8.

St Andrew's Ladies' final match of the season was a home game against a touring side, Sussex County Ladies.

St Andrew's 58, Sussex County Ladies 66 (tourists): K Dobney, S Glenville, S Priory, J Ware 19-21; P Uglow, A Greenwood, J Pitman, A Campbell 19-21; B Goddard, W Allen, M Bailey, M Favis 20-24.

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