Trophy win for St Andrews

St Andrews started the indoor season with a victory over Watchet in the Egham Trophy,

ST ANDREWS started their indoor competitive season in fine form, beating Watchet in the Egham Trophy.

The two away rinks did exceptionally well, Andrew Owens rink drawing and Barrie Forse’s rink with a seven shot win. It was different fortunes at home, Tony Steer’s rink were outbowled by 14 shots, but Gordon Wride’s rink more than compensated with a 28 shot victory. Saints finishing with a 21 shot win.

The first of the Over-60s double rinks was played against Victoria Street. Barrie Forse’s rink had a comfortable win in the end by 10 shots, while the away rink of Tony Steer kept things tight despite holding two fives, a six and a seven and losing the ends to a skip in devastating form, but came away with just a two shot deficit. Saints winning overall by eight shots.

The mixed friendly on Sunday against North Petherton saw an outstanding win for the Saints by 41 shots. Phil Villis’s rink contributing 26 of these.

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St Andrews 87, Watchet 66 (Egham Trophy): A Powell, M Pattenden, W Harrison, A.Steer 10-24; C Venn, J Forse, D Favis, G Wride 38-10; R McMillan, J Pitman, P Villis, B Forse 19-12; K Uglow, M Favis, A Campbell, A Owens 20-20.

St Andrews 35, Victoria Street 27 (Over-60s two rink): K Uglow, D Favis, G Wride, B Forse 20-10; A Hyde, M Campbell, D Bailey, A Steer 15-17.

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St Andrews 76, North Petherton 35 (mixed friendly): J Forse, M Goodwin, C Robinson, B Reeves 22-14; K Dobney, D Cooper, R Venn, P Villis 34-8; R Smith, B McCullum, D Cooper, B Roberts 20-13.

THE national Over-60s double rink competition match between Woodspring and Donyatt ran out to be a close affair, despite comfortable victories by both home teams.

At Woodspring, the score was 23-13, but at Donyatt it was 11-23, giving the overall victory to Donyatt by just two shots (36-34).

Scores: D Bleasdale, C Edwards, G Russell, M Brummell 23-13; E Hopkins, R Tasker, S Hedges, D Cooper 11-23.

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