Turnbull Cup victory for Victoria

Latest scores and results from the local bowling greens.

VICTORIA started their Turnbull Cup campaign with a good win at West Backwell on a fine summer’s evening.

Victoria 79, West Backwell 62: J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 18-20; H Gibbs, K Harvey, J Howell, D Williams 26-10; J Loughlin, A Uccellini, C Gazzard, W Harrison 26-8; P Lunn, M Fletcher, D Hurst, M Cooper 9-24.

Victoria 93, Bristol Arrow 52 (friendly): D Beard, R Fenwick, H Shepherd. M Stocker 19-15; R Jacobs, D Roberts, G Thorne, J Newman 22-13; W Osborne, R Sparkes, K Curtis, G Frost 29-8; J Codrington, A Waygood, D Sealey, D Hurst 23-16.

Victoria 151, Burnham 88 (friendly): T Gilbert, B Saward, K Curtis, J Howell 31-22; M Willetts, R Fenwick, N Sell, D Jones 27-11; J Loughlin, A Barnes, S Evans, M Manning 21-13; E Sage, J Kerr, T Gatehouse, D Hurst 19-18; D Beard, A Shattock, G Frost, M Cooper 25-13; J Codrington, D Sealey, A Uccellini, M Stocker 28-11.

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Victoria 57, North Petherton 95 (friendly): J West, R Sleep, K Harvey, M Taylor 16-20; D Beard, B Saward, C Chudley, M Campbell 17-20; M Willetts, W Osborne, A Barnes, H Shepherd 9-28; R Austin, P Newport, J Griffiths, N Sell 15-27.

A PACKED schedule provided a mixed week for the St Andrews. Their two wins included a 14 shot victory against Congresbury in the Turnbull Cup.

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St Andrews 32, Clevedon 40 (National Two-Fours): S Davies, T Thomas, R Venn, D Bailey 17-17; A Yeeles, T Bell, A Horsburgh, D Favis 15-23.

St Andrews 1, West Backwell 3 (North Somerset 4-Dimension): S Davies (singles) 11-21; M Goddard, D Favis (pairs) 11-22; T Thomas, R Venn, D Bailey (triples) 20-29; A Yeeles, B Reeves, A Horsburgh, G Wride (fours) 28-16.

St Andrews 91, Congresbury 77 (Turnbull Cup): B Reeves, T Bell, T Thomas, S Davies 32-17; A Yeeles, R McLeod, A Horsburgh, G Wride 22-22; J Chance, M Berry, R Venn, D Bailey 19-16; M Goddard, D Nutt, A Ware, D Favis 18-22.

St Andrews 102, Mid-Bedfordshire Tourists 122: Mrs J Forse, Mrs A Greenwood, J Chance, D Bailey 22-12; Mrs M. Cordwell, C Robinson, Mrs B McCollum, D Nutt 15-25; Mrs J Smith, Miss K Dobney, D Whitehead, B May 13-22; Mrs E Reeves, K Parker, A MacNab, Mrs S Glenville 12-22; Mrs C Venn, Mrs J Reed, G Berry, T Bell 20-19; Mrs M Wride, A Lay, Mrs M Frost, M Goddard 20-22.

St Andrews 63, Cumbria Lads ’n Lassies Tourists 60: Mrs E Reeves, Mrs D Johnston, C Reeves, T Allen 19-14; Mrs J Forse, Miss K Dobney, J Ling, D Nutt 9-20; F Mudge, G Berry, Mrs A Greenwood, T Bell 11-18; B Rogers, Mrs B McCollum, B May, J Warren 24-8.

WINSCOMBE lost the most important game of the week and won all three friendly games.

In the Turnbull Cup, Winscombe lost at home to Clevedon Prom. After 10 ends, Winscombe were in the lead by 11 shots. By 15 ends they found themselves three shots behind, but failed to rally, only winning on Steve Eastment’s rink and losing by 17 shots.

Winscombe’s other game was a mixed match on four rinks against Cumbria Lads and Lasses. This resulted in a narrow defeat by five shots.

Winscombe 59, Clevedon Prom 76 (Turnbull Cup): W Ainsworth, R Lacy, R Feltham, S Eastment 15-13; M Dorrington, K Whatling, A Dudley, M Nash 11-20; R Lowman, R Wootten, A Pye, T Ellis 17-18; J Feltham, M Roberts, G Neville, A Watts 16-25.

Winscombe 75, Taunton Deane 73 (friendly): D Beaverstock, B Weller, K Whatling, A Dudley 15-31, R Knight, D Owen, L Collier, W Ainsworth 14-18; P Frederdorff, D Peakall, A Watts, M Nash 19-13; J Vincent, B Prince, R Lowman, R Wootten 27-11.

Winscombe 104, Taunton Vivary 82 (friendly): J Sprouting, P John, M Roberts, M Nash 16-23; R Knight, K Symons, J Lukins, A Pye 16-19; R Fisher, J Smith, G Tofte, A Watts 35-14; R Lowman; J Bearman, L Collier, A Dudley 19-14; G Lloyd, D Owen, K Whatling, G Neville 18-12.

Winscombe 100, Bridgwater 84 (friendly): D Beaverstock, B Prince, W Ainsworth, A Dudley 15-26; P Hopes, R Freegard, R Lacy, R Wootten 10-21; B Paul, R Hart, A Kyprianides, M Nash 15-16; M Hunter, J Willes, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 26-6; P John, D Owen, K Whatling, S Eastment 34-15.

Winscombe 61, Cumbria Lads and Lasses 66 (mixed friendly): B Paul, J Kimmins, J Smith, A 14-18; D Beaverstock, E Watts, A Ainsworth, M Roberts 13-19; S Caddy, M Smith, R Freegard, W Ainsworth 21-13; S Lowman, S Nash, K Whatling, M Nash 13-16.

WEDMORE faced Banwell in the first round of the Turnbull Cup at home on the same evening as the ladies were playing the Fear Cup.

Unfortunately, after a busy and exciting evening, both Wedmore teams lost. The men won on one rink, drew on one and lost on two, with a final score of 70-82.

Wedmore 70, Banwell 82: R Newell, B Aston, D Wederell, T Hughes 22-29; D Trow, C Panchaud, D Nicholls, E Payne 11-22; T Brown, K Burt, I Gallop, R Barron 19-13; V Matthews, B Andrews, R Thurkettle, C Moss 18-18.

Isle of Wedmore’s A team met Chew Stoke A at home in the County League Division 1 North, winning two of the three rinks and gaining 10 points. Roger Hughes’ rink took a commanding lead up to halfway, but in the second half just managed to hold on to win by five shots.

Wedmore 65, Chew Stoke A 60: G Anniuk, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 27-22; R Newell, T Brown, D Wederell, E Payne 19-22; K Pettit, R Ronald, D Nicholls, R Barron 19-16.

The B Team were less successful away to Yatton B, losing on all three rinks.

Wedmore B 45, Yatton B 54: B Treloar, C Wheller, P Rowlett, D Stansfield 16-17; V Matthews, J Clark, T Hamblin, B Andrews 15-17, T Counsell, P Bean, B Aston, C Moss 14-20.

In the Mid-Somerset league, Wedmore men won on only one rink, losing overall by 78-88.

Rink scores: D Trow, J Runciman, D Nicholls, R Barron 21-24; V Matthews, K Burt, R Hughes 18-21; T Counsell, I Gallop, R Ronald, R Thurkettle 10-25; T Brown, K Phillimore, D Wederell, C Moss 29-18.

The Mixed Mid-Somerset league game was played at home against Shepton Mallet on a cold evening, but Wedmore were cheered by winning on all three rinks, with a final score of 78-52.

Wedmore 78, Shepton Mallet 52: J Masters, M Perry, I Gallop, R Barron 28-22; A Hughes, K Phillimore, R Newell, G Harvey 24-13; M Barron, T Counsell, K Masters, R Hughes 26-17.

The annual mixed triples competition, sponsored by Howards Honda, was played on recently. Several rounds of triples between 48 entrants led to a closely fought final in which the trio of John Clark, Monica Green and Bob Ronald beat Cherith Deane, Jean Wheller and Ron Barron by 14-10.

Wedmore played a men’s friendly away at Banwell, resulting in victory on three of the four rinks and an overall score of 74.5-67.

ASHCOMBE 83, Chew Stoke 60 (Turnbull Cup): R Powell, I Chesney, L Day, J Taylor 18-16; A Cracknell, J Main, R Hadley, A Williams 12-17; D Carr, A Little, G Wilkinson, J Whitlow 22-15; A Freke, S Hedges, Clive Winser, A Yates 31-12.

Ashcombe Knights 88 (4), Ashcombe Templars 95 (16) (Over-60s): Templars bracketed: R Counsell, A Freke, W Spring (R Cole, G Kinsey, M Adams) 13-16; R Perkins, M Parry, E Hopkins (G Mills substitute from Knights, M Brummell, V Bragg) 11-25; A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts (T Bull, G Russell, P Gaulton) 20-8; A Lewis, R Simmons, R Kibble (G Tucker, B Jones, B Alden) 11-21; A Cracknell, A Little, G Wilkinson (T Pople, E Booth, T Bass) 20-10; D Underhay, T Shearman, E Hooper (N Coombes, Colin Winser, T Cottrell) 13-15.

Ashcombe 96, Queens Works Bedford 140 - ladies (two rinks): M Palmer, M Wakeham, M Main, C Hedges 13-15; S Noyes, S Davies, J Wilkinson, J McInally 18-19. Men (six rinks): S Ash, D Camper, P Gaulton, T Cottrell 17-29; G Tucker, F Ham, G Tottle, A Yates 21-9; G Mills, V Bragg, J Whitlow, E Hooper 12-26; R Lewis, K Hallet, W Caddick, E Roberts 18-24; G Fews, M Parry, J Main, G Wilkinson 16-29; A Perkins, D Norville, M Southwood, J Taylor 12-23.

Ashcombe 150, Cumbria Lads and Lasses 139: M Field, S Appleby, C Hedges, T Bass 14-29; A Wilmot, A Bryant, S Hopkins, S Claxton 36-6; J Field, V Webber, B Cracknell, R Simmons 10-25; M Wakeham, S Easterby, D Hampson, R Kibble 10-17; K Hallet, N Urch, J Main, E Hopkins 17-26; S Noyes, M Bass, M Main, J Hornett 24-9; A Lewis, A Cracknell, J Hughes, R Powell 11-17; B Noyes, A Dancer, B Macgregor, B Webber 28-10.

Ashcombe 69, Prattens 79 (mixed friendly): R Williams, D Hampson, B Alden, S Weaden 22-11; R Counsell, Ros Powell, B Groves, B Webber 13-27; D Underhay, V Webber, P Chewins, R Powell 11-27; S Hadley, D Little, D Andrews, T Bass 23-14.

VICTORIA ladies lost at West Backwell in the Weston & District Triples League, but got back to winning ways against Burnham, with Margaret Hillman’s triple playing well.

Victoria Ladies 32 (0), West Backwell 60(10): R Cleeves, P Smith, M Chudley 16-18; C Sage, S Newman, S Cooper 9-21; E Newport, R Bailey, M Hillman 7-21.

Victoria Ladies 51(8), Burnham 40 (2): S Lawrence, S Newman, M Hillman 20-10; D Owen, E Newport, M Chudley 11-18; R Cleeves, P Smith, S Cooper 20-12.

In the Fear Plate, Victoria went across town to Clarence to play against Wessex and came away victors in a tense and fiercely fought contest, which was almost spoilt by the high cross winds.

Victoria Ladies 67, Wessex 40: S Newman, E Newport, A Holland, S Cooper 31-9; P Osborne, R Cleeves, S Harrison, M Chudley 21-15; A Palmer, R Bailey, P Smith, M Hillman 15-16.

In the Southey Cup, a trip to Wedmore on a dull day obviously did not appeal to the ladies as they lost on all four dimensions.

Victoria 0, Isle of Wedmore 4 - singles: M Chudley 10-21; pairs: S Newman, P Smith 13-22; triples: R Cleeves, A Holland, S Harrison 10-28; fours: C Sage, E Newport, R Bailey, M Hillman 9-27.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 66, Wrington 60 (Fear Cup): M Main, J McInally, J Wilkinson, M Main 26-17; S Hadley, G Day, M Williams, S Weaden 18-21; B Cullen, B Macgregor, J Hughes, S Ford 22-22.

Ashcombe Ladies 81, Mark Moor 63 (Southey Trophy): R Bryant, S Ford, J McInally, S Weaden 18-16; B Cullen, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 21-12; J Hughes, G Day 20-17; M Main 22-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 47, West Backwell 55 (friendly): B Adams, J Beat, D Hampson, M Macgregor 13-20; M Tucker, C Hedges, M Williams, S Weaden 14-22; S Hadley, B Groves, J Hughes, M Main 20-13.

ST ANDREWS ladies won all three of their fixtures this week. The highlights were the two cup victories, especially the game against Yatton in defence of their Southey Cup title.

St Andrews Ladies 77, Clevedon Promenade 56 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Smith, D Johnston, J Ware, M Bailey 21-21; M Wride, J Forse, M Pattenden, M Favis 37-11; B Goddard, M Frost, S Glenville, S Priory 19-24

St Andrews Ladies 69, Congresbury 52 (Fear Cup): P Uglow, J Smith, J Ware, A Campbell 23-11; M Wride, S Priory, J Pitman, M Bailey 22-25; C Venn, J Forse, M Pattenden, M Favis 24-16.

St Andrews Ladies 3, Yatton 1 (Southey Cup) - C Venn (singles) 21-18; J Ware, M Favis (pairs) 31-21; M Wride, M Pattenden, M Bailey (triples) 11-19; P Uglow, S Priory, J Pitman, A Campbell (fours) 21-9.

WINSCOMBE ladies had a disappointing week losing all three matches. They came close to winning against Clevedon, winning on one rink skipped by Angela Ainsworth and narrowly losing on the other two.

Winscombe Ladies 34, Mark Moor 66 (Wessex League): J Kent, M Sprouting, S Lowman, I Tofte 6-26; C Hopes, W Weller, S Caddy, J Kimmins 17-19; T Miles, M Smith, E Watts, A Ainsworth 11-21.

Winscombe Ladies 40, Nailsea 66 (friendly): L Dyer, W Weller, S Lowman, J Kimmins 12-21; A Griffin, M Smith, I Tofte, S Caddy 11-30, C Hopes, P Burns, E Watts, A Ainsworth 17-15.

Winscombe Ladies 53, Clevedon 55 (Wessex League): M Sprouting, P Burns, E Watts, A Ainsworth 22-20; P Heal, L Whatling, S Lowman, T Miles 14-19; J Kimmins, L Fredersdorff, S Nash, I Tofte 17-16.

WESSEX Ladies 30 (2), North Petherton 40 (8) (Victoria Bridgwater League): P Tillson, B Wallace, A Ward 10-20; L Woodrow, M Hawkins, C Peart 9-9; M Davis, M Milford, P Taylor 11-11.

Wessex Ladies 56 (8), Victoria Park Bridgwater 44 (2): P Tillson, M Davis, A Powell 25-12; M Hawkins, A Ward, J Binding 12-19; J Allard, J Duffy, M McMillan 19-13.

Wessex Ladies 60, Clevedon Prom 40 (friendly): S Davies, M Davis, C Peart, E Deane 24-11; V Edwards, B Wallace, J Allard, I Hicks 16-16; M Milford, E Stott, B Jones, J Duffy 20-13.

Wessex Ladies 46, Burnham 45 (friendly): P Tillson, B Wallace, I Hicks, E Williams 13-16; V Edwards, J McMillan, J Duffy, M McMillan 15-15; P Turner, M Hawkins, M Davis, E Deane 18-14.

Wessex Ladies 47, Queens Works 25 (friendly): P Hanson, B Wallace, A Ward J Binding 27-11; S Davies, P Tillson, J Duffy, P Dunn 20-14.

Wessex Ladies 40, Victoria 67 (Fear Cup Plate): B Jones, I Hicks, C Peart E Williams 16-15; J Allard, M Davis, P Dunn, J Davis 9-31; P Tillson, A Ward, M McMillan, A Powell 15-21.

WEDMORE ladies faced strong opposition from Yeovil in the Fear Cup, but were seven shots up after 18 ends, thanks largely to a seven-end winning sequence by Maureen Hordle’s rink.

However, Yeovil’s experienced team overtook Wedmore in the last three ends to win by three shots.

Wedmore Ladies 62, Yeovil 65: T Newell, L Hamblin, P Cottrell, S Wederell 19-20; D Gallop, M Green, R Aston, M Hordle 25-18; M Trow, M Barron, M Ronald, S Deverill 18-27.

Wedmore ladies enjoyed a good win on all three rinks in their home game against Congresbury in the Mendip league.

Wedmore Ladies 71, Congresbury 30: M Green, J Gainey, M Barron 28-9; J Wheller, R Aston, M Stansfield 17-14; A Hughes, M Perry, M Ronald 26-7.

In the Wessex League against Mark Moor, Wedmore won on two rinks but lost overall by 53-61.

Wedmore Ladies 53, Mark Moor 61: M Barron, B Disbrey, J Gainey, M Hordle 18-17; V Banwell, J Rush, R Aston, M Stansfield 11-21; D Gallop, J Bean, P Cotterell, G Harvey 24-23.

MARK Moor ladies had an excellent 66-34 win over Winscombe in an away league match, winning on all three rinks.

Llansawel Bowling Club visited Mark Moor to play a friendly and were outright winners with their bowls and singing.

Mark Moor was represented by Jim Adams and Lillian Sale with their solo singing.

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