Two defeats for Victoria’s Over-60s teams

Gerald Barlow bowling for Clarence.

Gerald Barlow bowling for Clarence. - Credit: Archant

Victoria saw both of their Over-60s team in action, but neither could find a victory

VICTORIA had both their Over-60s teams in action, but both failed to register a win.

The Vikings were comfortably in the lead after 10 ends, but contrived to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they dropped the lead over the last few ends for Yatton to win by six shots. Derek Jones and George Frost skipped their rinks to victory to earn four points.

The Saxons did not fare any better, losing their opening match against Winscombe. The rinks skipped by Malcolm Campbell and Mike Stocker won to earn four points.

Victoria Vikings 95 (4), Yatton 101 (16): R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 21-15; T Gilbert, M Milliner, J Smart 13-17; B Johnson, T Broughton, E Sage 11-20; D Roberts, R Bromet, G Hodge 14-16; J Fenn, A Waygood, A Shattock 21-24; R Jacobs, J Turton, G Frost 15-9.

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Victoria Saxons 84 (4), Winscombe 111 (16): P Lunn, R Fenwick, M Stocker 21-15; M Willetts, B Pocock, D Hurst 6-25; H Whyte, A Bray, M Taylor 13-21; R Bromet, J Newman, Ma Campbell 21-17; R Rockett, M Milliner, M Manning 13-17; T Gatehouse, D Sealey, D Williams 10-16.

Victoria travelled to Penarth to play their traditional early season friendly and on a warm sunny day, Penarth gained revenge for last season’s defeat wth a narrow victory.

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Carmin Santosuosso, Malcolm Campbell, John Newman and Mike Stocker were the highest winning rink of the day.

Victoria 115, Penarth 119: C Santosuosso, M Campbell, J. Newman, M Stocker 25-13; D Beard, C Chudley, R Rockett, D Jones 18-25; R Bromet, T Broughton, D Fairhurst, M Taylor 20-15; H Whyte, E Sage, A Shattock, P Leadbeater 17-24; P Wyatt, M Milliner, B Pocock, G Frost 20-22; J Langridge, T Gatehouse, D Williams, M Manning 15-20.

On an afternoon that started in the dry, but finished in the first rain of the season, Victoria ran out convincing victors with the rink of Whyte, Milliner, Fenwick and Gazzard leading the way with a win by 39 shots

Victoria 148, Burnham 77: B Pocock, T Gatehouse, A Bray, M Stocker 25-17; J Fenn, J Smart, J Howell, D Hurst 16-14; D Beard, A Barnes, J Newman, M Cooper 19-12; P Wyatt, A Shattock, K Harvey, D Jones 24-9; H Whyte, M Milliner, R Fenwick, C Gazzard 43-4; C Santosuosso, P Fisher, H Gibbs, M Campbell 21-21.

ASHCOMBE kicked of the 2015 outdoor season with an inter-club friendly with the Crusaders beating the Knights 117-75.

Scores: B Benstead, R Powell, G Wilkinson 24, M Field, G Sansam, D Carr 15; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 24, F Bertram, R Tasker, K Wheeler 5; G Tottle, G Kinsey, B Webber 8, A Freke, P Gaulton, L Day 19; M. Bass, A Little, J Taylor 20, M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 17; D Cooper, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 23, D Freestone, K Hallett, DA Williams 8; A Wright, D Bleasdale, T Bass 18, N Coombes, T Roberts, I Shannon 11.

In this match against Burnham, Ashcombe swept the board, taking all six rinks. On the rink skipped by J Whitlow, ably assisted by F Bertram and K Wheeler, they won by 27 shots.

Ashcombe 125, Burnham 72 (men’s friendly): F Bertram, K Wheeler, J Whitlow 32-5; G Tucker, R Tasker, DA Williams 20-16; M Tripp, D Freestone, J Hornett 15-13; B Benstead, J Main, J Creasey 17-11; C Vardon, J Marlow, E Hopkins 20-17; L Cox, M West, T Bass 21-10.

The game versus St Andrews was a loss, Ashcombe managing to draw on one rink and lose on the other five.

Ashcombe 94, St Andrews 136 (mixed friendly): L Paterson, M Bass, G Fews, G Wilkinson 15-16; S Andrews, M Tripp, M West, A Goacher 15-23; J Mathews, S Hopkins, A Cracknell, J Whitlow 18-19; B Alden, R Counsell, N Counsell, J Creasey 15-20; C Jardon, C Hedges, B Benstead, E Hopkins 8-35; G Tucker, T Morgan, J Wilkinson 23-23.

Ashcombe were victorious in their opening Over-60s League game against Nailsea, winning on five rinks and only losing the sixth by one shot.

Ashcombe 98, Nailsea 79: M Field, G Sansam, D Carr 17-12; A Freke, J Main, L Day 15-13; N Coombes, E Roberts, I Shannon 17-12; R Counsell, A Cracknell, T Williams 11-12; M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 19-15; F Bertram, R Tasker, K Wheeler 19-15.

Once again Ashcombe won an Over-60s league match, this time it was the Templars versus Clarence Gold, winning on three rinks and drawing on one.

Templars 118, Clarence Gold 86: J McEnzie, B Alden, B Miles 26-11; J. Piper, G Fews, E Booth 26-11; D Underhay, B Underhay, C Vardon 15-15; B Golding, S Andrews, L Cox 23-15; M Tripp, G Pople, T Pople 16-17; G Tucker, M Macmahon, M Badman 12-17.

In the friendly against Bristol, the men lost on all four rinks.

Ashcombe 54, Bristol 96: G Tucker, A Cracknell, J Main, D Carr 15-24; M Paterson, G Sansam, B Benstead, J Creasey 12-23; D Underhay, B Underhay, M Badman, T Cottrell 10-26; T Morgan, M Parry, T Roberts, DA Williams 17-23.

Prattens were the victors in this mixed friendly, taking three of the four rinks played.

Ashcombe 68, Prattens 83: D Little, C Hedges, G Fews, B Webber 19-24; J Mathews, M West, R Powell, T Bass 18-12; B Alden, G Sansam, J Sansam, J Creasey 17-25; M Palmer, B Cullen, K Wheeler, L Cox 14-22.

ST ANDREWS got off to an impressive start to their outdoor season winning all three matches played.

Playing against Clarence in the Jim McClelland Shield, they won by 43 shots taking five rinks and drawing the remaining rink. There was an excellent performance by the four players on the rink skipped by Steve Davies winning by 37-10.

With the help of the ladies, Saints pulled off a fine win in the mixed friendly against Ashcombe, winning by 40 shots and again taking five rinks and drawing the sixth, with a fine performance from the players on the rink skipped by Brian Reeves winning 35 shots to eight.

The Mmen travelled to Bridgwater for a triples match and notched up their third win of the week, winning by 12 shots.

St Andrews 136 Clarence 93 (Jim McClelland Shield): A Ware, N Sell, R Venn, S Davies 37-10; A Lay, G Sims, K Curtis, D Bailey 19-16; K Uglow, A Cooper, G Webber, A Owens 23-17; M Goddard, J Ling, D Favis, G Wride 22-17; M Simpson, B Cracknell, J Warren, B Reeves 17-15; R McLeod, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 18-18.

St Andrews 136 Ashcombe 94 (mixed friendly): J Forse, G Sims, M Goddard, A Campbell 19-18; C Venn, D Cooper, G Cooper, K Curtis 20-15; P Uglow, A Lay, S Sinclair, D Favis 16-15; M Wride, A Greenwood, A Yeeles, B Reeves 35-8; K Rodger, M McMillan, R Venn, M Favis 23-15; R McMillan, K Uglow, M Patterson, G Wride 23-23.

St Andrews 94 Bridgwater 72 (friendly): K Rodgers, M Campbell, B Cracknell 22-9; D Price, G Cooper, R Venn 22-11; P Smart, M Goddard, D Favis 10-25; G Sims, J Ling, D Bailey 18-7; R Brereton, R Mcleod, B Forse 11-32; T Allen, K Uglow, N Sell 20-10.

CLARENCE Golds, the club’s second team in the Over-60s League, were just edged out by newly-relegated Clevedon Prom their home Division 2 match.

The rinks were shared, with Clarence’s top trio being John Kelloway, Dick Jackman and Brian Hanks, winners by 12 shots, with a six and a five. However, further victories by John Edwards and Ivan Phipps could not quite make up for a big defeat on Mike Davies’s rink.

There was a winning Over-60s’ debut for newcomer Bernie Smith, lead on the Edwards team. John Atkins and his Clarence men led 17-6 after 11 ends, then failed to score another shot, dropping a six on the 14th as they lost by six.

Clarence Golds 97 (6), Clevedon Prom 110 (14): F Al-Hinai, J Hicks, A Bishop 11-19; B Smith, M Skyrme, J Edwards 13-12; P Lewis, M Scoins, I Phipps 16-13; N Martin, L Lewis, J Atkins 17-23; J Kelloway, D Jackman, B Hanks 25-13; A Newland, B Cheffers, M Davies 15-30.

The Golds were at home to their Ashcombe counterparts, the Templars in the Over-60s League and heavy defeats on a couple of rinks saw Clarence lose by 32 shots.

On the plus side, the triple of skip Chris Tippett, Mike Scoins and Phil Lewis – the last-named a bowler only since August – kept their unbeaten record with a five-shot victory. Len Lewis, Fakhry Al-Hinai and Mike Davies prevailed by one, having been 16-8 down with four ends left.

On rink six, Bernie Smith, Nigel Martin and John Hayes drew to give the Golds a final tally of five league points.

Clarence Golds 86 (5), Ashcombe Templars 118 (15): J Norris, I Phipps, J Edwards 15-23; P Lewis, M Scoins, C Tippett 17-12; L Lewis, F Al-Hinai, M Davies 17-16; G Andrews, J Hicks, A Bishop 11-26; J Kelloway, D Jackman, B Hanks 11-26; B Smith, N Martin, John Hayes 15-15.

Members of the three clubs based at Clarence Park got together for a fun St George’s Day match. Many wore fancy dress in a light-hearted contest between the four home counties, which was followed by an American supper.

WINSCOMBE started the outdoor season with a friendly triples home match against Ilminster, with the visitors managing to win a competitive game by one shot.

The opening game in the Weston & District Over-60s League was played away against Victoria Saxons resulting in a good win by 27 shots and four rinks to two.

The friendly away game against close rivals Banwell saw Winscombe lose by 25 shots, which gave the home team much pleasure, but false hopes for the home and away matches in the annual Parrot Shield games which will be played later in the year.

Winscombe 66, Ilminster 67: R Sapsford, M Nash, R Birmingham 26-10; P Hopes, K Whatling, R Lacy 14-16; J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff, M Adams 16-18; S Easterby, R Kibble, R Lowman 10-23.

Winscombe 111, Victoria Saxons 84: G Lloyd, J Sprouting, M Adams 21-13;R Weller, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 15-21; P John, P Hopes, R Birmingham 25-6;

B Paul, M Hunter, R Lowman 17-21; R Kibble, A Watts, A Dudley 16-10; C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 17-13.

Winscombe 83, Banwell 108: P Cast, C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 18-31; G Lloyd, R Kibble, R Lacy, R Birmingham 15-18; P Hopes, B Paul, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 11-26; S Easterby, M Hunter, M Dorrington, S Eastment 23-10; R Weller, R Feltham, M Nash, M Adams 16-23.

BANWELL won both their friendlies last week against Congresbury and Winscombe.

First up was a home match against Congresbury and with the weather grand, the green playing well, it was the perfect start with Banwell winning on all four rinks. Darrell Johnston and his rink came top of the pile to take the highest winning rink.

Banwell 83, Congresbury 60: H Woodards, G Hollier, M Amos, A Steer 17-14; V Mcardell, J Amos, K Burgess, D Johnston 26-14; D Robinson, T Thompson, T Garfield, B Taylor 17-16; T Hyde, R Young, P Villis, J Davies 23-16.

Next up was the visit of Winscombe, and the rain obligingly held off until the game had finished with Banwell romping to a four rinks to one victory.

It was a close run thing for the honour of highest winning rink, but Phil Villis and his rink came out on top. It remains to be seen if this performance can be repeated in the all important annual Parrot Shield.

Banwell 103, Winscombe 83: T Hyde, T Garfield, J Laurent, A Steer 31-18; H Woodards, G Hollier, H Guckian, J Davies 18-15; J Amos, L Smith, G Millard, P Villis 26-11; V Mcardell, J Rickerty, A Vickery, M Davies 10-23; M Laycock, R Young, K Burgess, D Johnston 23-16.

IT WAS aweek of early season friendly matches at Isle of Wedmore, all played at home.

Wedmore ladies hosted Congresbury, winning two out of three rinks and with a final score of 49 to 40 shots. The ladies captain, Gill Harvey and her team had the best result of the afternoon with a 17-11 victory.

In the mixed friendlies, Wedmore played Wrington and both teams won two rinks. The home side took the match with an overall score of 103 to 73. Maureen Hordle’s team had a good win with a score of 37-17.

The next visitors were North Petherton and, after some close games, Wedmore won by 10 shots 65-55. Gill Harvey led her team to the best result of the day winning 20-10.

Five rinks were in played when Chew Stoke brought their mixed team. The home side managed a strong result winning 101-59. This was greatly helped by Roger Hughes and his team scoring 38 shots to six.

A STRONG finish across all three rinks was not quite enough to avert a narrow defeat for Clarence Ladies against Long Ashton in their home North Somerset Triples League match.

With two ends left, Clarence trailed by 16 shots, but four by Mary Davison’s team,and three apiece from Margaret Noddings and Carol Edlin trimmed the final deficit to six shots.

Clarence Ladies 39, Long Ashton Ladies 45: S Searle, J Mannion, M Davison 14-15; S Scoins, V Collicott, M Noddings 12-14; P Fowler, V Jones, C Edlin 13-16.

On the previous day, in their first NSTL match of the season, Clarence Ladies travelled to play Portishead Poppies and went down heavily against a strong team on a difficult green.

The experienced trio of Jean Colman, Vi Senior and skip Barnbrook restricted the damage, losing by only four, but the other two visiting rinks struggled badly.

Portishead RBL Poppies 73, Clarence Ladies 27: S Scoins, J Mannion, C Edlin 10-27; J Colman, V Senior, P Barnbrook 13-17; G Hookway, V Jones, A Harris 4-29.

PLAYING away at Congresbury, St Andrews ladies won by 21 shots, the four ladies skipped by Meg Favis produced a fine win over their opponents by 13 shots.

St Andrews Ladies 55, Congresbury 34: J Forse W Allen M Wride M Favis 22-9; C Venn A Greenwood M McMillan M Bailey 19-10; P Uglow D Johnston B Goddard M Pattenden 14-15.

VICTORIA Ladies travelled to Ashcombe to play a three-rink friendly, which the hosts won 61-49.

Victoria Ladies 49, Ashcombe 61: N Whyte, S Pocock, C Sage, M Hillman 13-18; B Williams, C Stevens, S Harrison, S Cooper 16-21; T Ellis, G Poolman, S Newman, M Chudley 20-22.

ARLENE Pilgrim and John Howarth won the Woodspring Indoor Bowling Club’s mixed pairs title by 14 shots, in a corrected result.

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