Two third places for local skiers

Two local waterskiers both finished in third place at Burnham’s first international open race.

TWO skiers from Weston Watersports Club took part in Burnham’s first international open race.

The first race of 35 minutes saw flat water in the mouth of the River Parrot, where John Grimes, racing in the veteran’s class, had a brilliant start leading his class for several laps.

Unfortunately, as the race progressed he was caught and passed by two of his competitors, eventually finishing third.

The second race of 50 minutes saw Chris Preece racing in Formula 3. He had an appalling start, having to make adjustments to the engine on the start line and then the line became disconnected from the boat, leaving the skier stranded in the water.

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Once resolved, he joined the race just as the lead boats were coming round. With the water worsening, there were a few tumbles, but Chris remained upright for the duration, also achieving a third place finish.

Photos of Chris Preece.

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Photo: Jamie Cole - Mix-Tech (07787 134773).

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