Unbeaten week for St Andrews

St Andrews enjoyed an unbeaten week, winning all four of their competitive matches.

ST ANDREWS enjoyed an unbeaten week, winning all their competitive matches.

Special mention should be made of the A team’s County League win by 50 shots away to Chew Stoke B, and to the two rinks which won in the Two-Fours against Alexandra in Bath.

St Andrews A 90, Chew Stoke B 40 (County League): G Tofte, R Venn, P Aldus, A Steer 28-12; K Uglow, K Parker, P Villis, D Bailey 27-19; G Aldridge, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 35-9.

St Andrews B 57, Ashcombe Park C 52 (County League): R Smith, M Blight, B May, D Favis 20-13; K Rodgers, R Dunstone, A Horsburgh, G Wride 15-29; M Goddard, G Berry, B Reeves, T Thomas 22-10.

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St Andrews A 43, Alexandra, Bath 19 (National Two-Fours): P Aldus, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 21-9; K Uglow, B Reeves, R Venn, D Bailey 22-10.

St Andrews 66, Congresbury 43: A Cooper, Mrs I Tofte, R Dunstone, M Goddard 12-17; Mrs B Goddard, Mrs A Greenwood, G Tofte, G Guest 24-6; Mrs C Venn, R Brereton, Mrs E Blight, T Allen 18-8; Mrs W Allen, Mrs E Reeves, M Blight, G Burgess 12-12.

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ASHCOMBE lost to Portishead RBL in the first round of the Turnbull Cup.

Ashcombe 67, Portishead RBL 86: G Tottle, P Sheppard, C Hughes, B Webber 11-28; R Powell, T Bass, G Wilkinson, A Yates 18-21; J Price, G Finnegan, J Whitlow, J Whitton 15-19; A Morgan, J Main, I Shannon, J Hornett 23-18.

Ashcombe 103 (15), Clarence Blues 72 (3) (Over-60s Triples): A Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 19-14; D Stanton, L Day, J Hornett 28-6; D Bleasdale, G Finnegan, J Whitlow 23-11; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 14-22; A Wilmot, A Little, J Whitton 19-19.

Ashcombe A 85 (12), Congersbury A 38 (0) (Somerset League): A Morgan, A Cracknell, T Cottrell, J Creasey 32-13; A Wilmot, S Hedges, J Price, B Webber 23-17; D Stanton, B Underhay, L Day, J Whitton 30-8.

Ashcombe B 69 (10), Wrington 54 (2) (Somerset League): M Bass, D Bleasdale, P Sheppard, T Bass 15-24; V Bragg, M Parry, E Hooper, J Whitlow 30-12; W Spring, J Main, R Powell, A Yates 24-18.

Ashcombe C 52 (2), St Andrews B 57 (10) (Somerset League): D Cooper, G Sansam, I Baker, P Gaulton 13-20; D Underhay, F Ham, R Simmons, A Freke 29-15; J Marlow, N Coombes, R Tasker, M Brummell 10-22.

Somerset County juniors had a trials game in the morning at Ashcombe, with the boys just beating the young ladies.

County president David Bendall and lady president Nancy Read attended along with Mrs Mo Monkton, county manager of the juniors.

VICTORIA Saxons continued their recent good form to keep them up with the front runners of Division 1 in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

They beat Burnham by 49 shots and banked 16 points. The Saxons won on four rinks with the rink of Ray Fenwick, David Sealey and skip Derek Hurst top scoring with a rink win of 26 shots.

In the Somerset County League, the A team had a trip to Bath which they will wish to forget returning pointless after losing on all three rinks.

The eagerly awaited game between the C and D teams was played on the only fine day of the past few weeks on an excellent playing surface.

The scores were close over the first 15 ends, but although two of the D team rinks only lost by a total of five shots, the C team rink of Darren Beard, Alan Shattock, Richard Austin and team captain Derek Jones powered away on the last five ends to win by 10 shots and seal the win and 12 points.

A four rink friendly at home to North Petherton resulted in a heavy defeat and just a single rink win for Peter Wyatt, Rod Sleep, Graham Hodge and Mike Taylor.

Victoria played host to a mixed team Allenburys from Hertfordshire whose earlier game in the week at Clarence was cancelled due to weather condition. Despite poor weather again, the teams braved the conditions and produced a close game with Victoria winning by just eight shots. Top rink was Terry Gilbert, Rose Cleeves, Graham Richards and skip Eric Sage.

Victoria A 44 (0), Bath A 70 (12) (Somerset County League): J Newman, T Uccellini, S Evans, M Stocker 9-24; H Whyte, K Curtis, M Cooper, C Gazzard 17-20; M Campbell, R Fenwick, K Harvey, W Harrison 18-26.

Victoria D 48 (0), Victoria C 63 (12): G Jones, I Linham, G Hodge, D Avery 15, D Beard, A Shattock, R Austin, D Jones 25; F Aldridge, R Jacobs, R Sparkes, J Griffiths 13, B Nicholls, A Waygood, G Richards, G Frost 16; P Wyatt, M Milliner, R Sleep, J Kerr 20, T Gilbert, M Willetts, J Mingo-West, E Sage 22.

Saxons 129 (16), Burnham 80 (4) (Over-60s League): H Whyte, T Uccellini, M Stocker 24-13; T Gatehouse, K Curtis, J Howell 13-17; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 29-13; J Newman, P Lunn, M Manning 17-13; R Fenwick, D Sealey, D Hurst 33-7; G Hodge, J Mingo-West, T Bray 13-17.

Victoria 57, North Petherton 72 (friendly): M Willetts, B Nicholls, M Cooper, W Harrison 11-23; F Aldridge, L Kelly, M Campbell, D Hurst 16-18; P Wyatt, R Sleep, G Hodge, M Taylor 18-11; D Beard, M Milliner, C Chudley, D Williams 12-20.

Victoria 109, Allenburys 101 (mixed friendly): S Newman, J Palmer, D Hurst 15-22; R Sleep, R Bailey, M Campbell, M Manning 14-19; T Gilbert, R Cleeves, G Richards, E Sage 24-13; A Dancer, C Sage, A Barnes, M Taylor 20-14; J Newman, E Newport, T Bray, M Hillman 15-16; A Palmer, A Waygood, R Rockett, D Jones 21-17.

CLARENCE B took full points for the second successive match when they registered a handsome home win over Portishead Prom C in the Somerset County League.

John Edwards, Mike Skyrme, super-veteran Bob Cornwall and skip Martyn Adams led the way with a 20-shot win and the other two rinks finished ahead comfortably, Gerry Barlow’s having been 7-1 down early on.

Clarence B 72 (12), Clevedon Prom C 43 (0): J Edwards, M Skyrme, B Cornwall, M Adams 31-11; L Lakey, P Williams, J Keay, M Clay 22-17; T Ward, M Scoins, D Jackman, G Barlow 19-15.

Despite a remarkable comeback by Paul Tubb’s rink, Clarence Blues were well beaten away to Ashcombe Trojans in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Tubb, Tony Hooper and Brian Ballinger were 14-0 down after six ends, but recovered to lead 19-18 going into the last end, but finished up drawing.

Clarence’s only winners were Alan Bishop, Jim Keay and club captain Roger Burrough, who finished eight shots ahead. Defeat was sealed on two rinks which both went down by 22 shots.

Ashcombe Trojans 131 (17), Clarence Blues 78 (3): R Flicker, J Burgess, M Adams 14-19; L Lakey, T Ward, H Sparks 6-28; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 6-28; J Rogers, B Rossiter, R Crawford 11-23; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 22-14; T Hooper, B Ballinger, P Tubb 19-19.

The singing bowlers of Llansawell made their customary lively visit to Clarence for a mixed match. They lost by six shots, but were in excellent voice in the bar afterwards. Although the rinks were shared, the 10-shot home victory by Brendan Duffy’s four proved decisive.

Clarence 90, Llansawell 84: A Bishop, J Cope, B Cornwall, V Jones 16-21; S Bishop, N Peters, B Rossiter, M Clay 14-11; J Stewart, I Phipps, P Williams, L Lakey 20-14; C Hooper, T Comfort, M Peters, M Davies 13-14; B Cheffers, D Grier, M Scoins, B Duffy 18-8; P Fowler, B Difford, M Skyrme, T Ward 9-16.

CONGRESBURY 56, Bloomfield 84: J Churchward, D Manning, F Horton, R Stewart 15-19; G Andrews, A Edwards, D Rivers, R Becker 11-30; P Dawes, R Jones, M Huggett, R Kirkham 20-18; I Morton, R Anniuk, J Freemantle, B Herbison 10-17.

Congresbury 96, Nailsea 103 (Co-operative Funeral Care League): R King, M Hopkins, C Shipway, R Becker 30-18; P Reay, I Morton, F Horton, L Beck 17-17; D Manning, C Blagden, G Stenner, M Wear 18-17; M Kimmings, D Rivers, C Edwards, R Kirkham 14-25; S Pook, J Freemantle, R Archer, J Stone 17-26.

Congresbury 65, Winscombe 85 (Turnbull Cup): R King, D Rivers, G Stenner, B Herbison 31-10; P Reay, M Huggett, C Shipway, R Becker 6-25; D Manning, F Horton, R Stewart, L Beck 12-23; M Kimmings, R Archer, M Wear, J Stone 16-27.

Congresbury 38, Ashcombe 85 (Somerset League): P Reay, D Rivers, F Horton, R Stewart 8-30; D Manning, M Huggett, R Archer, R Kirkham 17-23; A Collins, C Edwards, G Stenner, R Becker 13-32.

Congresbury Ladies 40, Ashcombe 62 (Southey Cup): J Blagden, A Jones 14-24; C Wilcock, M Hill, B Huggett 6-27; A Mew, C Lewis, R Horton, K Herbison 20-11.

YATTON 74, Wedmore 58 (Weston Triples League): M Musgrove, G Price, B Topham 16-6; J Knight, P Osborne, A Woodward 20-9; A George, B Hardwick, D Bessant 14-12; B Foster, E Reynolds, P Creber 9-19; K Lawrence, R Bish, D Blundell 15-12.

Yatton 76, West Backwell 77 (Clevedon and District Evening League): R Mills, N Robinson, A Woodward, M Withyman 14-19; L Howe, E Butt, D Bessant, W Casey 23-7; T Storm, R Bish, P Tetreault, K Dodd 18-11; A Churchill, M Musgrove, P Osborne, D Sweet 17-12; J Knight, H Williams, N Edmonds, J Hook 4-28.

Yatton A 83, Portishead 31 (Somerset County League): L Howe, M Withyman, T Storm, W Casey 27-13; A Woodward, R Lewis, P Osborne, D Sweet 32-6; B Topham, B Foster, N Edmonds, G Smith 24-12.

Yatton B 54, Wedmore B 45: M Musgrove, J Knight, N Robinson, T Robinson 19-17; A Churchill, H Williams, R Bish, K Dodd 12-15; D Goddard, R Mills, B Hardwick, C Parsons 23-13.

Yatton C 39, Burnham B 85: M Richards, B Hull, E Reynolds, P Creber 14-31; G Collins, B Pugh, A George, D Blundell 13-27; N Allen, E Butt, S Pascoe, J Parker 12-27.

ISLE of Wedmore ladies defeated Taunton Deane by just three shots in the third round of the Southey Trophy.

A comfortable win by Elaine Deverill in the singles gave Wedmore a good start and although the triples and fours both lost, the pairs held on to win by two shots, producing a final result in Wedmore’s favour.

Rink scores – singles: E Deverill 21-8; pairs: T Newell, M Ronald 17-15; triples: M Trow, G Harvey, S Moss 13-17; fours: R Aston, J Wheller, A Hughes, M Hordle 16-24.

The men were less successful in their second round of the Turnbull Cup match at Yeovil. Wedmore made a good start, leading 12 shots after 11 ends, but failed to maintain this position for the second half and ended up losing by 70-87.

Dave Nicholls’ rink had a particularly marked change of fortunes: after being 12-5 up after nine ends, they gained only three more shots to end with a loss by 15-31. On the other hand, Ron Barron’s rink had a good win by 17 shots.

Wedmore 70, Yeovil 87: T Brown, B Aston, K Burt, D Nicholls 15-31; R Newell, P Moxey, K Pettit, R Barron 26-9; K Davey, C Panchaud, D Stansfield, C Moss 22-14; T Hamblin, K Phillimore, G Anniuk, E Payne 7-33.

The men’s B team were unable to keep up their winning record in the county league when they played against Yatton B at home, winning only one rink.

Wedmore B 45, Yatton B 54: K Davey, B Cottrell, D Trow, I Faulkner 17-19; V Matthews, J Clark, S Newdick, C Moss 15-12; P Bean, A Reynolds, M Green, D Stansfield 13-23.

In the Over-60s League, Wedmore played at Yatton in a match started in wet conditions. Yatton were short of players and conceded one rink, but won four of the remaining five to claim victory by six shots.

Wedmore 58, Yatton 64: B Keen, A Reynolds, D Wederell 12-15; R Bull, R Hunt, I Faulkner 9-20; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 19-9; T Hamblin, P Bean, B Aston 6-16; T Counsell, S Newdick, T Brown 12-14.

The MSL game at Wyrral Park produced a disappointing result, with three substantial losses and only Ron Barron’s rink showing any success.

Wedmore 58, Wyrral Park 103: R Newell, B Treloar, I Faulkner, R Barron 20-15; T Counsell, C Panchaud, P Moxey, E Payne 13-31; T Brown, B Cottrell, K Burt, D Wederell 15-28; R Bull, K Phillimore, R Thurkettle, C Moss 10-29.

In a wet week, the rain caused two of the ladies games to be cancelled or postponed. However, they managed to play a Wessex league game away at Clevedon. A satisfying win on all rinks was topped off by a delightful tea.

Wedmore Ladies 74, Clevedon 47: T Newell, J Collins, G Harvey, M Ronald 20-14; A Hughes, B Disbrey, S Moss, M Hordle 26-16; M Green, B Clark, J Masters, E Deverill 28-17.

WINSCOMBE played in the fourth round of the Turnbull Cup and beat Congresbury by 20 shots and three rinks to one and now meet Clevedon in the next round at home.

In the Somerset County League, the A team played local rivals Banwell. They won on all three rinks and secured all the points winning by 33 shots overall.

In the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League they played Clevedon and lost a close match. Winscombe were ahead for most of the match, but Clevedon rallied on the closing ends and won by 12 shots.

Winscombe won on one rink and drew on another to gain 1.5 points, but slip to bottom place in this league.

Winscombe 77 (1.5), Clevedon 89 (7.5) (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): B Paul, G Coombe, M Nash, A Watts 13-20; K Whatling, L Baldwin, M Dorrington, S Eastment 15-17; N Hansford, J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff, R Wootten 12-17; G Lloyd, R Sapsford, R Lacy, R Feltham 15-15; J Smith, J Lukins, R Lowman, M Adams 22-20.

Winscombe 85, Congresbury 65 (Turnbull Cup): K Whatling, M Hunter, R Lacy, R Feltham 10-31; R Lowman, G Lloyd, S Eastment, T Ellis 27-16; M Dorrington, N Hansford, G Neville, A Watts 25-6; W Ainsworth, L Collier, L Baldwin, M Adams 23-12.

Winscombe A 79 (12), Banwell B 46 (0) (County League): W Ainsworth, M Hunter, R Lacy, R Feltham 26-13; K Whatling, L Collier, G Neville, M Adams 28-20;R Lowman, G Lloyd, S Eastment, T Ellis 25-12.

VICTORIA ladies were just edged out by Clarence, but Victoria gained a valuable four points in the Weston and District Triples League.

Victoria Ladies 39, Clarence 42: M Angove, E Newport, S Cooper 16-14; R Cleeves, M Chudley, M Hillman 10-16; C Sage, S Newman, A Holland 13-12.

A trip to Wrington on a wet and windy afternoon for the Southey Cup was not to Victoria’s liking and only Sue Cooper managed to record a win.

Victoria 1, Wrington 3 - singles: S Cooper 21-9; pairs: S Newman, M Chudley 19-27; triples: R Cleeves, S Harrison, A Holland 11-25; fours: D Owen, C Sage, E Newport, M Hillman 9-20.

WINSCOMBE ladies had two fixtures scheduled for this week, but the match against Clevedon was postponed due to the weather.

In the other match against Clevedon Prom, they lost by 19 shots, but managed to draw on one rink.

Winscombe Ladies 36, Clevedon Prom 55: T Miles, L Whatling, M Adams 10-19; P Burns, S Lowman, E Watts 10-20; R Keane, L Fredersdorff, A Ainsworth 16-16.

WESSEX Ladies 42, Chew Stoke 70: E Stott, J Allard, M Davis, J Duffy 15-23; P Hanson, V Edwards, E Deane, A Ward 10-28; P Tillson, C Peart, J Binding, E Williams 17-19.

Wessex 43 (2), Nailsea 51 (8) (Mendip League): P Tillson, J Allard, J Duffy 11-22; S Bishop, A Fewings, P Taylor 19-12; C Peart, M Davis, J Binding 13-17.

ST ANDREWS ladies couldn’t avoid defeat in their Doreen Ralph Trophy away match against Portishead RBL.

St Andrews Ladies 37, Portishead RBL 79: E Reeves, M Wride, I Tofte, M Pattenden 15-23; W Allen, D Johnston, J Smith, A Campbell 11-26; J Forse, K Dobney, B Goddard, M Favis 11-30.

CLARENCE Ladies 42, Victoria 39: J Colman, M Woods, V Collicott 16-10; J Mannion, P Phillips, V Jones 12-13; S Scoins, M Davison, J Bishop 14-16.

Clarence Ladies 55, Portishead 44 (NSL): M Davison, V Senior, C Edlin 17-11; S Ellis, C Cromey, P Burrough 14-25; S Scoins, J Bishop, P Barnbrook 24-8. Friendly rink: V Jones, P Phillips, V Collicott 22-14.

Clarence Ladies 39, Clevedon 82 (NSL): M Goodwin, V Senior, M Baker 11-24; S Pritchard, C Cromey, J Bishop 18-23; S Scoins, S Ellis, V Jones 10-25.

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