Unbeaten weekend for Clarence

CLARENCE bowlers had a successful weekend, with two victories.

CLARENCE bowlers had a successful weekend, with two victories.

On Saturday, they beat Woodspring over four rinks, two home, two away, in the Weston & District Mixed League.

A seven-shot win for Chris Read's four in the morning rink at Clarence was followed by two narrow defeats at Woodspring, then a one-shot success for Mick Edlin's team at home.

At Bridgwater, Trevor Pritchard's rink snapped up five shots on the final end to win by seven, while Chris Read's four were held to a draw by a brilliant final wood from the Bridgwater skip.

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Clarence 60, Woodspring 55. Rink scores - at Clarence (home names first): I Baker, J Bishop, M Baker, C Read 20, D Urch, C Hedges, J Beat, J Fairhurst 13; M Wood, C Edlin, V Jones, M Edlin 15, P Gaulton, M Tasker, R Cullen, M Reeves 14.

At Woodspring: N Urch, B Adams, M Adams, M Banwell 12, N Peters, A Crawford, M Peters, R Crawford 10; D Cooper, R Bryant, P Callow, J Russell 16, S Scoins, M Scoins, G Barlow, G Cooper 15.

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Bridgwater 23, Clarence 30: S Pritchard, A O'Mara, J O'Mara, T Pritchard 17-10; J Keay, J Bishop, G Cooper, C Read 13.

ST ANDREW'S played Victoria in the Weston & District Mixed League last Saturday.

The away rinks of Tony Steer and Phil Villis had a hard encounter and lost on both rinks, whilst the home rinks of Doreen Henderson and Jackie Pitman won by three and 13 shots respectively to help secure an overall win.

On Sunday, St Andrew's took on the might of Clevedon in a county double rink game.

Both rinks had a slow start, going 6-0 and 11-2 down. Both teams fought back and at 20 ends, the home rink of Don Bailey were one shot down and picked up a single to draw.

The away rink of Barrie Forse just lost out on the last end to lose by one shot.

St Andrew's 60, Victoria 52: C Riley, J Smith, E Hooper, D Henderson 14-11; R Smith, B Ennis, H Watson, J Pitman 19-6; L Blight, M Blight, A Hyde, A Steer 15-18; G Prescott, B Alden, J Prescott, P Villis 12-17.

St Andrew's 38, Clevedon 39: A Hyde, K Uglow, A Steer, D Bailey 19-19; A Owens, R Venn, R Gill, B Forse 19-20.

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